RRB NTPC 29th December 2020 Asked GK Questions

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RRB NTPC 29 December 2020 Asked Questions PDF– Check out 29/12/2020 Morning & Evening Shifts RRB NTPC Stage 1 CBT Exam GK, Science, Current Affairs Questions

इस पेज पर 29 दिसंबर 2020 को आयोजित हुई RRB NTPC परीक्षा की Morning और Evening Shift में Asked GK Questions को बताया गया है |

29 December Morning Shift RRB NTPC Questions & PDF

  • Q.1.   What is the chemical formula of  Lime Water?
  • Ans.    Ca(OH)2
  • Q.2.   Which team is the IPL 2020 winner?
  • Ans.   Mumbai Indians
  • Q.3.    Where is Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel located?
  • Ans.     Banihal, Jammu Kashmir,    also known as  Baniahal tunnel
  • Q. 4.    Proton was discovered by –
  • Ans.    Ernest Rutherford
  • Q.5.   Who is the present   Governor of Telangana?
  • Ans.    Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan
  • Q.6.    Where is the Headquarters of International Cricket Council (ICC)?
  • Ans.    Dubai,   United Arab Emirates
  • Q.7.    Where was Gandhi Ji born?
  • Ans.    Porbandar, Gujarat
  • Q.8.      The largest fresh water lake in the world is-
  • Ans.    Lake Baikal, in terms of volume
  • Q.9.     Who is the chairman of SAIL at present?
  • Ans.     Shri Anil Kumar Chaudhary.
  • Q.10.    Where is Sukreswar temple situated?
  • Ans.     Guwahati, Assam
  • Q.11.     Indian National Congress was  founded by –
  • Ans.     A.O. Hume,  in  1885
  • Q.12.    Abbreviation word  HTTP stands for –
  • Ans.     Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
  • Q13.      Which organ secretes Bile Juice in human body – 
  • Ans.      Liver
  • Q.14.     Famous personality  Sean Connery is –
  • Ans.      An actor
  • Q.15.    Who is the Prime minister of Japan?
  • Ans.   Yoshihide Suga
  • Q.16.    Constitution of India Day is observed on which date?
  • Ans.  26 November
  • Q.17.   When did Sanchi Stupa was observed as UNESCO World Heritage Site?
  • Ans.      1989
  • Q.18.    Who discovered cell  ?
  • Ans.       Robert Hook
  • Q.19.    Goods and Service Tax  is a type of which tax ?
  • Ans.       Indirect tax
  • Q.20.     One question related to Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
  • Q.21.    Who is the current  Secretary-general of United Nations Organisations?
  • Ans.      António Guterres
  • Q.22.   Who is the current CM of Kerala?
  • Ans.      Pinarayi Vijayan Vijaya
  • Q.23. One question from  Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana.
  • Q.24.  One question about “Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna”
  • Q.25.   What is the capital of Bhutan?
  • Ans.    Thimphu
  • Q.26.     Which one of the following Launch Vehicle was used in Chandrayan-II?
  • Ans.   GSLV MK III M I
  • Q.27.    Who is called the father of Local Self Government in India?
  • Ans.   Lord Ripon
  • Q.28     The first Super Computer of India called –
  • Ans.   Param Shivay
  • Q.29     Which type of blood group called the “Universal recipient”? 
  •  Ans.    AB – positive
  • Q. 30      Who is the current Governor of the Reserve Bank Of India?
  • Ans.   Shaktikanta Das

29 December 2020 RRB NTPC Evening Shift Questions

  • Q.1.    Which Congress session was headed by Mahatma Gandhi?
  • Ans.     Belgaum, in 1924
  • Q.2.      Beri-Beri disease causes the deficiency of which vitamin?
  •  Ans.     Vitamin B
  • Q.3.     Who was the 1st President of freedom India?
  • Ans.     Dr. Rajendra prasad.  ,in 1950
  • Q.4.    Who is called the Father of the Indian Constitution?
  • Ans.      Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
  • Q.5.      UNESCO is headquartered in –
  • Ans.     Paris,  France
  • Q.6.      Who was the writer of the famous book Govind Gita?
  • Ans.      Poet.   Jayadeva
  • Q.7.    ISRO was established in which year?
  • Ans.    15  August 1969
  • Q.8.    Who was the  RBI governor at the time of Demonetisation?
  • Ans.     Urjit Patel
  • Q.9.    The biography of Humayun, known as Humayun Nama was written by-
  •  Ans.     Gulbadan Begum
  • Q.10.     Does Kaveri River flow in which states?
  • Ans.      Karnataka, Kerala,  Tamilnadu
  • Q.11.      Which country is not a member of SAARC?
  • Ans.     SAARC members —    India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan,  Maldives, Nepal,  Pakistan. And Sri Lanka
  • Q.12.      Foreign traveler, Ibn Battuta came to India from which country?
  • Ans.        Morocco
  • Q.13.      Where is CDSCO headquartered in?
  • Ans.        New Delhi
  • Q.14.      Which was the first National Park of India?
  • Ans.       Jim Corbett National Park
  • Q.15.    Where is the Shershah Suri tomb located?
  • Ans.    Sasaram
  • Q.16.   The largest uranium deposit is found in which of the following countries?
  • Ans.      Kazakhstan,  Nearly 50% of the world’s uranium deposit
  • Q.17.     One question on python was asked.
  • Q.18.     Correct full form of G.S.T. is –
  • Ans.       Goods and service tax
  • Q.19.     The word ASCII  stands for?
  • Ans.       American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • Q.20.       One question from “Intel 19” was asked.
  • Q.21.       Famous “Jataka Tales” are associated with –
  • Ans.         Buddhism
  • Q.22.    One question from  bacterial disease was asked ,like.  Which of the following is a bacterial disease?
  • Q.23.      Vande Matram slogan was introduced in –
  • Ans.       1882 ,   adopted in. 1950
  • Q.24.      “Palghat  pass”  is located in which region ?
  • Ans.   Western Ghats.  ,  Kerala 
  • Q.25.    Lemon Juice contains hydrogen ion –
  • Ans.    2.27 or 2.3
  • Q.26.     Total numbers of high court in India at present  is-
  • Ans.       25
  • Q.27.      World Environment Day 2020 theme –
  • Ans.        “Time for Nature”
  • Q.28.     Who was the cheif guest of Republic Day in 2020?
  • Ans.        Jair Bolsonaro
  • Q.29.    Jaduguda  mine is located in which state?
  • Ans.     Jharkhand 
  • Q.30.   One question on capital of China
  • Ans.     Beijing   
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