Rajasthan bypolls Results 2019, khinwsar & Mandawa by-elections Results, Rajasthan Bypolls for Two Lok Sabha Seats, लाइव बहस राजस्थान उप-चुनावों पर

By | October 24, 2019

Rajasthan Bypolls Results 2019, Check Rajasthan By-Elections Results for khinwsar & Mandawa Lok Sabha Seats, Rajasthan Lok Sabha Seat Polls Results, khinwsar & Mandawa Election Results, and Rajasthan Election Results 2019 for Lok Sabha Constituency Wise Results:

Rajasthan Election Results 2019 for Two Lok Sabha Seats- दो लोकसभा सीटों के लिए राजस्थान चुनाव परिणाम:

In Rajasthan, there are polling for two Lok Sabha seats such as khinwsar & Mandawa . The Rajasthan bypolls Results 2019 will be declared on 24th October 2019. The Voting is completed for bypolls in Ajmer, Alwar and Mandalgarh seats. There will 11 candidates in the fray in Mandawa Lok Sabha seat and candidates stand for khinwsar seat and  candidates in Mandawa Assembly constituency.

khinwsar & Mandawa Election News

The voting for Rajasthan Bypolls of two Lok Sabha seats is completed on 21 October 2019. Now peoples are waiting for khinwsar & Mandawa Election Result 2019. We provided here various news channel here like NDTV, Indian Express, Indian TV NEWs, for making the comparison of Rajasthan Bypolls Results 2019 between Congress and BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party).

लाइव बहस राजस्थान उप-चुनावों पर- राजस्थान के उपचुनाव के परिणाम विभिन्न टीवी समाचारों पर प्रत्यक्ष प्रसारण हैं

Rajasthan Bypolls has been made important for peoples. Because khinwsar & Mandawa Election came after between various controversies such Ananadpal Encounter, controversial Sanjay Leela Bhansali film Padmaavat. The Karani Sena was angry with Bhartiya Janata Party due to the controversy of Padmaavat film. In lots of population are for Yadav caste. Therefore, the prediction is that the two Lok Sabha seats will go in Congress side. Several Rajput groups had decided that they would not vote for Bhartiya Janata Party. If Rajput votes have not gone to the BJP, it may spell trouble for Chef Minister.

Alwar & Ajmer Byelection Results 2019, Rajasthan Bypolls Highlights:

In the run-up to the Rajasthan Assembly elections which will be held later this year. Bye-elections for two Lok Sabha seats and one assembly seat will test the BJP-Rajput ties, especially after members of the community held several protests over the release of Bollywood film Padmavaat.

On other hands, Sachin Pilot (Congress Leader) has campaigned aggressively for all three seats. Election observers say that it will be a huge morale booster for the Congress party if they manage to win even one out of the three seats. The Congress is hoping to mount a stiff challenge in khinwsar & Mandawa with support from Rajputs. Several Rajput Organization has spoken they would vote against the NJP in the polls this year.Rajasthan bypolls Results 2018

Some Points may win Congress Party in Rajasthan Lok Sabha Polls:

  • The BJP’s problem is that though Rajputs have traditionally supported it in elections.
  • This year two issues have forced a rethink within the community i.e. Encounter of Gangster Anand Pal Singh by Police in June 2017 but the Vasundhara Raje government failed to assuage the community.
  • The Rajput also angry with the government because of its inability to get Padmavaat banned.
  • On counting day, the Congress is likely to start with a 1-0 lead. If it turns into 2-0, credit it two events: Anand Pal’s encounter and Padmavaat film release.

Lok Sabha by-elections to khinwsar & Mandawa on 24 October 2019:

According to prediction, and support of Rajput, there are many chances to win of Congress.khinwsar & Mandawa Lok Sabha constituencies saw a voter turnout of 65.2 and 61.86 percent while the Mandalgarh Assembly seat registered 78.78% polling. All eyes are now on Rajasthan Bypolls Result 2019, Check Rajasthan By-Elections Results for Alwar, Ajmer Lok Sabha Seats, and Rajasthan Lok Sabha Seats Polls Results of three seats as they set the pace for next year’s assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

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