Top 6 Exam Preparation Tips for GTU Exam

By | December 17, 2020

Gujarat Technological University (GTU) has declared all its results for the summer session exam. Now candidates are waiting forward for the upcoming winter session exams. 

Many candidates feel it quite difficult to crack through the GTU exam. But the fact though the question may seem tough, with proper preparations, you can actually crack through the exam. You just need to be sure to know the right tips and tricks of preparing for the exams well. 

Before getting forward to the winter exam, you should definitely make sure of the subjects in which you have passed. 

GTU 2020 Result Procedure

The GTU Result 2020 is out on the official website for the Summer session and you can find out your result with these steps. 

Official website

Go to the portal at

Main Result Page

On the top tab, you will find the option of Result on which you need to click. 

All Lists

From the dropdown menu, click on the Result List.

New Window

A page will open up where you need to select Summer 2020 Results. When the winter exams are over and results are declared, the Winter 2020 Results will also appear here. 

Select Course

A list of programs and courses will appear at the bottom from where you need to select your course. 

New Page

As you select your course, again another page will come up.

Fill Details

Here you need to provide all the important details and have to click on search.

Result Page

The result should soon appear in front of you that you need to download and get a print out of. 

After the end of Summer 2020 exams, you need to follow the same method to get the result of GTU Winter Exam 2020 too. 

Methods & Ways to Pass GTU Exam

There are many students who may not pass in all the subjects in the Summer 2020 exam session and have to appear for the exam once again. Well, if you are also someone who is having difficulty in passing through the GTU exam, you should try out these tips and ways.

Check Last Year Question Papers:

This is the most important tip for passing your GTU exam. Though you have planned to go through the entire book, the practical fact is that you will miss out something or the other. One of the best things is to conduct some research before starting your studies. 

GTU Result

Try to accumulate as many questions papers as possible such as the last 5 years, last 10 years, or so on. Going through the pattern of the question papers, you can know how the questions are set. You can also know which topic may carry how much mark. You will find that the important topics and questions will have consistency and you need to prepare them very carefully. This research turns out to be resourceful to many students in cracking through the exam. 

Clear Your Basics:

Several times, students complain that some questions are out of syllabus. This is only because they do not have a clear concept of their basics. Sometimes, the questions are twisted and this seems as if the questions are out of syllabus.

So, it is very important to have a clear concept of all the subjects and topics. When you have a clear concept of a particular topic, you can easily understand the upcoming chapters on that topic also. This will save time and your effort in preparing too. 

Do Not Mug Up:

You need to understand that you are studying literature that you can mug up the phrases and epilogues.

Yes, you have to mug up some of the theories but you also need to understand them before learning them by heart. Mugging up the chapters often can lead you to trouble when you forget an answer at the midway.

You should learn by heart the definitions but you should understand carefully the explanations so that you can explain them in your own words comfortably. 

Should Have a Command on English:

One of the major flaws of the students in GTU is weak English. It is not that you have to be Shakespeare or Milton, but you should be able to create answers that are grammatically correct.

Often sentences will incorrect grammar may lead to misunderstandings and this can make the faculty reject your answer even if you have written the correct points.

Hence, you should learn the basics of English so that you can at least create the sentences correctly that can be understood by the faculties clearly. 

Presentation is Important:

One thing that is very important in GTU exam is presentation. Many ex-students have mentioned that they have passed their exams only because they have provided a clean and well-written answer script. Some of the important tips to make your answer script presentable are:

  • Use good handwriting for writing the answers. 
  • Make sure you are using small sentences that are easily readable and understandable by the faculties.
  • It is ideal to use one page for one answer. 
  • Write the answer numbering very clearly. 
  • Use proper diagrams wherever needed. 
  • Make a lesser amount of scratching on the sheets. 

Following these tips can surely help you in getting a presentable answer script. 

Time Management:

There are many students who may know many answers but are not able to write them all due to lack of time management. Again, here are some of the important tips and tricks that you can use. The time management should be prepared only after downloading of GTU Time Table of your particular course.

  • Go through the entire question paper and mark the questions that you can easily answer. Go for these questions first and then step into the questions that you think are difficult for you. 
  • Try to complete multiple-choice questions first as these questions are much scoring in nature if you are aware of all the correct answers. 
  • After you have completed each long question, go through it thoroughly and edit wherever required. Do not leave this out for the last moment. 
  • Practice lots of mock test papers so that you gain a habit of completing the question paper on time. 

GTU exam may seem tough to many students. But with proper preparation and proper planning, you can surely crack through it. Just pay a little attention and ensure some strategies such as the above-mentioned to pass through the exam with ease. 

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