RRB Officer & IBPS PO Interview Questions Banking Awareness PDF Part 01

Check out IBPS PO & RRB Officer Scale Interview Questions. You can download Best 100 Banking Awareness Questions in PDF format. These questions are important for the upcoming IBPS PO and RRB Officer Scale Interview.

IBPS PO & RRB Officer Scale Interview Top 100 BANKING AWARENESS Questions

  • 》Money laundering means – the process of conversion of money obtained illegally to  appear to have originated from legitimate sources
  • 》Money laundering refers to the conversion of money which is legally obtained
  • 》 Money lend for 15 days or more in Inter-bank market is called term money
  • 》Money lent for one day is called call money
  • 》Money market is the center of dealings mainly of short-term character in monetary assets
  • 》 Mortgage is security on immovable property for a loan given by a bank
  • 》 Mutual funds fall within the supervisory purview of SEBI
  • 》 NABARD was established in 1982
  • 》 National Income Estimates in India are prepared by Central Statistics Commission

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  • 》RBI declared that it had withdrawn the instruction of compensation to banks at how much percent of the national value of counterfeit notes detected?25 Percent
  • 》Public sector bank, foreign bank, private sector bank and regional rural bank are classified as commercial banks
  • 》On which Rate at which commercial banks borrow short-term funds with RBI ~~Repo Rate
  • 》 NRI and FII deposits are called as hot money
  • 》 Normally Economic Growth is coupled with? ~~> Inflation.
  • 》National savings certificates, infrastructure bonds, Indira Vikas Patras, Krishi Vikas  Patra, etc. are examples of financial assets
  • 》 Regional Rural Banks fall within supervisory purview of-RBI, Note: RBI is the supervisor and NABARD are the regulators.

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  • 》 Regional Rural Banks were set up in 1975
  • 》 Reserve Bank of India issues all the currency notes except one rupee note
  • 》 Reserve Bank of India undertakes the following rates: CRR; SLR and repo rates
  • 》 Reveling credit is made available by the issuer in the case of ~~Credit Card
  • 》Savings bank accounts are opened by individuals for savings purposes
  • 》Scheduled commercial banks are banks which have been included in the second  schedule of RBI act, 1934; registered under companies act and got a license as per Banking Regulations act 1949
  • 》 SEBI means Securities and Exchange Board of India.
  • 》 Securities and Exchange Board of India was established in 1988
  • 》 Six banks were nationalized during the second stage on 15.4.1980
  • 》Small finance Banks must disburse how much percent of their total adjusted net bank  credit to priority sector?75%
  • 》 State Bank of India was formulated as per SBI act 1955
  • 》 State Bank of Indore was merged with state Bank of India in which year? ~~> 2010

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  • 》T-bills are financial instruments initially sold by ____ to raise funds.-the  government
  • 》The account in which trading of shares in their electronic form is called as DEMAT  account
  • 》The bank branches which can undertake foreign exchange business directly are known  as approved dealers in foreign exchange
  • 》The banking ombudsman resolves the complaints of the customers regarding services  provided by the banks
  • 》 The capital market deals with long-term funds, both debt, and equity
  • 》 The conversion of money which is illegally obtained is called as – money laundering
  • 》 The credit risk to the bank is high from which of these cards – Credit cards
  • 》 The crossing on a cheque can be canceled by the drawer of the cheque under his full signature
  • 》The Economy in which there is a mixture of Public and Private Sector both is called? ~~> Mixed Economy.
  • 》The excess of the total expenditures over total receipts is known as? ~~> Budget Deficit.
  • 》 The financial literacy includes the following namely; how to invest the funds; how to use the limited funds carefully; how to minimize the risks and how to reinvest the money  earned
  • 》 The first bank in India was set up on modern lines in 1770 by an agency house
  • 》The first bank note issued by Independent India was the One Rupee note issued in which year? ~~> 1949

IBPS RRB Officer Scale Interview Questions – Banking Awareness

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  • 》 The first Indian bank to open a branch outside India in London in 1946 is Bank of India
  • 》 The first public sector bank to issue capital to the public is – Oriental Bank of Commerce
  • 》The fixed deposits, reinvestment deposits, and recurring deposits are repayable after an agreed period.
  • 》The following are the functions of a commercial bank namely; providing project finance; settlement of payments on behalf of the customers; issuing credit and debit cards to the customers and providing services such as locker facilities and remittances
  • 》The following are the functions of banks – accepting deposits; granting loans; collecting cheques; issuing drafts; selling gold/silver coins
  • 》The following are the sources of finance for any commercial bank – capital, borrowings from RBI, deposits and cash reserves with RBI
  • 》The following constitutes the largest percentage of retail loans in the country – Home loans
  • 》The following is a measure taken by RBI to control inflation in the country -raising of Repo and Reverse Repo rates.
  • 》 The following is not a primary function of a bank – Facilitating import of goods
  • 》The following represents the correct meaning of Repo rate – Rate for borrowing rupees by  banks from RBI
  • 》The fourteen banks which were nationalized on 19.7.1969 were-Central Bank of India;  Bank of Maharashtra; Dena Bank; Punjab National Bank; Syndicate Bank; Canara Bank; Indian Bank; Indian Overseas Bank; Bank of Baroda; Union Bank; Allahabad Bank; United Bank of India; United Commercial Bank and Bank of India
  • 》The headquarters of International Monetary Fund is located at which place? ~~> Washington DC.
IBPS PO & RRB Officer Scale Interview Questions
IBPS PO & RRB Officer Scale Interview Questions
  • 》The letter “L” available in the term LAF commonly used in the financial/economic news is called as- Liquidity
  • 》 The loans of very small amounts given to low-income group is called as – Microcredit
  • 》The non-performing assets of any bank are called as – sub-standard assets, doubtful  assets, and loss assets
  • 》 The performing assets of any bank are called as – standard assets
  • 》The primary issuers of capital market securities include- the Central and Local  Governments and corporations
  • 》The rate at which the domestic currency can be converted into foreign currency, and vice versa is known as the – exchange rate
  • 》The reserves which can act as a liquidity buffer for commercial banks during crisis times  are CRR and SLR
  • 》The subsidiaries of State Bank of India are; State Bank of Patiala; State Bank of  Hyderabad; State Bank of Travancore; State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur and State Bank of Mysore.
  • 》The usual deposit accounts of banks are current accounts, savings bank accounts, and term deposit accounts
  • 》The usual deposit accounts of the banks are – current accounts, savings accounts, and  term deposit accounts
  • 》To which country does Mohammad Yunus, who developed the concept of Micro Credit and Micro Finance belong? ~~> Bangladesh.
  • 》 Universal banking is the roof under which various banking products are available
  • 》 Up to what extent, FDI in the Insurance sector is allowed by the government of India ?49%
  • 》 Upper limit prescribed for RTGS transaction is-No upper limit is prescribed
  • 》 Urban cooperative bank is not a commercial bank
  • 》What do you understand by the term called as mortgage ?- Making the security of  immovable property available as a cover for a home loan availed by the borrower
  • 》What is the best option to park money for a long period to earn a high rate of interest ~~Fixed Deposit A/c
  • 》What is the Cap on loan amount given out by a Non-Banking financial company – Micro Finance Institution?Rs 50000
  • 》What is the minimum tenure of deposits to be taken by NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) ?12 Months
  • 》What is the name of Australian Central Bank ~~Reserve Bank Australia

IBPS PO Interview Questions 2017 – Banking Awareness Notes

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  • 》What reason told by RBI governor recently for not issuing the high denomination currency above Rs 1000 bank note presently?Fear of Counterfeiting
  • 》 When a banker talks about CDR, CDR is meant – Corporate Debt Restructuring.
  • 》When the ATM installed in the bank is out of order, it is called as operational  risk
  • 》When the banks are not able to pay the amount to the depositors, it is called as liquidity risk
  • 》When the banks entertain in dealing with the insurance business, it is called as bancassurance
  • 》 When the bank’s products fail to survive in the market, it is called market risk
  • 》 When the computers are not functioning, it is called as operational risk
  • 》 When the loans are not repaid in time, it is called as credit risk
  • 》 When the rate of inflation increases purchasing power of money decreases
  • 》When the repayment period is between 37 to 84 months, such loans are called as medium-term loans
  • 》 When the repayment period is more than 84 months, they are called as long-term loans
  • 》When the repayment period of any loan is up to 36 months, the loan is called as term loan
  • 》Where is the Federal Reserve system (The USA Central bank) headquartered ~~, New York
  • 》 Where is the headquarter of Asian Development Bank ~~Manilla (Philippines)
  • 》 Where is the headquarter of World Bank Located? ~~> Washington D.C.
  • 》 Where is the headquarters of Allahabad Bank located? ~~> Kolkata.

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  • 》Where is the headquarters of Badhan Bank’s Located ~~(Kolkata, Chairman ~~Ashok Lahiri)
  • 》 Where is the headquarters of Central Bank of India located ~~Mumbai
  • 》Which action will be taken by RBI to reduce the excess liquidity in the market ~~Increase CRR (Cash Reserve Ratio)
  • 》Which bank accredited by the green climate fund as an implementing entity for climate change-related projects in India?NABARD
  • 》Which card product launched by the banks is working on the principle of ‘Buy Now Pay  Later’ ~~Credit Card
  • 》Which private sector bank has the maximum number of ATMs Machine in India? ~~> ICICI Bank.

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