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This article has information about Vehicle RC Transfer Process, Documents & Fee for both Interstate & Within State RC Ownership Transfers.

The process of buying and selling vehicles has always been common but nowadays, with the introduction of the internet, the processes have become even more simple and hassle-free. Although the formalities related to buying and selling old vehicles are not very complicated, the most essential part of buying or selling a vehicle is the transfer of vehicle registration.

When a vehicle is bought, it is registered in the name of its owner, but in case the owner sells the vehicle to someone else, they need to transfer the registration of the particular vehicle to their name. In this article, we will discuss the processes of transfer of vehicle registration in detail.

RC transfer of vehicles:

Vehicle registration transfer is a crucial procedure that is mandatory to be followed in case of selling or buying vehicles. However, it is also required to be done in other cases as well. These are discussed below-

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In the case of purchase of an old vehicle– If a person buys a vehicle previously registered in the name of another person, then the owner’s name should be transferred after the purchase is made.

Vehicle RC Transfer

Death of registered owner– If a person with a vehicle registered in his name dies, his official heir is required to inform about it the authorities within a month. He/she can only use the vehicle of the demised person for 3 months.

Vehicle transfer in auctions– The owner’s name on the RC of a vehicle in an auction is changed at the transfer of the vehicle.

Vehicle RC Transfer Types: 

Vehicle RC transfer can be of two different types. In case the transfer of the vehicle is between two states, the vehicle RC transfer between the two states is required. If the new owner resides in the same state as the old owner, the vehicle RC transfer happens within that state. 

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Transfer within a state-

The different procedures for vehicle transfer within one state are discussed below. If a person buys an old vehicle registered in the name of the seller residing within the same state, the steps for vehicle RC transfer are as follows-

  • The new, as well as the old owner of the vehicle, should get form 29.
  • Fill up the form and submit it to the respective authorities responsible for vehicle RC transfer.
  • Provide required documents.
  • The new owner should also submit form 30 with the documents needed with form 1.
  • The new owner needs to pay the required fee following rule 81 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rule.

Documents required-

  • Form 29/ application form
  • Form 30 
  • Form 1
  • There are documents required to be submitted with Form 1. These include-
  • Existing RC of the vehicle
  • Insurance policy of the vehicle
  • PUC 
  • Form 60
  • PAN card of the transferee
  • Copy of engine number
  • Copy of chassis number
  • Age and address proof of transferor
  • Proof of original RC 
  • New buyer’s undertaking proof
  • Passport-sized copies of photographs of the owner
  • Proof of tax payment related to the vehicle.

For vehicle RC transfer between two different states, form 30 requires to be submitted within 45 days.

Alongside, these documents should also be provided-

  • NOC from authorities concerned.
  • On refusal of NOC, the cause of the refusal must be availed.

If NOC could not be received by the party, they must provide –

  • A receipt is given by authorities concerned for the registration
  • Receipt availed from post office expected to receive the NOC

For deceased vehicle owners-

If the owner of a vehicle dies, the vehicle RC transfer is necessary to be made by the legal heir. He/she must inform the authorities concerned about the incident within a month. The person owning the vehicle after the death of the old owner should submit Form 31 to the authorities.

He/she should provide the certificate for transfer of ownership within the next 3 months.

An applicable charge for the processes must be paid by the transferred owner. 

Documents Required-

  • Form 31
  • Insurance policy 
  • Existing RC
  • Form 60 and PAN of the new vehicle owner
  • PUC certificate
  • Chassis print
  • Engine Print
  • Age and address proof of the new owner
  • Vehicle RC
  • Photographs of passport size
  • Documents to support relations with the deceased
  • Signature of the seller
  • Form 20

For vehicles bought in auctions-

The ownership of vehicles that are sold in auctions organized by governments requires form 32 for transfer submitted within a month of making the purchase. The new owner should make payment of the required charges as well.

Documents required-

  • New owner’s PAN card
  • Form 60
  • Form 32
  • Chassis print
  • PUC Certificate
  • Engine print
  • RC book of vehicle
  • Age and address proof
  • Registration Certificate
  • Certifications to prove clearance of taxes
  • New buyer’s undertaking certificate
  • Photographs of the new owner in passport size
  • Insurance Certificate (comprehensive or 3rd type)
  • Certificate proving the sale of the vehicle at the auction
  • A certificate identifying the organizing authority of the auction

Transfer of Vehicle Registration from one state to another-

The vehicle owner must get NOC while shifting from one state to another. Further, re-registration of vehicles will also be needed.

For Vehicle RC Transfer from one state to another (for example- from West Bengal to Maharashtra), the following steps should be followed-

  1. NOC will be required to be obtained first from the bank; in case a loan has been taken for its purchase. For doing so, required documents must be submitted to the bank, after which the request for NOC will be processed by the bank.
  2. After that, another NOC will be required to be received from the RTO of the state from which one is moving. In case, one is shifting from Delhi to Mumbai, they will have to obtain NOC from the RTO of Delhi. For this process, Forms 27 & 28 along with Bank NOC’s copy will be required to be submitted.

The following documents will also be required to be submitted-

  • Vehicle’s Chassis Imprint
  • Application for No Objection Certificate
  • CMV Form 28 Copies
  • PUC Certificate
  • Insurance Policy Documents
  • Registration Certificate
  • Tax Documents
  1. After that, the re-registration of the vehicle in the new state will be required. Generally, 6 months’ time is allowed by RTOs for completing the registration process. For doing so, the following documents must be submitted at the RTO office of the new state-
  • Application for NOC
  • Form 29
  • Form 30
  • Vehicle Insurance Policy (Copy)
  • Local address proof
  • Original RC Copy
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Bank NOC Copy
  • Previous RTO NOC Copy
  • Certificate for an emission test

RTO charges applicable for Vehicle RC Transfer must also be provided. 

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After that, the application will be processed by RTO & certificate will be issued within some days.

The process to get Road Tax Refund:

A refund of already paid road tax in the previous state will also be received by the vehicle owner. The below-mentioned documents will be required to be submitted for applying for a refund-

  1. ID Proof
  2. Application for tax refund
  3. Copy of RC along with previous application number
  4. Address Proof
  5. Self-attested Form 16
  6. Insurance Certificate along with new registration number
  7. Copy of RC along with new application number

Points to be Remembered-

  • The applicable might be different for different states. Thus, information regarding it must be properly known by the vehicle owners.
  • The required documents must be known properly by the vehicle owners.
  • The site of “Parivahan Sewa” can also be visited for following up on the process for completion of online Vehicle RC Transfer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

For how much time does the registration certificate remains valid?

The registration certificate remains valid for 15 years from the registration date in the case of 2-wheelers & cars.

Is the online registration transfer process easier as compared to the offline registration transfer process?

Yes, the online registration transfer process is easier as compared to the offline registration transfer process.

Why vehicle registration is necessary?

For a vehicle to be driven on the road, vehicle registration is necessary as per Section 39 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

Can the documents be mailed to the RTO office for verification?

Yes, the documents can be mailed to the RTO office for verification.

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