Sikkim HSC New Time Table 2021-Check Sikkim HRDD 12th Date Sheet (Exam Postponed)

By | June 7, 2021

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We will try to provide you information regarding the Sikkim HSC Exam New Timetable 2021 through this article. Please read this article till the end so that you can get all the information present here.

Sikkim Board 12th Time Table & Subject List

01Board NameSikkim Secondary Education Board
02Examination Name Sikkim HSC Exam 
03Official Website 

The subjects for which the exam will take place are-

Sikkim Education Board
Sikkim Education Board
  1. Business Studies
  2. Physics
  3. Basic Horticulture
  4. Heritage Crafts
  5. English
  6. Bakery
  7. Security
  8. Persian
  9. Electrical Machine
  10. Child Health Nursing
  11. Cash Mgmt and H-Keep
  12. Kashmiri
  13. Elect Appliances
  14. Chemistry
  15. Holistic Health
  16. B Therapy and Hair Des
  17. Bahasa Melayu
  18. Beverage Services
  19. Comm. Helath Nur Ii
  20. Desg and Pat Making
  21. Printed Textile and Maint. Of Comm. Dev
  22. Beauty and Hair
  23. Biology
  24. Garment Construction
  25. Business Data Proc
  26. Urdu
  27. Manipuri
  28. Kannada
  29. Fabrication
  30. Sect Prac and Accntg
  31. Floriculture
  32. Biotechnology
  33. Post Harv Tech and Prs
  34. Opthalmic Tech
  35. Odia
  36. Shorthand Hindi
  37. German
  38. Shorthand English
  39. Fashion Studies
  40. Library and Inf. Sci.
  41. Agriculture
  42. Fabric Study
  43. Food Production Iii & Crtv and Comm. In M
  44. Sanskrit
  45. Evol and Forms
  46. French
  47. Auto Engineering
  48. Mizo
  49. Philosophy
  50. Food Studies
  51. Entrepreneurship
  52. Yoga Anatomy and Phys
  53. Typography and Ca Eng
  54. IT System
  55. Radiography- Genl
  56. Traditional Ind. Txt
  57. Typography and Ca Hin
  58. Ac and Refrgtn
  59. Cosmetic Chemistry
  60. Auto Shop Rep and Prac
  61. Political Science
  62. Retail Operations
  63. Cost Accounting
  64. B Concept-h and Med T
  65. Clinical Biochemistry
  66. Laboratory Med. Ii
  67. Introduction to Hospital Management
  68. Taxation
  69. Engineering Sci.
  70. Arabic
  71. Telugu
  72. Geography
  73. Marathi
  74. Lib Sys & Res Mg
  75. Mat and Child H. Nur Ii
  76. Sociology
  77. Music
  78. Graphic Design
  79. Graphics
  80. Painting
  81. Economics
  82. Psychology
  83. Banking
  84. Clothing Const
  85. Insurance
  86. Olericulture
  87. Informatics Prac.
  88. Sindhi
  89. Capital Market Op.
  90. Cr Wring Tr Study
  91. Info Storage and Ret.
  92. Dance
  93. Mass Media Studies
  94. Front Office Oper
  95. Salesmanship
  96. Adv Front Off. Op.
  97. Basic Pattern Dev.
  98. Off. Communication
  99. Intg. Transport Oper
  100. Financial Accounting
  101. Derivation Mkt Op.
  102. Tsm of Ele. Equip
  103. Trvl and Tour Oper
  104. Database Management Appl
  105. Dtp Cad and Multimedia
  106. Accountancy
  107. Multimedia and Web T
  108. Egg. Graphics
  109. Home Science
  110. Web Application
  111. Spanish
  112. Sculpture
  113. Legal Studies
  114. App/ Commercial Art
  115. Physical Education
  116. Computer Science
  117. Mathematics 
  118. Japanese
  119. Mgmt of Back Office
  120. Know Trade and Prac.
  121. Health Care Mgmt
  122. Mech. Engineering
  123. Punjabi
  124. Textile Chem. Proc. Marketing
  125. Tangkhul
  126. Marketing
  127. Microbiology
  128. Radiography- spl
  129. First Aid and Med. Care
  130. Human Rights and Gs.
  131. Malayalam
  132. Lepcha
  133. Bhutia
  134. NCC
  135. Tamil
  136. Limboo
  137. Gujarati
  138. Hindi
  139. Office Proc. and Prac.
  140. Theatre Studies
  141. Midwifery
  142. Geospatial Tech.
  143. Confectionary
  144. Optics
  145. Fund of Nursing Ii
  146. Textile Science

Process to download the Sikkim HRDD XII timetable:

The candidates can download the timetable for the Sikkim HSC Exam with the help of the below given steps-

  1. The candidates should visit the website 
  2. Then, they must click on the link for the timetable present on Home Page.
  3. After doing so, the timetable will be displayed on the screen.
  4. The candidates should download as well as print the timetable.

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Sikkim Board 12th Time Table 2021 (Exam Postponed)

Exam DateSubject Name
01 May 2021English Elective, English Elective, English Core
02 May 2021Business Studies, Bahasa Melayu, Elect Appliances, B Therapy & Hair Des, Beauty & Hair, Basic Horticulture, Printed Textile & Maint. Of Comm. Dev
03 May 2021Physics, Heritage Crafts, Persian, Kashmiri, Sect Prac & Accntg, Cash Mgmt & H-keep, Electrical Machine, Fabrication.Tech-ii, Ac & Refrgtn-iii, Ac & Refrgtn-iii, Cosmetic Chemistry, Optics, Clinical Biochemistry, Fund Of Nursing Ii, Radiography-Genl, Textile Science IT System, Child Health Nursing, Bakery, Garment Construction, Traditional Ind.Txt, Electrical Machine, Security
04 May 2021Chemistry, Applied Physics, Fabrication Tech-iii, Floriculture, Biology-ophthalmic, Comm.Health Nur Ii, Radiation Physics, Desg & Pat Making, Business Data Proc, Beverage Services, Holistic Health, Confectionery, Floriculture, Cost Accounting
05 May 2021Urdu Elective, Punjabi, Manipuri, Malayalam, Kannada
06 May 2021Hindi Elective, Tamil, Gujarati, Limboo, Lepcha, Tangkhul, Bhutia,  Hindi Core
08 May 2021Egg. Graphics, Human Rights & Gs., Tibetan, Japanese, Spanish, Marketing, Mech. Engineering, Textile Chem. Proc. Marketing, Web Application
09 May 2021Mathematics, Know Trade & Prac., Mgmt Of Bank Office, Post Harv Tech & Prs, Yoga Anatomy &Phys, Ophthalmic Tech., Microbiology (mlt), Radiography-spl
10 May 2021First Aid & Med. Care, Health Care Mgmt, Clinical Bio &M.Ii
11 May 2021Multimedia & Web T, Typography &Ca Eng, Typography &Ca Hin, Auto shop Rep& Prac, Food Production Iii, and Crtv & Comm. In M, Introduction To Hospital Management, Fabric Study
12 May 2021Accountancy
13 May 2021Political Science, Biotechnology, Laboratory Med.Ii, Retail Operations, Financial Accounting
14 May 2021Fashion Studies, Agriculture, Library & Inf Sci., Odia, German, Shorthand English, Shorthand Hindi, Engineering Sci., Clothing Const, Dtp Cad & Multimedia, Banking, Database Management Appl
16 May 2021Biology, Ac & Refrgtn-iv, Taxation, Derivative Mkt Op.
17 May 2021Dance Kathak, Dance Bharatnatyam, Dance Orissa, Dance Manipuri, Dance Mohiniyattam, Cr Wring Tr Study, Mass Media Studies, Sindhi, Off. Communication, Info Storage & Ret, Intg. Transport Oper, Front Office Oper, Trvl & Tour Oper, Salesmanship, Tsm Of Ele. Equip, Capital Market Op.
18 May 2021Informatics Prac. Computer Science, Adv Front Off. Op., Olericulture, Basic Pattern Dev., Insurance
19 May 2021Physical Education
20 May 2021Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, App/Commercial Art, Electrical Appl.
22 May 2021Economics
23 May 2021Legal Studies
24 May 2021Psychology
25 May 2021Sociology, Graphic Design
26 May 2021Music Car. Vocal, Music Car.Ins.Mel., Music Car.Ins.Per.”, Music Hind. Vocal”, Music >Hind.Ins.Mel”, Music Hind.Ins.Per, Mat & Child H.Nur Ii
27 May 2021Geography, Lib Sys And Res Mg
29 May 2021Sanskrit Elective, Sanskrit Elective, Telugu, Marathi, Arabic, French, Mizo, Sanskrit Core, Auto Engineering, Evol & Forms
30 May 2021Home Science
31 May 2021Philosophy, Entrepreneurship, Office Proc.& Prac., B Concept-h &Med T, Midwifery, Food Services, Geospatial Tech
01 June 2021Theatre Studies
02 June 2021Food Production Iv
03 June 2021National Cadet Corps

Frequently Asked Questions for Sikkim 12th Date Sheet 2021

Who conducts the exam?

The exam is conducted by the Sikkim Education Board.

In which mode will the timetable be available?

The timetable will be available in the online mode only.

Will the timetable be available in PDF format?

Yes, the timetable will be available in PDF format.

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