Why Students Need Essay Writing Skills?

By | July 21, 2021

Why do school teachers and college professors so often ask their students to write essays? They do this even though grading the essays takes them much more time and effort than grading tests.  Many students hate writing essays, but few understand how great this kind of task is.

An essay shows the way the student thinks. It also demonstrates the level of his/her knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge to prove his/her point. This helps teachers or professors to evaluate the individual progress of a student.

Besides, it’s much harder for a student to cheat when writing an essay, than on a test. Even if two students have got similar ideas, their essays still will be different in style and in the way they present their arguments and evidence.

And those arguments will be different as well. But does writing essays help students to study and get some useful skills? According to a professional writing service, writing essays is a great activity for getting various skills and new knowledge.

Skills Students Acquire Writing Essays

An essay is a special, nonfiction writing that usually offers a thesis and provides arguments to prove the viewpoint of the author. There are different kinds of essays: compare and contrast, persuasive, cause and effect, narrative, and some others.

Students Need Essay Writing Skills

But there is one feature that is typical to all kinds of essays. An essay should have a structure. It usually begins with an introduction, where the author presents his/her thesis, then in a few body paragraphs, he/she presents his/her arguments and evidence to support them.

An essay usually ends with a conclusion that sums up the ideas and arguments presented in the essay. And writing a structured work teaches a student to structure his/ her thoughts. This skill is very important for a big variety of professions. Besides, to write a good essay you need to stay focused and express your ideas clearly. 

An essay is a piece of writing. And this means that doing this kind of task will develop a student’s writing skills. An ability to choose proper words and to build grammatically correct sentences will also be useful for many professions. Even if you have a practical job, a well-written resume or an application might help you to get a better job or a promotion. 

To write a good essay, to formulate your thesis and arguments you need to analyze a lot of ideas of other people. You also need to find evidence to support your point. By doing this you develop your critical thinking skills. And these skills are very necessary not only to be a good professional but for everyday life as well. Voting at different kinds of elections and choosing a product from the advertised ones are among the activities that demand critical thinking and reasoning. 

Many kinds of essays require the author to persuade the reader that his/her point on the topic is right. So, writing essays develops persuasive skills. This ability can be useful not only for many professions but also for everyday family life. 

When you research for your essay, you need to know almost everything on the topic. So, you need to read a lot and this way you get new knowledge. Sometimes, it’s even necessary to make some experiments to get evidence for your arguments and thesis. So, writing essays helps you study.

Ways to Acquire Essay Writing Skills

  • Practice makes perfect the proverb says. So, if you want to write good essays, just write them. Remember, that at first, your essays won’t be good. But if you are persistent and take into account your teacher’s recommendations, your writing will certainly improve.
  • Plan your work. Writing an essay isn’t a one-day task. Don’t forget that proofreading is an essential part of this work. 
  • Don’t cheat, do the work yourself. Only this way you can really move further in your studying and also get new skills important for your professional activity and even private life. 

So, writing essays is an important part of the studying process that helps teachers to evaluate their students’ progress better. But what is more important, this activity is crucial for students as they acquire a lot of important skills and learn to apply the knowledge they’ve got. 

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