SC decision on CBSE, ICSE Class 12 Assessment Scheme 2021- “It’s fair & reasonable”

The hearing of the Supreme Court has started at 02:00 p.m. and it will hear the petitions associated with the CBSE Compartment Exam Cancellation, Repeater Examinations, Private Examinations, and state boards’ uniform criteria adoption.

Earlier on Monday, it was said by the Court that, it has agreed with the scheme of evaluation but before giving any suggestions regarding any change the court will hear the side of the petitioners.

Supreme Court Hiring Updates

  • 04:45 p.m.- The state of Andhra Pradesh has been directed by the Supreme Court that an affidavit should be filed in 2 days in which they must state the final decision regarding the exam. This matter is adjourned for 24th June 2021. Also, the other state boards will file the affidavit meanwhile. 
Supreme Court’s hearing on CBSE, CISCE Class 12th evaluationSupreme Court Hearing on CBSE 12th Exams
  • 04:42 p.m.- The Supreme Court told the government of Andhra Pradesh on the holding of the examinations of class 12 that in case even one fatality is there, the state will be responsible for it. A PIL which was filed by Advocate Anubha Sahai Srivastava who was seeking the state board examinations to be canceled was also heard by the Bench.

Evening Updates

  • 04:40 p.m.- An affidavit has been filed by the Kerala state which stated that it has been decided that the scheduled exam for class 11 will be taken. The counsel for Andhra Pradesh has submitted that the state will take an appropriate decision and it will be brought on the record by the next day.
  • 04:35 p.m.- The bench of the Supreme Court upheld the assessment schemes formulated by ICSE and CBSE, as it was observed that the decisions were made by the experts of the field on which the judiciary cannot make a “second guess”.


  • 04:30 p.m.- A bunch of petitions were dismissed by the bench comprising Justice Dinesh Maheshwari and Justice AM Khanwilkar which has challenged cancellation of the examinations, as it was observed that decision was well-informed and it was taken at highest level for protecting welfare of around 20,00,000 students.
  • 04:20 p.m.- The petitions for exam cancellations were dismissed by the Supreme Court and a go-ahead was allowed to the assessment schemes formulated by ICSE and CBSE for evaluating the exam pattern of the students.
SC decision on CBSE, ICSE Class 12 Assessment Scheme
  • 04:10 p.m.- It was held by the bench that the assessment schemes formulated by ICSE and CBSE are fair and reasonable. It takes into account all the students’ concern and are in public interest largely. The bench did not appreciated submissions made by Anshul Gupta who is a private school teacher. He appeared as a party-in-person and wanted the exam to take place. 


Notes & Job Update के लिए फॉर्म भरे

    • 04:05 p.m.- According to the present scheme, examination will take place from 15th August 2021 to 15th September 2021. The results will be declared at the earliest keeping the career of the students in mind. In the view of this, it is told that no need is there for interfering with scheme which has been propounded by both the Boards, as there are various students who are in support of this. Also the scheme is found as a reasonable one. The concern of all the students are taken into account. Both the petitions are disposed of as said by Justice AM Khanwilkar.
    • 04:00 p.m.- For the private, patrachar and compartment students objection was made. The proposed scheme’s analogy cannot be applied private, patrachar or compartment students.
    • 03:45 p.m.- The boards are not bound to conduct exam if the other boards are doing so. These boards are independent and have taken the decision to cancel the examination which is according to the public and student demand.

    Afternoon Updates

    • 03:30 p.m.- The compartment examination of CBSE might take place from 15th August 2021 which is subject to conducive situation, as said by the Attorney General of India to the Supreme Court.
    • 02:50 p.m.- According to the bench of the Supreme Court, students approached them saying that their psychology is being affected due to uncertainty. Then, the authorities has taken it into account. They asked that whether it should be reversed now and put so many students under uncertainty. An exam is there and if someone wish to appear in it he or she can do so. It is still to be considered if it should be available or not.

    It was made clear earlier  that the Court is not willing to change the proposition. The bench also added that it is not necessary for CBSE Board to take exams if other boards are doing so.

    • 02:47 p.m.- The questions of Anshul Gupta were answered in person about how the exam of class 12 is a threat for students and not the other examinations. As said by the Supreme Court, every board is different and logical arrangements are required to be provided. The board is conscious about this matter and the decision is taken by highest authorities and is well-informed.
    • 02:45 p.m.- The hearing starts.
    • 02:30 p.m.- The hearing will be done on the matter shortly by the division bench of Justice Dinesh Maheshwari and AM Khanwilkar.

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