RRB NTPC All Shifts GK Asked Questions 28 December 2020 to 13 January 2021

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RRB NTPC Exam Stage-1 all shifts questions, Check RRB NTPC 28 December to 13 January 2021 Questions, RRB NTPC Reasoning, Computer, General Knowledge, Science, maths Question available


RRB NTPC 13 January 2021 Morning Shift GK Questions-

Q. 1 Who was elected the President of Lahore session of Indian National Congress held in 1929 ?
Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru


Q. 2 “WHO (World Health Organisation)” headquartered in –
Ans. Geneva (Switzerland)

Q. 3 ” Grand Trunk Road” in India was built by –
Ans. Sher Shah Suri

Q. 4 One question from Indira Gandhi Stadium aksed.

Q. 5 Who is the “first woman referee of ” ICC”?
Ans. GS Lakshmi

GS Lakshmi is set to become the first woman match referee to officiate a men’s ODI. The Indian will oversee the third series of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup League 2.

Q. 6 What language is used to query in computer system
Ans. SQL

SQL, in full structured query language, computer language designed for eliciting information from databases.

Q. 7 Which one of the following is not a part of parliament?
Ans. Legislative Assembly

Q. 8 When was “Niti Aayog” established?
Ans. 1 January, 2015

Q. 9 How many times has India reached the “ODI Cricket World Cup Final”?
ANS. Three times

Q. 10 Who built “Buland Darwaza”?
Ans. Akbar

Q. 11 Who is known as the father of “Botany”?
Ans. Theophrastus

Theophrastus, a Greek native of Eresos in Lesbos, was the successor to Aristotle in the Peripatetic school.

Q. 12 “Solar Energy” is also known as –
Ans. Photovoltaics (PV)

Q. 13 Who gave the “Theory of Relativity”?
Ans. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, in his theory of special relativity, determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and he showed that the speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter the speed at which an observer travels.

Q. 14 ” Bhupen Hazarika ” belongs to which state?
Ans. Assam

Q. 15 One question from C++ language asked.

Q. 16 Where is headquarter of ISRO situated ?
Ans. Bangalore

Q. 17 What is full form of “UIDAI”?
Ans. Unique Identification Authority of India

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is a statutory authority established under the provisions of the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016 (“Aadhaar Act 2016”) on 12 July 2016 by the Government of India.

Q. 18 Which city is known as “City of Palaces” in India?
Ans. ” Kolkata”

Q. 19 “Zero Mile Stone” is situated in –
Ans. Nagpur

Zero Mile Stone is a monument built by British during the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India in 1907 in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Q. 20 When was “Pokhran II tests” held?
Ans. 11th May, 1998

The Pokhran-II tests were a series of five nuclear bomb test explosions conducted by India at the Indian Army’s Pokhran Test Range in May 1998

Q. 21 “UNO Day” is celebrated on every year on –
Ans. 24th October

Q. 22 “Ganga Gram Yojana” is being implemented under which ministry?
Ans. Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation

Q. 23 When was “Swaraj Party” formed?
Ans. 1923,

Swarajya Party was established in 1923, by Moti Lal Nehru and Chittaranjan das in Allahabad.

Q. 24 Who is called “Bird-Man of India” ?
Ans. Salim moizuddin abdul ali

Salim moizuddin abdul ali sometime call as bird man of india because he was an indian ornithologist and naturalist ,he was the first indian man who conducted systematic bird survey across india and have written several bird books and that leads to the popularization of ornithology in india.

Q. 25 In which year “voting age” reduced from 21 to 18 years?
Ans. 1989 (61st amendment of constitution)

Q. 26. One question from First Five year plan.

Q. 27 Who was the first viceroy of independent India?
Ans. Lord Mountbatten

Lord Mountbaten Lord Mountbatten (1947-48) was the last viceroy of the British Indian Empire and the first Governor-General of independent India.

Q. 28 In which process “Solar Energy” required?
Ans. Photosynthesis

Q. 29 Which is odd one out?
Options – Sindhu, Godavari, Ganga, Brahmaputra
Ans. Godavari

Q. 30. “Statue of Unity” is situated in –
Ans. Gujarat

RRB NTPC 13-01-2021 Evening Shift GK Questions

Q. 1 Who is called “Napoleon of India”?
Ans. Samudragupta

Samudragupta (335-375 AD) of the Gupta dynasty is known as the Napoleon of India. Historian A V Smith called him so because of his great military conquests known from the ‘Prayag Prashati’ written by his courtier and poet Harisena, who also describes him as the hero of a hundred battles.

Q. 2 Who among the following was not a member of the “Drafting Committee” of the Constitution of India?
Ans. Members of Drafting Committee –

Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar, N. Gopalaswami; B.R. Ambedkar, K.M Munshi, Mohammad Saadulla, B.L. Mitter and D.P. Khaitan.

Q. 3 Which country won “FIFA World Cup 2018”?
Ans. France

Q. 4 Correct full form of “UNDP” is –
Ans. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Q. 5 “ASCII” stands for –
Ans. American standard code for information interchange

Q. 6 One question from Aircraft Company asked?

Q. 7 “Space Centre” is located in Hyderabad –
Ans. National Remote Sensing Centre or NRSC,

Q. 8 What is the SI unit of Lens?
Ans. dioptre

A dioptre (British spelling) or diopter (American spelling) is a unit of measurement of the optical power of a lens or curved mirror, which is equal to the reciprocal of the focal length measured in metres. (1 dioptre = 1 m−1.) It is thus a unit of reciprocal length.

Q. 9 One question from International Labour organization asked.

Q. 10 Correct full form of “JNNURM” ?
Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM)

Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) was a massive city-modernisation scheme launched by the Government of India under the Ministry of Urban Development.

Q. 11 One question from wrestling championship asked

Q. 12 What is the “Female Literacy Rate” of India as per census 2011?
Ans. 65.46 %

Q. 13 In which session Indian National Congress demanded “Purna Swaraj”?
Ans. Lahore Session, 1929

Q. 14 Computers run on –
Ans Binary Digit

Q. 15 The outermost covering of the seed is called –
Ans. Seed coat.

The outermost covering of the seed is called seed coat. The seed coat is composed of two layers. The outer layer is called testa and the inner layer is called tegmen. There is a scar on the seed coat through which the developing seed was attached to the fruit.

Q. 16 One question from “Cell and ATP”?

Q. 17 “Chipko Movement” is related to –
Ans. Conservation of Environment.

Q.18 “Humayun Nama” was written by –
Ans. Gulbadan Begam (1522/3-1603).

Q. 19 The Bronze statue of dancing girl (Nataraja) found in –
Ans. Mohenjodaro

Q. 20 ” Chemical Formula of Dry Ice” is –
Ans. CO2

Q. 21 Which was the first country to declare independence from the Soviet Union?
Ans. Russia

Q. 22 “Reservation for Women” has been provided in which election?
Ans. Panchayats election

Q. 23 “Jallianwala Bagh” is located in –
Ans. Amritsar

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, Jallianwala also spelled Jallianwalla, also called Massacre of Amritsar, incident happened on April 13, 1919.

Q. 24 Which country awarded “PM Narendra Modi” with highest civilian award “Zayed” ?
Ans. UAE

Q. 25 Who wrote the ” Hind Swaraj”?
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule is a book written by Mohandas K. Gandhi in 1909. In it he expresses his views on Swaraj, modern civilization, mechanisation etc.

RRB NTPC 12 January 2021 GK Asked Questions Morning Shift

Q. 1 When was Gurunank Dev born?
Ans : 29 November 1469

Q. 2 What is total length of “waterway -1”
Ans. 1620 kilometres ( Prayagraj to Haldia)

Q. 3 Who was the first Indian lady to receive “Booker prize”?
Ans. Arundhati Roy
Arundhati Roy won the prestigious Booker Prize in 1997 for her first novel The God of Small Things.

Q. 4 When did “Water Revolution” started in India?
Ans. 5th June 2015

Q. 5 In which state “Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary” is located?
Ans. Rajasthan (Bharatpur)

Q. 6 What is the full form of “MRTP”?
Ans. Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practice

Q. 7 When did Moplah Rebellion take place?
Ans. 1921 – 22

Q. 8 Who was the Speaker of the 16th Lok Sabha?
Ans. Sumitra Mahajan

Q. 9 In which year was “Asiatic Society” established?
Ans. 1784

Q. 10 One question asked from Gulf of kutch.

Q. 11 Where are Ajanta and Ellora caves located?
Ans. Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

Q. 12 Where is the Sun Temple located ?
Ans : Konark (Odisha)

Q. 13 What is the minimum age for becoming a member of Panchayat Samiti?
Ans. 21 years

Q. 14 Who is the writer of the “Bahuroopi Gandhi”?
Ans. Anu Bandopadhyaya

Q. 15 Short cut key “Ctrl + V” used in MS Word to –
Ans. Paste

Q. 16 Which Indian has been awarded with Mexico’s highest civilian honour for foreigners?
Ans. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil

Q. 17 ISRO established Research Centre in Antarctica?
Ans. Ground Station for Earth Observation Satellites (AGEOS), at Bharati Station

Q. 18 When Emperor Nader Shah invaded India?
Ans. 1739

Emperor Nader Shah, the Shah of Persia and the founder of the Afsharid dynasty of Persia, invaded Northern India, eventually attacking Delhi in March 1739.

Q. 19 The study of animals is called-
Ans. Zoology

Q. 20 One questions from operating system.

Q. 21 Which building was built on the arrival of “George V ” to India
Ans. Gateway of India

Q. 22 What is the SI Unit of sound?
An Decibel

Q. 23 One question from russian award asked.

Q. 24 In which year, WTO (World Trade Organisation ) established ?
Ans. 1 January 1995

Q. 25 Who passed a bill after Loksabha and Rajyasabha in India ?
Ans. President of India

Q. 26 What is found in the cavity of the small intestine?
Ans. Villi-The inner wall of the small intestine is covered by numerous folds of mucous membrane called plicae circulares. The surface of these folds contains tiny projections called villi and microvilli, which further increase the total area for absorption.

Q. 27 When was Hampi included in UNESCO?
Ans 2017

12 Jan 2021 RRB NTPC Evening Shift GK Questions

Q. 1 In which state “Kajari dance” is performed ?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh

Q.2 “Saubhagya Yojana” is being implemented by which ministry ?
Ans. Ministry of Power

Scheme aims to achieve 24×7 power for all by 2019 by providing electricity connection to each household across the country. Scheme will provide subsidy on equipment such as transformers, wires and meters. Ministry of Power would be the implementing authority of the scheme.

Q. 3 Who is the writer of book ” Untouchable”?
Ans. Mulk Raj Anand

Q. 4 Which prefix is used in “www” ?
Ans. http

Q. 5 Who opposed the demand of separate Pakistan?
Ans. The Jamaat-e-Islami ( options )

Q 6 Which state of India is the largest producer of bauxite?
Ans. Odisha

Q. 7 Which instrument is used to measure the growth of plants ?
Ans. Auxanometer

An auxanometer (Gr. auxain= “to grow” + metron= “measure”) is an apparatus for measuring increase of growth in plants. In case of an arc-auxanometer (see picture), there is a wire fixed with the plant apex on one end and a dead-weight on the other.

Q. 8 Which is odd one out?
Option- Mouth, Throat, Tongue, Nose
Ans. Nose

Q. 9 Which is the newest steel plant in India?

Q. 10 What is the correct full form of GATT?
Ans. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

Q. 11 The appointment of a Governor is mentioned in which article?
Ans. 155

Q. 12 When was “BRO (Border Road Organisation )” established ?
Ans. 1960

Q. 13 Name of the new “Nuclear Power Plant” of India.
Ans. Kudankulam (Tamil Nadu)

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant is the largest nuclear power station in India, situated in Kudankulam in the Tirunelveli district of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Q. 14 Which one number is wrong in the following series –
14, 19, 26, 35, 44, 59
Ans. 44

Q. 15 For which book did “Arundhati Roy” win the Nobel Prize ?
Ans. ” The God of Small Things”

Q. 16 Where is Cotton Industry situated in India?
Ans. Goa, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra , Kerala (options)
Ans. Maharashtra

Q. 17 Full form of abbreviation “.com” is-
Ans. Commercial

Q. 18 Which one of the following philosopher who belongs to Art came to India?
Ans. William Jones

Q. 19 The Process of seeds sprouting in palnts is called –
Ans. Germination

Q. 20 Who introduced “Permanent Settlement” in 1793 in India ?
Ans. Lord Cornwallis

Q. 21 Who gave the slogan ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’?
Ans. Lal Bahadur Shastri……

Q. 22 One question form flowering process in embroidery.

Q. 23 Which material is used for making bags?
Ans. Jute

Q. 24 Which one of the following has maximum oxygen?
Ans. Haemoglobin (option)

Q. 25 One question from carbon atoms.
Ans. 6 carbon

Q. 26 Where is Manora Fort situated?
Ans. Tanjore (Tamil Nadu)

Q. 27 What will be the next number in the following series?
Ans. DWS

Q. 28 Who is the writer of “Wealth of Nations” book?
Ans. Adam Smith

Morning Shift 11 January RRB NTPC CBT Asked GK Question 2021

Q. 1    When was  IAEA  (Indian Atomic Energy Agency) formed ?

Ans  1957

Q. 2    Who is called Father of Indian Cinema?

Ans.     Dadasaheb

       The Father of Indian cinema Dadasaheb was one of the most eminent producers, directors, and screenwriters in the history of the Indian film industry. Dadasaheb has considered the father of Indian cinema is because of his debut movie Raja Harishchandra which was released in 1913.

Q. 3     “Sanchi Stupa”  is  located near which place  in –

Ans.      Bhopal  

Q. 4     Where is the “Motera stadium” situated ?

Ans.      In Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Q. 5     ” SLR” stands for –

Ans.     Statutory Liquidity Ratio

Q. 6      Where is the Ranakpur temple situated ?

Ans.       Pali district in Rajasthan.

Q. 7      When was “Imperial Bank” changed into SBI?

Ans.        1955

Q. 8     When was “Battle of Plassey”  fought?

Ans.    1757

Q. 9      India  relates Tiger then Nepali relates to –

Ans.      Cow

Q. 10    Who said “Dakshin Africa Ne Mahatma Gandhi Ko Banaya”?

Ans.      According to option 

Q. 11    When was ” Uttarakhand and Jharkhand”  formed?

Ans.      In  2000

Q. 12     Who is called father of “Micro Economics”?

Ans.     Alfred Marhsall

       Alfred Marhsall is considered by many historians of economics to be the father of Microeconomics.

Q. 13    “Blood”  is a type of tissue  –

Ans.        connective tissue

Q. 14    Which one of the following is called ” Blue Mountain”?

Ans.      Nilgiri  Parvat

Q. 15     Who is the winner of ” Women’s Australia Open awards” in 2020?

Ans.     Sofia Kenin

Q. 16    When was the first “round table conference” held  in England?

Ans.      1930

Q. 17       Which English Governor started the “Subsidiary Alliance”?

Ans.   Lord Wellesley

Q. 18    George Vth, the king of England came to India in 1911  and welcomed with which style?

Ans.    Western style,  Parsian  style, European style  (options )

Q. 19    Which part of Computer calculates Arithmetic and logical  issues?

Ans.    Microprocessor

Q. 20    Which one of the following is not a “shopping website”?

Ans.     Twitter

Q. 21    Which personality formed  “Swatantra  Party” in 1957 

Ans.      C Rajagopalachari

Q. 22   In  which article ” Centre and State relations” have mentioned?

Ans.    Article 263

Q. 23   ” Oil Lamp” works on which principle?

Ans.      Capillarity

Q. 24   Sugar Cane” plant converts into  chemical energy to –

 Ans.      Water, Air, Sun and  Light  (options)

Q. 25    Who composed “My Mother at Sixty Six “?

Ans.       Kamla  Das

Q. 26   One question on Medical Council of India was asked

Q. 27   ” Lucknow Pact” was made in which year?  

Ans.    1916

           The Lucknow Pact was an agreement reached between the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League at a joint session of both the parties held in Lucknow in December 1916.

Q. 28      What is called ” Eye Adjustment Control”?

Ans.      Adaptation,  Adjustment, Refractiveness (option)

Q. 29      “Modern Generator” is based on which principle?

 Ans.     Electronic Magnetic Induction

 Q.  30   The corect full form of “NEFT” is  –

Ans.        National Electronic Funds Transfer

RRB NTPC 10 January 2021 Asked Questions Morning Shift

Q. 1 When was the “International Atomic Energy Aency” formed?
Ans. 1957

Q.2 Which port is used to connect two digital devices?
Ans. USB Port

Q. 3 Where is “Kamakhya Temple” located?
Ans Assam

Q. 4 The “Earth Summit” was held in –
Ans Rio de janerio

Q.5 Who was the first chairperson of “Niti Aayog”
Ans. Narendra ModiRRB NTPC 10 January 2021 Morning Shift GK Questions

Q. 6 What was the music genres of Tansen?
Ans Hindustani Classical Music

Q. 7 Which crop increases the nitrogen capacity in the fields?
Ans. Pulses

Q.8 Which committee was formed in 1948 after disagreement between Gandhi ji and Jinnah?
Ans C. Rajagopalachari’s formula (option)

Q. 9 Who won first title in “wrestling” in “New York”
Ans Bajrang Punia

Q. 10 Who won the Croatia’s “Highest Civilian Award”
Ans Ram Nath kovind (President )

Q.11 “Shimla Agreement 1972” was made between
Ans Indira Gandhi and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

Q. 12 “Yellow Revolution” is related to-
Ans Mustard

Q. 13 The group of “same type of data” in computer is called?
Ans Array

Q. 14 “Pune pact” was made between Gandhiji and –
Ans Bhimrao Ambedkar

Q. 15 Heart is related to “Cardiology” then Kidney is related to –
Ans Nephrology

Q. 16 Tin and Lead makes –
Ans. Soldier

Q. 17 Who is the writer of “Chandrakanta” book?
Ans Devkinandan Khatri

Q. 18 What is the name of power plant located in kalpakkam?
Ans. Madras Atomic Power Station

Q. 19 “Lactic Acid” reduces in muscles because the lack of –
Ans. Oxygen

Q. 20 One question related to calendar

Q. 21 copper plus zinc makes
Ans. Bronze

Q. 22 “Revenue Deficit” in an economy is equal to
Ans. Revenue except borrowings

Q. 23 Receptor of “Tongue” is called?
Ans. Gustatory

Q. 24 Which state uses the less land water in fields?

Q. 25 When was East India company established?
Ans. 1600

Q. 26 “Warli Painting” is related to which state-
Ans. Maharashtra

Q. 27 “Second Five Year” was named with –
Ans. PC mahalanobis

10-01-2021 Evening Shift GK Asked Questions

Q.1 “Satish Dhawan Space” Centre is located in-
Ans. Sriharikota Andhra Pradesh

Q.2 Which body controls Investment and Security Exchange in India?

Q. 3 Which one of the following National Park is not located in India –
Ans. According to options given

Q. 4 Who is called the father “Atomic Energy” ?
Ans. Homi Jehangir Bhabha

Q. 5 The Edition of “IPL 2020” is-
Ans 13th

Q. 6 Which one of the following is not correct related to Non Cooperative movement?
Ans. According to options given

Q. 7 Who started PM Jan Dhan scheme?
Ans. PM Narendra Modi

Q. 8 What is the full form of COBOL?
Ans. Common Business Oriented Language

Q. 9 Who has been Vice President of India till October 2020
Ans. M. Venkaiah Naidu

Q. 10 Which one of the following statement is not correct related to 1857 revolution?
Ans. According to options given

Q. 11 Where did ” Manushi chhillar” win “Miss World award?
Ans. China

Q. 12 Who was the captain of Indian men hockey games held in October 2020?
Ans. Manpreet Singh

Q. 13 Which was the most polluted city in 2018?
Ans. Dhaka, Sanghai, Gurugram (options)

Q. 14 Rahul Gandhi has elected from which Loksabha sheet?
Ans. Wayanad (Kerala)

Q. 15 When two liquids mixes equally, then mixture called –
Ans. solution

Q. 16 Which one of the following leader not joined Swadesi Movement?
Ans. Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Q. 17 ” Bill Gates” want to change with which name of “Window”?

Q. 18 one question related to numbers

Q. 19 Who is called the father of “Modern Economics”?
Ans. Adam Smith

Q. 20 Type of plant divided into –
Ans. Bryophyta

Q. 21 Louis Pasteur discovered-
Ans penicillin

Q. 22 Which strait is located between ” India and Sri Lanka”
Ans. Pak Strait

09 January 2021 RRB NTPC Morning Shift Questions

Q. 1 Where is the headquarter of UNESCO located?
Ans. Paris

Q. 2 World Turtle Dayis celebrated on –
Ans. 23 May

Q. 3 Nagaland relates to Kohima, so Manipur relates to
Ans. Imphal

Q. 4 Who is the author of “Lowland” ?
Ans Jhumpa Lahiri

Q. 5 In which field “ICC Cricket World Cup 2019” final match was played?
Ans. Lord’s England

Q. 6 Smell of rotten egg due to –
Ans. H2S

Q. 7 ” Twinkling of star” caused due to which incident?
Ans. Reflection

Q. 8 “Ribosome is made up of –
Ans. Protein and RNA

Q. 10 Which state government has introduced the 5T program during COVID-19?
Ans. Delhi

Q. 11 Which river of India is the largest ?
Ans. Ganga

Q. 12 The “45th G7” conference was held in –
Ans. France

Q. 13 Which lens is used by dentist?
Ans. Convex lens and Concave mirror

Q. 14 “Ayushman Bharat” scheme was started from which state?
Ans. Jharkhand

Q. 15 Sun = 54, then Moon =?
Ans. 57

Q. 16 “Valmiki National Park” is located in –
Ans. Bihar

Q. 16 one question is related to modern periodic table

Q. 17 one question related to IPL

Q. 18 one question related to Jawaharlal Nehru and Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Q. 19 Which article is removed from the Indian Constitution?
Ans 370 (jammu kashmir)

Q. 20 fuel is used for the Rocket question.

Q. 21 one question from inventors

Q. 22 Which country made public transport free in 05 march 2020 ?
Ans Luxemburg

Q. 23 ” World Organ Donation Day” is celebrated on –
Ans 13 August

Q. 24 “Ambubachi Festival” is celebrated in which state?
Ans ” Assam”

Q. 25 Who was the first female President of Congress?
Ans Anni Besant

RRB NTPC 09-01-2021 Evening Shift Asked Questions

Q. 1 What is the full form of GSLV?
Ans. Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle?

Q. 2 How many bones are there in human body?
Ans. 206

Q. 3 Who is the winner of ATP tournament tennis 2020?
Ans Daniil Medvedev

Q. 4 One question related to the premium rate in horticulture PM Bima fasal Yojana?

Q. 5 Name the accounts which were opened under “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana”?
Ans. Sukanya samridhi kanya shri, jan dhan

Q. 6 Great Squirrel is the state animal of which state?
Ans. Maharashtra

Q.7 What is the scientific name of “Touch Me Not” plant
Ans. Mimosa pudica

Q.8 Project “VGA graphics ” prepared by which company?
Ans. Microsoft, IBM, apple

Q.9 Which one of the following country is not a member of OPEC ?
Ans members of OPEC Algeria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, the Republic of the Congo, Saudi Arabia

Q.10 Who is the secretary of UNO at present?
Ans. Antonio guterres

Q.11 1 kb equals to how many bytes?
Ans 1024

Q.12 Who was the “Mughal Emperor” at the time of 1857 revolt?
Ans Bahadur Shah Zafar

Q.13 When was Pulwama attacked?
Ans. 14 February 2019

Q.14 Pranava Mukherjee was awarded with –
Ans Bharat ratna

Q.15 “White revolution” started from which state
Ans. Gujarat (Kheda)

Q.16 Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state?
Ans. Karnataka

Q.17 The part of USA which was the part of Russia in olden times
Ans. California, Alaska

Q. 18 The Amritsar Golden Temple was built by?
Ans. Arjun Dev

Q.19 What was the final result of Namak Andolan (Dandi March)?

Q.20 Who played role in Swadeshi Andolan?

Q. 21 Famous book “The God of Small Things” is written by ?
Ans. arundhati Roy

Q. 22 Which one of the following temple is not located in Tamilnadu?
Ans options – Meenakshi Temple, Padmanabhaswami temple

Q. 23 Who is the first woman president of India?
Ans. Pratibha Patil

Q. 24 Who is first indian lady in space?
Ans. Kalpana Chawla

Q. 25 Why did Gandhiji withdrew the Non Cooperative movement?
Ans. Chauri chaura incident

Q. 26 Who is the chief of Indian defence?
Ans. President of India

Q. 27 Which act was passed for Tigers in 1973?
Ans. Project Tiger

Q. 28 UNO was established after which incident?
Ans. World War II 24th October 1945

RRB NTPC Exam Asked Questions 08 January 2021 Morning Shift

Q. 1 Name the “Chief Justice of India” in November 2020?
Ans. Sarad Arvind Bobde

Ranjan Gogoi 3 October 2018 – 17 November 2019
Sharad Arvind Bobde 18 November 2019 – Incumbent (till 23 April 2021)

Q. 2 Indian Science day is observed every year on –
Ans February 28

In 1986, the National Council for Science & Technology asked the Government of India to designate February 28 as National Science Day. Since 1987, the event is now celebrated all over the country in schools, colleges, universities and other academic, scientific, technical, medical and research institutions.

Q. 3 Indian Flag was first hoisted in –
Ans Kolkata at the Parsee Bagan Square

Designed by Sister Nivedita, an Irish disciple of Swami Vivekananda, between 1904-1906, arguably the first national flag of India is said to have been hoisted on August 7, 1906, in Kolkata at the Parsee Bagan Square (Green Park).

Q. 4 “Tamasha” is a folk dance of which state?
Ans Maharashtra
Tamasha (Marathi: तमाशा) is a traditional form of Marathi theatre, often with singing and dancing, widely performed by local or travelling theatre groups within the state of Maharashtra, India. It has also been the subject of several Marathi films.

Q. 5 “Right to equity in public employment” is provisioned in which article?
Ans Article 16, While Article 14 is regarded with “Right to equality before Law”

Q. 6 Who is the writer of “Natya Shastra”?
Ans Bharat Muni

Bharata Muni (भरत मुनि) was an ancient Indian theatrologist and musicologist who wrote the Natya Shastra, a theoretical treatise on ancient Indian dramaturgy and histrionics, especially Sanskrit theatre. Bharata is considered the father of Indian theatrical art forms.

Q. 7 Which is the largest lake of fresh water in the world?
Ans Lake Superior
Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake and the second largest lake in the world by surface area.

Q. 8 Which state is the largest producer of Thermal Energy in India?
Ans Maharashtra

Q. 9 What is the full form of ” FORTRAN”?
Ans Formula Translation

Q. 10 Anshula Kantha, who is the current M. D. of “World Bank” has been MD of which bank ?
Ans State Bank Of India

Q. 11 When Glucose is broken, it chnages to –
Ans Options given – a) Lactic Acid, b) Pyruvic Acid, c) Cytoplasm, d) mitochondria

Q. 12 Which similarity is seen between acid and base?
Both acid and base are electrolytes this means they can conduct electric current when in aqueous state.
Acids and bases, both react with indicators to produce different colors. Common indicators are phenolphthalein and litmus paper.
Both acids and bases are soluble in water.
They both form salts with each other. Usually a reaction between an acid and a base will produce a salt.
Both acids and bases are chemical compounds. They are made up of one or more elements or atoms.

Q. 13 Which one of the following Building was architected by F. W. Stevens?
Ans Chhatrpati Shivaji Terminus

Q. 14 Which country won the T-20 world cup 2007?
Ans India

Q. 15 Who is the founder of the World Wide Web?
Ans Tim Berners-Lee
Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989, while working at CERN.

Q. 16 What is the Capital of Australia?
Ans Canberra, federal capital of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Q. 17 Which one of the following is a contageous disease?
A contagious disease is a subset category of transmissible diseases, which are transmitted to other persons, either by physical contact with the person suffering the disease, or by casual contact with their secretions or objects touched by them or airborne route among other routes.

Some example of contageous disease..
COVID-19. …
Norovirus (“Stomach Flu”) …
Influenza. …
Meningitis. …
Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) …
Pertussis. …
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) …

Q. 18 Where was INC session held in 1907?
Ans Surat

Q. 19 Which country established ASEAN?
Ans. ASEAN countries are –
Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Q. 20 Where was first passenger train started in India?
Ans Mumbai – Thane (1853)

Q. 21 “River Dolphin fish” is found in which river?
Ans. ” Ganga” , The Ganga was not given in option.

Q.22 Which great perasonality delivered speech during the establishment of B. H. U?
Ans BHU established in 1916, Mahatma Gandhi delivered speech in BHU in 1942,

Q. 23 Which memory stores the temporary data in a computer?
Ans Cache

Q. 24 Which chairman of ISRO has received the highest award of France?
Ans Kiran Kumar

Q. 25 Famous temple of ” Hampi” is dedicated to which God?
Ans Lord Shiva
The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, known here as Virupaksha, as the consort of the local goddess Pampadevi who is associated with the Tungabhadra River.

Q. 26 What is “ADITYA LI ” mission?
Ans The Sun mission

Q. 27 “Jonbeel Mela” is belongs to which state of India?
Ans Assam, In Magh month

Q. 28 One question from series.
3, 11, 27, 59……?
Ans 123

Q. 29 The headquarter of “IINTETPOL” is located in –
Ans France

Q. 30 Recently RBI started which vision for Payment system for “Cash Less Society”?
Ans Vision 2021

Q. 31 WTO ministerial Conference (MC -11) held in-
Ans. Argentina

Q. 32 Which Herbal medicine is to control Blood Pressure?
Ans. Sarpagandha
Rauwolfia serpentina (Sarpagandha) has been reported to have the following medicinal properties: Vasodilator: This herb is known to reduce the tone of the blood vessels and therefore, reduces the blood pressure.

RRB NTPC 08 January 2021 Evening Shift Questions-

Q.1 Who is called the father of Computer?
Ans Charles Babbage

Q. 2 Which movement was started together with Non Cooperative movement?
Ans. Khilafat movement

Q. 3 Recently, a White Tiger was died, what was its name?
Ans. Bajirao

Q. 4 What is the correct full form of “COBOL”?
Ans. “common business-oriented language”

Q. 5 Which key is used to edit in Excel?
Ans. F2

Q. 6 The word “BHEL” stands for –
Ans. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

Q. 7 What is the name of 17th rail zone?
Ans Western Railway

Q. 8 “Vegetables farming” is also known as –
Ans. Olericulture

Q. 9 Which one of the followings is the largest generater of the CO2?
Ans. 1) energy sector, 2) farm, 3) wastege, 4) fields

Q. 10 Satyendra Bose has received the Nobel prize in which field?
Ans. Physics

Q. 11 Who was the guru of Gandhi ji?
Ans Gopal Krishna Gokhle

Q. 12 “FANI cyclone” occured in –
Ans. Odisha

Q. 13 “Litmus paper” is made up of –
Ans Lichen

Q. 14 Which is the “highest wind energy” producing state of India ?
Ans. Tamilnadu

Q. 15 Which is observed the second cleanest city in Swacchta Survekshan?
Ans Surat

Q. 16 One question related to Rowlatt Act?

Q. 17 Headquarter of the International Labour Organization is located in which city?
Ans. Geneva, Switzerland

Q. 18 Which book had written by Prem Chand Ji?
Ans. Seva Sadan

Q. 19 Which gas needed for Photosynthesis in plants?
Ans. CO2

Q. 20 Who won the “2020 Press Freedom Prize “?
Ans Shahidul Alam

Q. 21 Which article of of Indian constitution provisions for “Minor”?
Ans. Article 46

Q. 22 Who is the Youngest brand Ambassador of UNICEF?
Ans. Billy Brown

Q. 23 One question related to Newton’s law?

Q. 24 One question related to Flag code position?

Q. 25 Which satellite of Indian school was launched by NASA?
Ans Kalamsat

Q. 26 Which one of the following scriptures is related to Bhuddhism?
Ans. Tripitaka
Tripiṭaka or Tipiṭaka is the traditional term for the Buddhist scriptures

Q. 27 Which INS ship was included in Indian Navy in November ?
Ans. INS Khanderi

Q. 28 Which state received rank one in Good Governance?
Ans Tamilnadu

Q. 29 Which rank India received in Human Development Index in 2019 ?
Ans 129

Q. 30 “IAAF 2019 gold medal” winner is –
Ans Sifan HASSAN

Q. 31 “Genetics conference” was recently held in –
Ans. Portugal

Morning Shift RRB NPTC 07/01/2021 CBT Stage 1 Exam

Q. 1    Who is known as  the “Father of Space” in India?

Ans.      Vikram A. Sarabhai

Q. 2     “Panchayati Raj Diwas” is celebrated every year on –

Ans.     24th april

Q. 3      “PM AWAS Yojana” was known to which name before?

Ans      “INDIRA AWAS Yojana”

 Q. 4     Respiratory system is regared with which type of pollution?

Ans       Air Pollution

Q. 5     Where was “Hindi Diwas” celebrated in 2018?

Ans      Mauritius 

Q.6      Famous persanality, Aruna Asaf Ali is related to which field?

Ans.     An Indian Educator, Political Activist

Q. 7     Who is the father of ” Nuclear Physics” in India?

Ans.     Homi Jahagir Bhabha

Q. 8     Who is the  current governor of Jharkhand?

Ans.    Draupadi Murmu

Q. 9   According to census of 2011,  Which is the most populous state in India?

Ans.      Uttar Pradesh

Q. 10     “Arogya Setu App”  lives on play store on which date? Ans.        2nd April 2020

Q. 11     One question related to boundary conflict between India and China issue of 2017

Q. 12     ” Kaziranga National Park”  is located in which state?

Ans.        Assam

Q. 13      Tansen’s Maqbara is located at which place?

Ans.         Gwalior (MP)

Q. 14      In which year ” Rowlatt Act” passed?

Ans.        1919

Q. 15       Mahatma Gandhi withdrew the ” Non Cooperative Movement ” because of which incident?

Ans.       Chauri chaura   incident

Q. 16     When was ”  Gandhi Irwin Pact ” was signed?

Ans.      05th March  1931

Q. 17     Which country tops in “Human Development Index”?

Ans.       Norway

Q. 18       ATM stands for –

Ans         Automated Teller Machine

Q. 19     Who lead the famous ” Non Cooperative Movement ” ?

Ans.      Mahatma Gandhi   

Q. 20    one question related to Input or Output Device asked.

Q. 21    What is the correct full form WCCB?

Ans      Wildlife Crime Control Bureau 

Q. 22    “World Book day”  is observed every year on –

Ans       23rd April

Q. 23     Which country tops in Asian Games 2019?

Ans      India

Q. 24    ” Kuchipudi” dance form is related to which state of India?

Ans.       Andhra Pradesh 

Q. 25     Who was the leader of the “Khilafat movement” ?

Ans        Shaukat Ali, Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar, Hakim Ajmal Khan and  Abul Kalam Azad

Q. 26     What is the currency of Iran?

Ans.      Iranian Rial

Q. 27      Who was the first “Muslim President”  of Indian National Congress ?

Ans      Badruddin Tyabji

Q. 28   Which organization of UNO is related  to Women and Children?

Ans.       UNICEF

Q. 29     One question related to Section 377 asked?

Q. 30    Who is the writer of the book “Origin of Species”?

Ans.     Charles Darwin 

Q. 31   One question related to Electronic Configuration asked.

Q. 32     Who was the first Indian Scientist who received a Nobel prize ?

Ans.        Chandrashekhar venkatraman 

Evening Shift 07 January 2021 RRB NTPC Questions

Q. 1      Who was the  first chairman  of Rajya Sabha?

Ans.      Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan

Q. 2      What is the Scientific name of Housefly?

Ans.     Musca domestica

Q. 3    Who is the current President of Nepal?

Ans.    Bidya Devi Bhandari 

Q. 4    What is the smallest unit of life?

Ans.    Cell

Q. 5     Who presented  the union  Budget in 2019?

Ans.     Nirmala Sitharaman

Q. 6     India ranked in “Innovation Index 2019 ” at –

Ans       12 th

Q.7     What is the formula of  ” Momentum”?

Ans.    P= M.V.

Q. 8     In which language the Ashoka’s first Edicts were written?

Ans.   Brahmi script 

Q. 9    Who were  ‘jewels in Chandra Gupta II court?

Ans.    Amarsimha, Dhanvantri, Harisena, Kalidas, Kahapanaka, Sanku, Varahamihira, Vararuchi, Vetalbhatta, Total Nine Gems 

Q. 10    How many articles were in  Indian constitution at the time of its formation?

Ans.      395

Q.11     “Bharat Mala project” is related  to –

Ans       Road and Highways construction 

Q. 12     One questions related to  Yojna that was held in Pune


Q. 13    Pick odd one out –

                Linux, Unix, Macos, Graphics

Q. 14    Which is the new ” Nuclear Power Plant” located in Haryana?

Ans.        GHAVP

Q. 15     Who is known as the father of “Geography”?

Ans      Eratosthenes

Q. 16      What is URL?

Ans       A URL is a specific type of Uniform Resource Identifier, although many people use the two terms interchangeably.

             Full form – Uniform Resource Locator

Q. 17     Who won the Gold medal in 2018 in 25 metre  Shooting?

Ans.     Anish Bhanwala  

Q. 18     Where is first Railway University located in India?

Ans      Vadodara 

Q. 19     When was the  “National Rural Health Mission ” started?

Ans       2005

Q. 20  ” Quartz ” is a which type of rock?

Ans  It occurs in nearly all acid igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks

Q. 21    China relates to Beijing  and so Brazil is related to –

Ans.    Brasília   

Q. 22    Pick odd one out –

                Argon, Helium, Neon,  Sodium

Q. 23      One question related to Input/ Output devices

Q. 24     Who is India’s Attorney General till Nov. 2020?

Ans       K. K.  Venugopal

Q. 25    ” Swedish  Academy” is related  to which field?

Ans        Nobel Prize

Q. 26   One question asked from Bharat Pay.

Q. 27   Which state of India touches Pakistan?

Ans.       Gujarat  Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu &Kashmir 

Q. 28   Which one of the following  is not a ” Maharatna company “

Ans  .       List of Maharatna Companies in India –

                 1. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

                 2. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

                  3. Coal India Limited

                  4. GAIL (India) Limited

                  5. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

                  6. Indian Oil Corporation Limited

                  7. NTPC Limited

                  8. Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited

                   9. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited

                   10. Steel Authority of India Limited  etc

RRB NTPC CBT 1 GK Asked Questions PDF 05 January 2021-Morning Shift

Q.1 ” International Dance day” is celebrated every year on –
Ans. April 29

Q.2 In which year, Pt. Nehru inaugurated first nuclear reacter of India?
Ans. January 20, 1957

Q.3 How many people died in Jalianwala Bagh massacre ?
Ans. 379 people, while more than 1200 were wounded.

Q.4 The abbreviation “NPR” stands for –
Ans. National Population Register or National Public Radio ( according to option given in exam )

Q.5 Which part of the neuron acquires the information?
Ans. Dendrites

Q.6 Who is the present governor of Sikkim?
Ans. Ganga Prasad Chaurasia, since 2018

Q.7 Who is the present CM of Goa?
Ans. Pramod Pandurang Sawant

Q.8 Which one of the following is the oldest port in India?
Ans. Chennai (Madras) port

Q.9 Which acid protects in stomach?
Ans. Hydrochloric acid

Q.10 In modern Indian History, the “Khilafat movement” was held on-
Ans. March 1919 – january 1921

Q.11 Which one of the following is the longest bone of human body?
Ans. Femur

Q.12 The “longest road bridge” is located in Indian at –
Ans. Dr Bhupen Hazarikia Setu, also known as Dhola Sadiya Bridge over Lohit River in Assam ( repeated )

Q.13 What is the ” Net Investment” equals to?
Ans. Net Investment = gross investment – depreciation

Q.14 What is the correct full form of LIFO?
Ans. Last In First Out

Q.15 “Tamil New Year” is celebrated every year on which day?
Ans 14 April

Q.16 Historical building “Fort William” is located in India at –
Ans. Hastings, Calcutta (Kolkata)

Q.17 What is the Source of milk of magnesia?
Ans. Magnesium hydroxide

Q.18 Which is the smallest muscle of the human body?
Ans. The stapedius Muscle

Q.19 Who attended the 2nd round table conference held in England in 1931?
Ans. Mahatam Gandhi ( from 7 September 1931 to 1 December 1931)

Q.20 Which is the strongest muscle of human body?
Ans. the masseter or jaw musclethe

Q.21 Which state was organised First on Linguistic Bases in India?
Ans. Andhra Pradesh

Q.22 The 8th Secretory General of UNO is –
Ans. Ban Ki-moon

Q.23 Who has written the “Shades of Saffron” book ?
Ans. Saba Naqvi

Q.24 in 2019-20, which of the following team won the LaLiga championship ?
Ans. Real Madrid

Q.25 The ” Blood Donor day “is observed every year on –
Ans. 14 June

Q.26 Famous ” Brihadeshwara Temple” was Built by ?
Ans. king Rajaraja I (Chola dynasty)

Q.27 CAA, recently seen in news Full Form is –
Ans. Citizenship Amendment Act

Q.28 When was a proverb ” Aaya Ram Gaya Ram ” given in politics?
Ans. 1967, ( when an MLA in Haryana left his party)

Q.29 One question related to input devices asked.

Q.30 In an Economy, Balance of export and import of goods called –
Ans. Balance of trade

Q.31 In an Economy, Total cost per unit of output is called?
Ans. Average cost

Q.32 Which one of the following institutions of UNO was suspended in 1994?
Ans. Trusteeship Council

Q.33 When was Rourkela steel plant inaugurated?
Ans. 03 feb. 1959

Q.34 Where did colonial rule established in India first?
Ans. Bengal

Q.35 Recently Dena & Vijaya Bank are merged into which bank ?Ans. Bank of Baroda

RRB NTPC 05 January 2021 Evening Shift Asked Questions

Q.1 ” International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on which date?
Ans. June 21

Q.2 Which one of the following persaonality given a slogan ” Garibi Hatao”?
Ans. Indira Gandhi

Q.3 Recently, World comptitive Index has been released, India ranked in this index –
Ans. 43rd

Q.4 Who is the current chairman of Railway board?
Ans. Vinod Kumar Yadav

Q.5 In which state the “Shanghai Festival” celebrated?
Ans. Manipur

Q.6 Famous “Elephant Caves” are located in which part of India ?
Ans. Maharashtra

Q.7 Where is Majuli Island located ?
Ans. Assam, in Brahmaputra river

Q.8 Which is the Coldest Desert In World?
Ans. Antarctic Ice Sheet

Q.9 Question related to 1935 Act?

Q.10 “Saliva” helps in –
Ans. Digestion

Q.11 one question related to BRICS summit 2019?

Q.12 Which is the largest Public sector Bank in India?
Ans. State Bank of India

Q.13 Which of the following leader lead Indian railway protest in 1974?
Ans. George Fernandes

Q.14 Who did not attended the first Round table conferece?
Ans. Congress

Q.15 Where is cold desert is located?
Ans. Ladakh

Q.16 When was first train in India started ?
Ans. 16th April 1853

Q.17 When was “Goods and Services Tax” launched?
Ans 29th March 2017 and came into effect on 1st July 2017

Q.18 Where was 11th BRICS conference held?
Ans. Brazil

Q.19 Asian Development Bank Headquartered in ?
Ans. Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Q.20 Which part of plants transport water to all parts?
Ans. xylem

Q.21 Which place was renamed by governor Lord Dalhousie?
Ans. Awadha, Gwalior, Jhanshi

Q.22 one question related to chemical reaction

Q.23 Coromandel coast is located between which states?
Ans Tamilnadu and Andhra pradesh

Q.24 Desert in India found to the west of which hill?
Ans. Arawali

Q.25 One question related to full form

Q.26 One question related to Internet technology

Q.27 Mission “Chandrayaan -2” was launched by which vehicle?

Q.28 Which satellite has been launched by ISRO to infrom about Ocean waves?
Ans. Oceansat-2

04 January 2021 RRB NTPC Exam Asked Questions Download-1st Shift

Q. 1 Which one of the following gas called ” Laughing Gas”?
Ans. – N2O

Q. 2 The famous river “Godavari” originates from –
Ans. Nasik (Maharashtra)

Q. 3 When did ” Indian hockey team ” last time won the Gold Medal ?
Ans. 1980

Q. 4 On which of the following river “Sardar Sarovar Dam” is constructed?
Ans. Narmada river, Gujarat

Q. 5 Who was the president of INC in 1924 session at Belgaum ?
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

Q. 6 What is the Capital of Indonesia ?
Ans. Jakarta

Q. 7 When was ” All India Muslim League” formed ?
Ans. 1906

Q. 8 UNESCO headquarters is located at-
Ans. Paris (France)

Q. 9 Rural employment related act “MNREGA” established on which date?
Ans. Notification – 2005, came into force on – 02 February 2006

Q. 10 ” Gandhi Sagar Dam” is situtaed in which of the following states?
Ans. Madhya Pradesh, on ” Chambal river “

Q. 11 The pH scale of “Human Blood” measures at –
Ans. 7.4

Q. 12 The “revolution of 1857” start from-
Ans. Meerut (UP)

Q. 13. “National Technology Day” is observed every year on

Ans. 11 May

Q. 14 The correct full form of URL is –
Ans. Uniform Resource Locator

Q. 15 One question asked from Sukanya Samridhi Yojna

Q. 16 Which of the following is known as the India’s longest tunnel road?
Ans Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Tunnel also known as Syama Tunnel, and formerly as Chenani-Nashri Tunnel, in Jammu and Kashmir.

Q. 17 When did “Simon Commission” reached India?
Ans. 1927

Q. 18 “Operation Shakti” is related to –
Ans. 1998 Pokhran Test

Q. 19 The “Reserve Bank of India Act” was passed in –
Ans. 1934

Q. 20 “Sanchi Stupa” is related to which one of the following ruler ?
Ans. Ashok

Q. 21 Who has been selected as the ICC Cricketer of the year 2020?
Ans Virat Kohli

Q. 22 The total length of ” Atal tunnel” is
Ans. 9.02 km

Q. 23 The institution ” LADB” headquartered in –
Ans. Manila

Q. 24 When did “RTI ACT” passed?
Ans. 2005 ( RTI – Right to Information )

Q. 25 The central Govt. launched “Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana” on –
Ans. 2015

Q. 26 Total UNESCO world heritage sites are at present ?
Ans. 1121

Q. 27 Where is the headquarter of DRDO located?
Ans. New delhi

Q. 28 one question on “Varunastra” was asked

Q. 29 One question from International Organisation.

Q. 30 ” Bile Juice” is secreted by which organ of human body ?
Ans. Liver

RRB NTPC 04-01-2021 Asked Questions Evening Shift

Q.1 Which of the following Acid found in Ant’s Sting?
Ans. Formic Acid

Q.2 What is the correct full form of I.S.P. ?
Ans Internet Service Provider

Q.3 In which state, the new Highcourt has been established?
Ans. Andhra Pradesh

Q.4 Which Ruler built the “Jama Masjid” in New Delhi?
Ans. Shahjahan

Q. 5 How many Anglo Indians are nominated by president of India in Loksabha?
Ans 02

Q.6 When was Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Smriti formed?
Ans. 1984

Q.7 Total length of “Inland Water Way” is –
Ans. 14500 km

Q.8 How many languages are there in the “Eighth schedule” of Indian Constitution?
Ans. 22

Q.9 Who is the writer of ” India After Gandhi” book?
Ans. Ramchandra Guha

Q.10 What is called Newton’s first law of motion?
Ans. law of inertia

Q.11 An “Excel”, in a computer system contains worksheets –
Ans. 3

Q.12 Who invented ” Bluetooth”?
Ans Jaap Haartsen, a Dutch Engineer

Q.13 One question related to Tiger Project.

Q.14 White revolution is related to which produce?
Ans. Milk

Q.15 Where is the Headquarter of UNICEF located?
Ans. Newyork

Q.16 According to census 2011, what was the sex ratio of India?
Ans 1943

Q. 17. Who was the governor in India when first Train was started between Mumbai and Thane ?
Ans. Lord Dalhousie (1848-1954)

Q.18 When was RBI established?
Ans. 1935

Q.19 How many Nuclear reacters are there in India till Nov. 2020?
Ans. 22

Q.20 The ” Buland Darwaza” was built in the memory of –
Ans. Gujarat victory

Q. 21 Where is “Sambhar lake” located in India?
Ans. Rajasthan

Q.22 Which one of the following Indians is related to wrestling?
Ans. Shushil Kumar , ( according to options )

Q.23 What is the total length of Indian coastline?
Ans 6100+1417 = 7517 km

Q. 24 One question related to currency was asked?

Q.25 Who was awarded with ” Nine Dots Award 2019 “
Ans. Annie Zaidi

Q.26 one question related to Hindu widow reform.

Q.27 When was Aligarh Muslim University established?
Ans. 1875

Q.28 Where the “first British Presidency” was in India?
Ans. Surat

Q.29 Which city of India received first rank in Swakshata Sarvekhsan survey 2020?
Ans. Indore (MP)

Q. 30 Pandit Rama Bai, the scholar is related to which language?
Ans. Sanskrit

Q.31 Who received the Nobel Prize in physics recently?
Ans John Bardeen

Q. 32 One question related to satellite ” GSAT 31 ” asked.

Q.33 PSU ( Public Sector Undertakings) were mentioned in which article of the Indian constitution?
Ans 12 th

31 December 2020 RRB NTPC Exam Asked Questions Download

Q.1.    India’s biggest Rail Engine factory is located in –

Ans.      Varanasi 

Q.2.     In which year “Battle of Ghagra”  was fought between Afghanistan and Babar?

Ans.        1529

Q.3.      When was first ” World Environment Day” celebrated?

Ans.     1972. By UNO, On 05. June,      And two years later WED was held with theme. (1974)

Q.4.       Who is current National Security Advisor of India ?

Ans.        Ajit Doval

Q.5.     Who is the writer of “Revolution Book 2020”?

Ans.      Chetan Bhagat

Q.6.     Which site in India has not been included in UNESCO World Heritage site yet ?

         Total sites -38 (included)

Q.7.     “Light of Asia”  is based on –

Ans.        Gautam Buddha

Q.8.       Washingmachine works on which theory ?

Ans.      Centrifugation 

Q.9.      Which country  completed first human trial of COVID -19 vaccine recently ?

Ans.        Russia

Q.10.     Recently launched “Arrow missile”  belongs to which country ?

Ans.       Israel

Q.11.   Which film received ‘best film’ award under Oscar Award 2020?

Ans.         Parasite 

Q.12.   Which one of the following states will organize the fourth edition of Khelo India  Games ?

Ans.     Haryana

Q.13.    Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) started on –

Ans.       28th august 2014

Q.14.   Recently  central govt has  launched a healthcare supply chain portal, called ?

Ans.     Aarogypath

Q.15.   One question related to M.S Office 2000 was asked.

Q.16.     Recently , Taranjeet Singh Sandhu has been appointed ambassador of which country?

Ans.   America

Q.17.      Who was the  first Woman Chief Justice of India?

Ans.        Fatima Beevi. (1989)

Q.18.   Where is research center ‘ Dakshin Gangotri’ located?

Ans.     Antarctica 

RRB NTPC 30 December 2020 Morning Shift GK Asked Questions

Q.1.    What is the  “Economic Capital” of South Africa?

Ans.    Johannesburg

Q.2.    Who is the author of the book ” The Republic?”

Ans.    Plato 

Q.3.   ” Kamayani” book is written by?

Ans.      Jaishankar Prasad

Q.4.     Where is Berring strait located ?

Ans.      Between Alaska and Russia

Q.5.    Henley passport index is released by which institution ?

Ans.     Henley and Partnership firm  , data collect from — International Air Transport Association ( IATA)

Q.6.     The “Big Bang Theory” was discovered by –

Ans.      Georges Lemaitre (1894-1966)

Q.7.      HTTP stands for ? (The question repeated today)

Ans.     Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Q.8.      Union Territory “Daman & Diu and Dadar and Nagar Haveli “.  were merged in which year?

Ans.      26 january 2020. Bill came into parliament on 26 November 2019

Q.9.     Who is current  CM of goa?

Ans.     Pramod Pandurang Sawant 

Q.10.   Which is known as Black Day in Indian History ?

Ans.   27 oct. 1947

Q.11.     The abbreviation OECD satands for –

Ans.     The Organization for Economic Co operation and Development

Q.12.     FIFA 2022 will be organized at ?

Ans.     Qatar

Q.13.        Srinagar and Leh are connected with which of the following pass ?

Ans.   Zozila pass 

Q.14.    Lower Jaw bone is known as –

Ans.     The mandible 

Q.15.    Who has recently received the Nobel prize in medicine in 2020 ?

Ans.     Michael Houghton

Q.16.     Kalbelia dance form is performed in which state?

Ans.      Rajasthan

Q.17.    Name of the chairman of 15th Finance Commission is ?

Ans.      NK Singh

Q.18.   One question from demonetisation asked

Q.19.   Who was the   founder of Das dynasty or Mamluk dynasty ?

Ans.    Qutub- Ud-Din  Aibak  

Q.20.   “Dachigam National Park”  is located in which state ?

Ans.       Jammu and Kashmir

Q.21.    Which one of the following bridge connects  Assam and Arunachal Pradesh ?

Ans.     Dhola – Sadiya  Bridge

Q.22.    Correct full form of CPU is —

Ans.   Central Processing Unit

Q.23.      Who is the current C.E.O of IBM?   (IBM– International Business Machine)

Ans.       Arvind Krishna

Q.24.    Common wealth games 2022 will be hosted by which country ?

Ans.        Birmingham , UK

Q. 25.    One question from metals asked

Q.26.     Numbers of bytes in a Kb are –

Ans.      1024

Q.27.    One question about. Light  was asked.

Q.28.    The Trackball is a type of device –

Ans.       Input device

Q.29.    One question from Bengal State asked (geographical).

Q.30.     Who is current  CEO of Dream 11?

Ans.       Harsh Jain

Q.31.    Who is the New Elected President US?

Ans.      Joe Biden

Q.32. One question from festivals in india.

Q. 33.    Who was the   24th Tirthankara in jain religion ?

Ans.     Vardhaman Mahavir

30 December 2020 Evening Shift Questions PDF Download-RRB NTPC Exam

Q.1.     Who is the  founder of ” Facebook”?

Ans.    Mark Zuckerberg

Q.2.     Who was the founder of “Gadar Party” ?

Ans.      Lala Har Dayal and Sohan singh Bhakhna

Q.3.       How many seats are there in the upper house of parliament ,(Rajya Sabha) ?

Ans.     Total 250,  at present -245

Q.4.       Who was the  president ofthe first  session of INC?

Ans.      Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee

Q.5         The SI unit of “Force” is –

Ans.      Newton

Q.6.     Question related to SAARC members asked again.

Ans.       Memebers of SAARC –   Afghanistan, Bengladesh, Bhutan, India , Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and  Srilanka

Q.7.      When was NASA was formed?

ANS.     1958 , 01 October

Q.8.     When was “Aryabhata Satellite”  launched ?

Ans.      1975

Q.9.    In which state of India , “Kuchipudi Dance” is preformed?

Ans.     Andhra Pradesh

Q.10.  How many countries have  VETO power at present in UNO?

Ans.      05 ( America, China, Briten, Russia, France)

Q.11.   Fundamental Rights  are associated with which part of the indian  constitution?

Ans.       Part – 3 

Q.12.    One Question related to Swach Bharat Abhiyan was asked .  like its launching date.      

Ans.   02 oct,  2014

Q.13.     In how many years the ” Taj Mahal construction”  was completed?

Ans.      Twenty years (1632-1653)

Q.14.     What is the chemical formula of “Methane”?

Ans.     CH4

Q.15.   One question related to ” Olympics 2021.”

Ans.    Games will be started from 23 july 2021  08 august 2021

Q.16.    The percentage of  Forest cover in India at present is –

Ans.      21.67%

Q. 17.    Which state in India  has the highest literacy rate?

Ans.          Kerala

Q.18.     According to swacchta sarvekshan 2019,  the cleanest in India is –

Ans.     Indore. (MP)

Q.19.     Which one of the following personality received first Bharat Ratna in India?

Ans.      C. Rajagopalachari , Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ,  CV Raman. (1954)

Q.20.   When was  the first session of Indian National Congress conducted ?

Ans.      1885

Q.21.   When was “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” andolan was started ?

Ans.      2015

Q.22.     One question related to Coastal States was asked?

Ans. Coastal states are –  Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh , Odisha, West Bengal

Q.23.     In how many areas ,the Nobel prizes are given?

Ans.    6, physics , chemistry ,   medicine, Literature, Peace ,  Economic Science

29 December Morning Shift RRB NTPC Questions & PDF

  • Q.1.   What is the chemical formula of  Lime Water?
  • Ans.    Ca(OH)2
  • Q.2.   Which team is the IPL 2020 winner?
  • Ans.   Mumbai Indians
  • Q.3.    Where is Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel located?
  • Ans.     Banihal, Jammu Kashmir,    also known as  Baniahal tunnel
  • Q. 4.    Proton was discovered by –
  • Ans.    Ernest Rutherford
  • Q.5.   Who is the present   Governor of Telangana?
  • Ans.    Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan
  • Q.6.    Where is the Headquarters of International Cricket Council (ICC)?
  • Ans.    Dubai,   United Arab Emirates
  • Q.7.    Where was Gandhi Ji born?
  • Ans.    Porbandar, Gujarat
  • Q.8.      The largest fresh water lake in the world is-
  • Ans.    Lake Baikal, in terms of volume
  • Q.9.     Who is the chairman of SAIL at present?
  • Ans.     Shri Anil Kumar Chaudhary.
  • Q.10.    Where is Sukreswar temple situated?
  • Ans.     Guwahati, Assam
  • Q.11.     Indian National Congress was  founded by –
  • Ans.     A.O. Hume,  in  1885
  • Q.12.    Abbreviation word  HTTP stands for –
  • Ans.     Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
  • Q13.      Which organ secretes Bile Juice in human body – 
  • Ans.      Liver
  • Q.14.     Famous personality  Sean Connery is –
  • Ans.      An actor
  • Q.15.    Who is the Prime minister of Japan?
  • Ans.   Yoshihide Suga
  • Q.16.    Constitution of India Day is observed on which date?
  • Ans.  26 November
  • Q.17.   When did Sanchi Stupa was observed as UNESCO World Heritage Site?
  • Ans.      1989
  • Q.18.    Who discovered cell  ?
  • Ans.       Robert Hook
  • Q.19.    Goods and Service Tax  is a type of which tax ?
  • Ans.       Indirect tax
  • Q.20.     One question related to Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
  • Q.21.    Who is the current  Secretary-general of United Nations Organisations?
  • Ans.      António Guterres
  • Q.22.   Who is the current CM of Kerala?
  • Ans.      Pinarayi Vijayan Vijaya
  • Q.23. One question from  Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana.
  • Q.24.  One question about “Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna”
  • Q.25.   What is the capital of Bhutan?
  • Ans.    Thimphu
  • Q.26.     Which one of the following Launch Vehicle was used in Chandrayan-II?
  • Ans.   GSLV MK III M I
  • Q.27.    Who is called the father of Local Self Government in India?
  • Ans.   Lord Ripon
  • Q.28     The first Super Computer of India called –
  • Ans.   Param Shivay
  • Q.29     Which type of blood group called the “Universal recipient”? 
  •  Ans.    AB – positive
  • Q. 30      Who is the current Governor of the Reserve Bank Of India?
  • Ans.   Shaktikanta Das

29 December 2020 RRB NTPC Evening Shift Questions

  • Q.1.    Which Congress session was headed by Mahatma Gandhi?
  • Ans.     Belgaum, in 1924
  • Q.2.      Beri-Beri disease causes the deficiency of which vitamin?
  •  Ans.     Vitamin B
  • Q.3.     Who was the 1st President of freedom India?
  • Ans.     Dr. Rajendra prasad.  ,in 1950
  • Q.4.    Who is called the Father of the Indian Constitution?
  • Ans.      Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
  • Q.5.      UNESCO is headquartered in –
  • Ans.     Paris,  France
  • Q.6.      Who was the writer of the famous book Govind Gita?
  • Ans.      Poet.   Jayadeva
  • Q.7.    ISRO was established in which year?
  • Ans.    15  August 1969
  • Q.8.    Who was the  RBI governor at the time of Demonetisation?
  • Ans.     Urjit Patel
  • Q.9.    The biography of Humayun, known as Humayun Nama was written by-
  •  Ans.     Gulbadan Begum
  • Q.10.     Does Kaveri River flow in which states?
  • Ans.      Karnataka, Kerala,  Tamilnadu
  • Q.11.      Which country is not a member of SAARC?
  • Ans.     SAARC members —    India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan,  Maldives, Nepal,  Pakistan. And Sri Lanka
  • Q.12.      Foreign traveler, Ibn Battuta came to India from which country?
  • Ans.        Morocco
  • Q.13.      Where is CDSCO headquartered in?
  • Ans.        New Delhi
  • Q.14.      Which was the first National Park of India?
  • Ans.       Jim Corbett National Park
  • Q.15.    Where is the Shershah Suri tomb located?
  • Ans.    Sasaram
  • Q.16.   The largest uranium deposit is found in which of the following countries?
  • Ans.      Kazakhstan,  Nearly 50% of the world’s uranium deposit
  • Q.17.     One question on python was asked.
  • Q.18.     Correct full form of G.S.T. is –
  • Ans.       Goods and service tax
  • Q.19.     The word ASCII  stands for?
  • Ans.       American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • Q.20.       One question from “Intel 19” was asked.
  • Q.21.       Famous “Jataka Tales” are associated with –
  • Ans.         Buddhism
  • Q.22.    One question from  bacterial disease was asked ,like.  Which of the following is a bacterial disease?
  • Q.23.      Vande Matram slogan was introduced in –
  • Ans.       1882 ,   adopted in. 1950
  • Q.24.      “Palghat  pass”  is located in which region ?
  • Ans.   Western Ghats.  ,  Kerala 
  • Q.25.    Lemon Juice contains hydrogen ion –
  • Ans.    2.27 or 2.3
  • Q.26.     Total numbers of high court in India at present  is-
  • Ans.       25
  • Q.27.      World Environment Day 2020 theme –
  • Ans.        “Time for Nature”
  • Q.28.     Who was the cheif guest of Republic Day in 2020?
  • Ans.        Jair Bolsonaro
  • Q.29.    Jaduguda  mine is located in which state?
  • Ans.     Jharkhand 
  • Q.30.   One question on capital of China
  • Ans.     Beijing   

RRB  NTPC Questions 28 December Morning Shift

Q.1      Who is the present CM of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans. Jai Ram Thakur

Q.2.    Famous temple “Sabrimala”  is situated in which of the following states ?

Ans.  Kerala

Q.3.   Recently IPL cricket matches were held in which of the following country ?

Ans.  UAE

Q.4.   Which of the following gases also known as “tear gas” ?

Ans. Chlorobenzalmalononitrile

Q.5.   Who was the first thirthakar in jain religion ?

Ans.  Rishabhdev

Q.6.   In Loksabha, the lower house of the Indian Parliament has maximum number of its members ?

Ans.  552

Q.7.  Chicken Kari Embroidery is associated with ?

Ans.  Lucknow

Q.8.  When was the Bengal division took place ?

Ans. 1905

Q.9.  When “Earth Day”  is observed every year ?

Ans.   22nd April

Q.10.   Which of the following states has longest coastline ?

Ans.    Gujarat

Q.11.  Who is the current Chairman of DRDO ?

Ans.   Dr. G.Sateesh Reddy

Q.12.  Banihal Pass is located between ?

 Ans. Jammu and Kashmir

Q.13.  When was the second battle of Panipat fought ?

Ans.   November 05, 1556

Q.14.  Who is the present Governor of Bihar ?

Ans.   Phagu Chauhan

Q. 15.  With reference to Indian Polity, who had been the youngest president of India ?

Ans. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy

Q. 16.  Which of the following gases occurred in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy ?

Ans. Methyl Isocyanate (MIC)

Q.17.  In Computers technology, which part is called the brain of Computer ?

Ans.  Central Processing Unit ( CPU )

Q. 18.  Who is the present CEO of Microsoft company ?

Ans.   Satya Nadella

Q. 19.  The third Khelo India Youth Games was held from 10 January 2020 and 22 January in ?

Ans.   Guwahati (Assam)

Q.20.   “International Women Day” celebrated every year on?

Ans.   March 08

Q. 21    The highest Mountain peak in Andaman & Nicobar is known as –

 Ans.    Saddle Peak

Q.22.  Who was the writer of the famous historical book ” Rajtarangni” ?

Ans. Kalhan

Q.23.  In which of the following continents, Gobi Desert located ?

Ans.   Asia

Q.24.  In Indian Constitution, which article contains the provision of the Election Commission Of India?

Ans.  Article 324

Q.25. Recently , Russia prepared the first COVID -19  Vaccine known as –

 Ans.   Sputnik

Q. 26.  The SI unit of electric current is –

Ans.  Ampere

Q.27.  Commonwealth Youth Games ,recently postponed due to corona pandemic will be held in 2021 in –

Ans.  U.K.

Q. 28.  Kudankulam Nuclear power plant is situated in which state ?

Ans.   Tamil Nadu

Q.29.   With reference to transport in India, which of the following highways is longest ?

Ans. N.H. 44

Q. 30.  Prarthana Samaj was  founded  in which year?

Ans. 1867

Q.31. The abbreviation URL stands for –

Ans. Uniform Resource Locator

Q.32.  In India, the number of total Ramsar sites at  present are –

Ans.  42

Q.33.  One question related to northeast states or seven sisters

Q.34. One question related to  Govt. Scheme, Sukanya Samridhi Yojana

Q. 35.   One question related to DNA technology

Q.36.  The PH scale of lemon is – 

Ans.   2.5

NTPC 28 December 2020 Evening Shift Asked GK Questions

Q.1.     M.P governor who died in the office recently?

Ans.   Lalji Tondon

Q.2.      Mopala Revolt, also called Malabar rebellion broke out in which state ?

Ans.    Kerala

Q.3.     When was Swaraj Party formed ?

Ans.     1 Jan 1923

Q.4.    When was the “Battle of Plassey”  fought?

Ans.  23 june 1757

Q.5.   Which one of the following konwn as Vitamin-D Deficiency Disease?

Ans.    Rickets

Q.6.    D2O(Heavy Water)  is used as a ……. to slow down the neutrons. 

Ans.   moderator in nuclear reactor  

Q.7.    National Income in India was first calculated by?

Ans.   Dada Bhai Naroji , Grand old man of India

Q.8.    The Study of outer space is called –

Ans.    Cosmology

Q.9.    Who is the present C.M of Gujarat?

Ans.    Vijay R Rupani

Q.10.    When did Jallinwala Bagh massacre took place ?

Ans.     19th April 1919

Q.11.    The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in  Rajasthan also known as –

Ans.Keoladeo National Park or Keoladeo Ghana National Park

Q. 12.   The visible layer of the  Sun is called?

Ans.      Photosphere

Q.13.   Who is the present CEO of  Paytm, an online pay system?

Ans.     Vijay Shekar Sharma

Q. 14.    Who discovered “Nucleus” in a cell?

Ans.      Robert Brown, scottish botanist in 1804

Q.15.    Recently  G20 Summit 2020was headed by which country?

Ans.    Saudi Arabia

Q.16.  ” Nathpa Jakri Project” , in Himachal Pradesh is located   on which river 

Ans.    Satluj River

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