How to Score Good in SSC CGL Maths i.e. Tier 1- 40 +, Tier 2- 170+ Marks

How to Score Good in SSC CGL Maths – We are sharing some tips & tricks to a good score in SSC CGL Tier 1 (40+ Marks ) & Tier 2 (170+ Marks). Mathematics Score may make a higher rank in SSC CGL final merit list.

Out of all the sections of SSC CGL 2023, Mathematics is the most interesting subject. It is also one of the most critical when it comes to scoring in SSC CGL 2023.

Even due weight-age to this subject is relatively more. And if prepared well then it carries a sure shot result orientation. The candidates appearing for SSC CGL 2023 have a good option to score well in the exam if they gain expertise in Mathematics.

SSC CGL Mathematics (Quantitative Aptitude) Scoring Tips

SSC CGL keeps on improvising the questioning techniques every year for all the sections. To score well in the Mathematics section of SSC CGL 2023, one should get familiar with the question pattern of previous years.

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Keep on solving the previous years’ papers to prepare meticulously for this exam. The quality, subject areas, and the difficulty level are different every year.

How to Score Good in SSC CGL Maths

While preparing for the SSC CGL 2023 exam, all the topics should be covered. But the pattern of the examination should be wisely inculcated.

The candidate is advised to devise a unique strategy and study plan to meet the needs of preparation. All the major topics of mathematics should be prioritized as per the requirements of oneself.

Major tips to score in SSC Maths (Tier 1, & Tier 2) would be

  • Regular practice
    Practice as much as you can. This is a subject that needs your complete and dedicated focus. You cannot just read or cream formulas.  You will have to dedicatedly sit down to solve questions.
  • Question papers of previous years
    Solve as many as you can to get a clear picture of this year’s probable question setting and difficulty level. Check the pattern of subjects and topics included in the question papers to make a list of important topics to cover.
  • Mock Tests
    Solve online mock tests to set your speed and delivery. These mock tests are very specially designed to give an exact idea of real SSC CGL question paper. You can analyze your performance and based on that turn your preparation upscale.
  • Revision
    Apply apt revision techniques to keep a check on your groundwork. Deduce shortcut techniques and keys. Revise formulas. Solve the major problems of each topic as highlights.
  • Pay special attention to topics like- average, proportions, ratio, elementary measurements, algebra, trigonometry, distance and work, geometry, profit and loss, time, etc.
  • Candidates could check last year asked questions also to compare individual topic score.

Revision, Practice, and Accuracy are keys of SSC CGL High Score in Maths (Tier 1, Tier 2)

Time and accuracy will play a very major role in helping you score well in the Mathematics section of SSC CGL 2023 Tier I and II.  Your skills need to be very smart since as per the time limit you will get less than a minute to solve one question.

Because of this your level of preparation has to be top standard to reach the correct outcome without wasting any time. You have to keep a very strategic point of view while getting down answering any question. Find the shortest way to solve any question keeping in mind that you have to save time as much as you can.

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Tips to Score Good marksHow to Score well in SSC CGL Maths

This is one section that can actually be solved very quickly if you apply your knowledge aptly. Amongst all the options only one is correct- which in other sections can still be problematic to find but not in here. Because once you solve any question correctly, you will reach the exact correct option very aptly.

Also, identify your strong topics. While practicing you will know, which topics come easily to you. Once you know them, you will be sure that you can draw and expertise on them. During the examination solve questions based on these topics first.

Proper Study Plan

Don’t waste any time if you get stuck or confused at any point. Leave that question and move ahead. You can always come back to it later. Also, do not try to attempt any question if you are unsure about any answer. That will only make you lose your points in negative marking.

With a proper study plan, you can achieve great results in SSC CGL 2023. This is one of the most popular exams at graduate level which ensures a good position in the Government.

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