Why Lidia Thorpe resign as deputy leader: Check Here

Lidia Thorpe, the deputy leader of the Greens in the Senate, resigns due to her connections to the former boss of the bikes. Check out Lidia Thorpe’s relationship with former bikie boss Dean Martin and the reasons behind her resignation as deputy leader. 

Who is Lidia Thorpe?

Lidia Alma Thorpe, a politician, and businesswoman from Australia who represents the Australian Greens was born in 1973. Since 2020, she has served as a senator for Victoria. She was the Senate’s deputy leader for the Greens from June to October 2022. She is the first Aboriginal senator from Victoria.

Thorpe has previously served in the Victorian legislature. She was the first Native American woman elected to the state’s legislature when she won the Northcote state by-election on November 18, 2017, and she represented Northcote in the Legislative Assembly from 2017 to 2018.

Why did Lidia Thorpe resign as deputy leader?

Senator Lidia Thorpe, the deputy leader of the Green Party in the Senate, resigned as a result of what her boss, Adam Bandt, called a “severe failure of judgment” in not disclosing contact with the former Rebels bikie gang leader.

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According to ABC, who made the admission public on Thursday, Thorpe acknowledged she “briefly dated” Dean Martin in 2021 and is still friends with him. In a statement, Thorpe acknowledged that she “made errors and…did not apply sound judgment” by not disclosing the relationship.

The friendship between staff members is said to have generated concerns about a potential perceived conflict of interest with her employment on the joint parliamentary law enforcement committee.

Relationship with ex-Rebel bikie Dean Martin 

According to Guardian Australia, there is no proof that Thorpe supplied any confidential information to someone who wasn’t supposed to have it.

Dustin Martin’s father, Shane Martin, was deported to New Zealand in 2018, and Martin, who has no prior criminal history, resigned from his role as Victorian chapter president in response.

Bandt told reporters in Melbourne on Thursday that before the media brought up the relationship, he “wasn’t aware” of it.

According to Bandt, Thorpe should have “at least” disclosed her interaction with Martin, and by doing so, she showed “a great lack of judgment.”

Thorpe asserts that he now understands this. Thorpe asserted that there was never any disclosure of private information or contravention of the rules governing the operation of those committees. “But that’s not enough. It was bad judgment on her side to keep it a secret because it was evident that this may be seen as damaging to her work.

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Since the election, Thorpe had been relieved of her responsibility for justice, but Bandt stated that she still had “important work to complete on First Nations justice, particularly on achieving Truth, Treaty, and Voice.” Bandt asserted that he had gotten in touch with the Australian Federal Police to “see whether they have any worries about the leaking of material,” even though “at the time… no one is stating that happened.”

Resignation is a suitable outcome based on the knowledge I [have] at the time,” Bandt said. Of course, he continued, “If those facts change, I will consider taking further action.” In a statement, Thorpe stated that Bandt “requested my resignation as deputy leader in the Senate and I have given him [it].” I’m aware that I’ve made mistakes and lacked common sense. I’ll give it some thought now and focus on my important portfolio tasks, especially my support of First Nations people.

What did Thorpe admit to this controversy? 

In a statement to ABC, Thorpe said she met Martin “through Blak activity and briefly dated in early 2021.” In our Australian morning briefing email, we break down the day’s most significant local and international stories along with why they matter. We continue to be good friends and collaborate to advance the rights of First Nations people.

Thorpe acknowledged that she kept her relationship with Martin from Bandt, but she asked that the information the committee has regarding how the AFP hunts down illicit motorcycle gangs be “managed in confidence.” According to Thorpe, Martin had a “prior link” to the Rebels. “I’m concerned about the criminal conduct of outlaw motorcycle clubs in general. But by the time we met, Mr. Martin had already left that setting.

One employee reportedly discussed their concerns with Bandt’s chief of staff, Damien Lawson. Lawson disputed telling the staff member to bring up the issue with Bandt through a spokeswoman; instead, he said he advised them to bring it up again with Thorpe. “Mr. Lawson subsequently recognized that this had transpired and the issues had been resolved,” the spokeswoman reportedly said.

Bandt claims that while Lawson is a “competent and skilled chief of staff who makes many sound decisions,” “this was not one of them.”

My chief of staff informed me that “I should have been informed about this.” “I have told him the truth and counseled him,” Prime Minister Anthony Albanese described the disclosures as “concerning,” adding that “a mistake of judgment” is the “least adjective I would use to describe them.” Albanese got in touch with Bandt to find out what his office knew and to inquire as to why he hadn’t been informed personally.

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