Whatsapp Status Challenge Puzzle Answer “Break the numeric lock with 3 digit Key”

What is the Whatsapp Status Challenge Puzzle Answer? Why ‘3 digit numeric lock code’ is on-trend?

We all know that the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic forced people to stay indoors due to the nationwide lockdown and also to protect themselves and their families from lockdown.

COVID united us with our families; we are more indulged in indoor games like- reading books or novels and watching TV than going outside and risking our lives in danger. 

During the lockdown, our mobile source is the only source of entertainment that we are getting indoors. We started interacting with family and friends more on social media.

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 As we all know to make people enjoy inside many quizzes and puzzles were also came on trend and one such puzzle is the ‘3 digits numeric key’.

What is a ‘3 digit numeric lock code’?

3 digits numeric key’ is a type of puzzle that is being forwarded from one person/group to another. It is a type of puzzle in which we have to find out the three numbers to solve it. The game also contains hints to help the readers reach the answer. Readers are asked to read the hints very carefully because the answer will be one among them.

 The puzzle could be in the form of text or the form of an image.

3 digit numeric lock code Whatsapp Puzzle

Hints given are-

  • Hint1: (6, 8, 2) One number is correct and well placed 
  • Hint2: (6, 1, 4) One number is correct but wrongly placed
  • Hint 3: (2, 0, 6) Two numbers are correct but wrongly placed
  • Hint4; (7, 3, 8) Nothing is correct
  • Hint 5 (7, 8, 0) One number is correct but wrongly placed.

How to find out answers 

Check the number blank wise

  • From Hint 1 and 2, 6 and1 is not the correct number and 2 is right
  • From hint 3, 2, and 0 are correct but placed wrongly and 6 we have already seen in earlier steps that it is incorrect
  • From hints 4 and 1, we come to know that 2 is the correct and rightly placed
  • From hint 4 and 5, we come to know that 0 is right because 7, 8 is incorrect

So the right answer for 3 digit numeric lock code WhatsApp Puzzle is 042.

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