UNICEF Summer Internship 2023: Without IELTS  Fully Funded

UNICEF is giving internships in different domains. This internship is fully funded and has no requirement for IELTS. For more information on internships read the full article below.

Cooperate with UNICF .Apply for a summer internship with UNICEF in 2023. Online submissions are accepted for the UNICEF Summer Internship applicants. Worldwide applicants from any country are eligible to apply. All undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree students are eligible to apply for UNICEF internships. No limitations exist regarding nationality, field, educational background, or language proficiency tests.

 The UNICEF internship does not require IELTS. One of the fully funded internship programmes is this one. Make a professional start with UNICF. There are internship possibilities everywhere. As a part of the United Nations, UNICEF is an organization. 

About UNICEF: 

In more than 190 countries, UNICE is active. Any student who is older than 18 may apply for a UNICEF internship. It is one of the highest-paid internships and includes a monthly stipend in addition to covering all costs, including airfare. It’s time to plan for the finest possible future. Enjoy your UNICF internship opportunities abroad as well. Most importantly, there is no cost to apply. UNICE doesn’t charge anything. Below are the specifics, guidelines, and application process for the 2023 UNICE Summer Internship.

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Benefits of Internship in UNICEF

There are internship possibilities everywhere. There are numerous internships available. No needed for IELTS. Their website is the only place where all qualified candidates can submit their applications. Students and recent graduates who are interested in learning more about UNICF’s work can do so through UNICE.

Financial benefits from the internship are this internship is paid. A monthly allowance. Living Expense Contribution, Funded by UNICE or a Partner Organization. A one-time lump sum to help with travel and visa expenses.

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Internship Fields

There are so many domains in which internships are provided. Some are listed below. Interested candidates can check the list below:

  • Education
  • Human resources
  • Legal
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Finance and Administration
  • Operation and Business Management
  • Health
  • Innovation
  • Knowledge management
  • Supply chain management
  • Logistics
  • Planning
  • Nutrition
  • Program management
  • Statistics and monitoring
  • Child protection programs
  • Social and Economic Policy Development

Eligibility Criteria for UNICEF

  • International undergraduate and graduate students from any country may apply for an internship at UNICEF.
  • Either be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. programme or have recently graduated.
  • Know at least one of the three working languages used by UNICEF: English, French, or Spanish. It can also be necessary for you to be fluent in the language used in the office where you are applying.
  • possess outstanding academic achievement as evidenced by the current university or educational records.
  • Have no blood relations working for UNICE, such as your mother, father, sister, or brother.
  • Have no additional family members in your reporting chain of command.
  • Age of at least eighteen.

Required Documents

  • CV/Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Recruitment profile. 

How to Apply for the UNICEF Summer Internship 2023?

Below is a step-by-step approach for applying to the UNICEF internship programme. 

  • Any candidate who meets the requirements can submit their application through our website.
  • Create an online recruitment profile, a resume or CV, and a cover letter, then submit them. The Process is described below.
  • Please visit the UNICE Internship Page.
  • Select “Internship” as the contact type.
  • Choose the “Internship:” position level.

Every internship programme offered by UNICE has a different deadline. Every internship opportunity is available right now. Choose the Internship Program of Your Choice.

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