Checking availability of TPM in PC for upgrading Windows 11

With the declaration of Windows 11, the fact that minimum hardware requirements have changed was quite clear. Also, there were various people who in TPM requirement were stuck.

It is quite easy to know through Microsoft that whether the PC has compatibility or not. Also, what is the reason behind it if the PC is not compatible? The users are not required to move forward in case it says that they are good to go.

Checking the presence of TPM in your PC:

The presence or absence of TPM in the system can easily be checked by the following steps-

tpm.msc windows command prompt
tpm.msc Windows Command
  1. At first, the users should click on “Windows + R”.
  2. Then, they should type tpm.msc and after that they must click on “Enter” key.
  3. After doing so, the TPM Management Screen will appear. From this, they will be able to know about the presence or absence of TPM in the system and also the version of it if present. For Windows 11, TPM 2.0 will be required.
TPM Windows Status

What can be done if TPM is not there?

If TPM is not present, then the BIOS should be checked for the TPM settings. The TPM might be disabled in BIOS, especially if the PC is built by the users themselves. It might be there even if the users do not find it, it will be present as Intel PTT in such a case.

Notes & Job Update के लिए फॉर्म भरे

    The above steps can be followed again for checking the presence of TPM once it will be enabled in the BIOS. After that, Windows 11 can be downloaded.

    However, the exact location of it cannot be said as the setup of BIOS is different in different systems. It is somewhere in any advanced tab. It is under Advanced\PCH-FW Configuration in the case of ASUS one which has been mentioned above.

    The users probably do not have a TPM if there is no setting. But, it can be added if there’s a desktop PC. It can be bought for $20. However, since the news of Windows 11 broke, the price seems to be increasing.

    For getting ready for Windows 11, there is a time up to the holiday season (November). Also, till 2025 the Windows 10 will be supported in case someone is unable to fix all the errors and bugs of his or her system and get ready for downloading and installing Windows 11 in the system up to the holiday season.

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