Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Plan, Online Registration & Launch Date

By | September 6, 2019

Check out Latest Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Plan. You can make Online Registration for Jio Fiber Broadband after Launch Date at

Reliance Jio has announced the launch of its new product. It is one of the most awaited in today’s time. It is Reliance JIO’s very own high-speed broadband service. Jio Fiber BroadBand is based on the optical Fiber Technology, preparations of which have been going on for a longer period. Reliance Jio is currently in the setting up and testing phase of its broadband service.

This broadband service is known as Reliance Jio Giga Fiber broadband service. It will offer a speed of around 1Gbps. Currently, Reliance JIO is testing its quality and utilization value. It has already been launched in Mumit’s. And its testing has also begun in the locations of Pune, Ahmedabad, and Delhi. Once the testing yields positive results, it will be taken forward to Countrywide integrated channelization.

Latest Broadband Plans of JIO Fiber

JIO Fiber New Plans are has been launched by the company in the beginning of September month. The plans are Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, Diamond, Platinum, Titanium. The plans started with the amount of Rs. 699 only. Here on this page we have provided the detailed information of all Jio Fiber Broadband Plans on this page-

Jio Fiber Month PlansBronzeSilverGoldDiamondPlatinumTitanium
PriceRs. 699Rs. 849Rs. 1,299Rs. 2,499Rs. 3,999Rs. 8,499
FUP100GB + 50GB200GB + 200GB500GB + 250GB1250GB + 250GB2500GB5000GB

Latest Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Plan & Online Registration at

Since the news broke about the Reliance Jio Giga Fiber broadband, a lot of excitement has been seen amongst people. People want to avail the services as soon as possible. Mumbai is the first city where it has been launched, and soon other cities are to follow. Mumbai has been the testing ground for the Reliance JIO Broadband service and based on its quality and results the other cities will follow suit. Once the testing is positively completed for other cities and areas than the nationwide launch of the broadband can go about.

Jio Fiber Broadband Plan & Online Registration

Jio Fiber Broadband Plan & Online Registration

Once testing is done, the online and offline booking will begin. Along with the booking, the promotional spree would begin too. All new users would be given welcome offer once they register themselves for availing the service of Reliance JIO GigaFiber Broadband. This welcome offer would give them free internet for around 90 days. So a consumer can enjoy free high-speed internet service for 90 days at 1gbps speed without paying any extra charge.

The service would soon be launched in all major cities after Mumbai including Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, etc. and then after the testing phase, it will begin its commercial service country wide. Meanwhile please go through a sneak peek of what Reliance JIO Gigafiber broadband recharge plans would look like in below table. Please note that these plans would be divided into three categories: volume based, speed based and special plans.

JIO Fiber Broadband Speed-based monthly plans

This plan will have a limited speed and data usage. Below are the various plans under this category:

Jio Fiber PlansSpeed MBPsData LimitPlan PriceValidity
Jio Fiber 50 Mbps Plan502000 GBRs. 150030 days
Jio Fiber 100 Mbps Plan1001000 GBRs. 200030 days
Jio Fiber 200 Mbps Plan200750 GBRs. 350030 days
Jio Fiber 400 Mbps Plan400500 GBRs. 400030 days
Jio Fiber 600 Mbps Plan600300 GBRs. 550030 days

JIO Fiber Broadband Volume-based monthly plans

This plan will help you enjoy broadband speed without any speed limit. This is based on daily usage which ranges between 5 GB to 60 GB daily:

Per day data usageSpeedPlan PriceValidity
5 GB daily planUnlimitedRs. 100030 days
10 GB daily planUnlimitedRs. 200030 days
20 GB daily planUnlimitedRs. 300030 days
40 GB daily planUnlimitedRs. 400030 days
60 GB daily planUnlimitedRs. 500030 days

JIO Fiber Broadband Welcome offer plans

To enjoy JIO GigaFiber broadband internet at a very low cost then you should go with these special offer plans:

Special offer planData limitSpeed limitValidity
Rs. 500600 GB15 Mbps30 days
Rs. 1000500 GB25 Mbps30 days
Rs. 5003.5 GB/dayN/A30 days
Rs. 500N/A60 Mbps30 days
Rs. 800UnlimitedN/A30 days

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Reliance JIO has successfully conducted the speed tests of its broadband service and it has yielded very satisfactory results. There are different speed ranges of different packs of Reliance JIO Fiber Broadband service and they can be switched within themselves at any time.

Plus consumers have an option of going through all the packs, browse and choose their welcome pack. During the usage of welcome pack, 90 days free browsing is given that too at a seamless high speed. So during that period of 3 months, the consumers can easily see if the internet suits their need.

Additionally, there is one more interesting perk about using Reliance JIO Fiber Broadband Service. It forms the base network of Reliance JIO DTH Service. JIO DTH will run solely on JIO Broadband service. So if you want to use JIO DTH then you need to have JIO Broadband.

Stay tuned to our page for all the updates related to Reliance JIO Fiber Broadband Service.

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