PUBG Ranked Season 12 Ending Soon-Check out Reward & Rank release date

By | July 21, 2021

PUBG Ranked Season 12 will soon end and after the completion of server maintenance, eligible players will get rewards on 4th August 2021 & 12th August 2021 on PC & Consoles respectively. Are you a PUBG player and interested to know about the updates? Then you are at the right place.

Honor Based PUBG Rewards:

The honor-based rewards of the PUBG Ranked Season 12 will be provided to the eligible players at Season 13’s beginning. The rewards will include emblems or nameplates available for the season. 

PUBG Season 12 Ranking mode ends soon
PUBG Season 12 Ranking mode ends soon

With the beginning of the next season, from the inventory, the honor-based rewards of the KRAFTON PUBG Ranked Season 12 will be removed.

Season 12 Nameplates, Emblem and Skin:

The Rewards which includes Nameplates, Emblem & Skin will be provided to the players according to their Rank as follows-

Gold V or HigherParachute Skin
Platinum or HigherUnique Animated Emblem
Master or HigherAnimated Nameplate
Top 500 players from various regionsUnique Top 500 Animated Emblem & Animated Nameplate 
After playing at least ten ranked matchesAn emblem & a nameplate matching the end-of-season rank
  • On the LEADERBOARD, the 500 top players will be displayed in-game.
  • Emblems earned will be shown on the player’s PUBG ID & when successfully taken out, it will be displayed to the enemies. Also, it will be visible to the spectators & in Death Cam.

The next season will commence next month, and then with a live server update, the servers will go live.

How to earn the Rewards?

The players will be granted the rewards at the new season’s beginning automatically, which can be collected after the new season’s 1st login from the pop-up screen that will appear.

Changes in the new season in comparison to the last season:

PUBG (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Ranked Season 12PUBG Ranked Season 13
Lower Limit of Demotion- 3000 RP.

Even if the player doesn’t play Ranked for 7 days or more the Diamond Rank can still be maintained by them.
Lower Limit of Demotion- Below 3000 RP.
If the player having Diamond Rank or above doesn’t play at least once a week, then per day 100 RP will be deducted.
Till the player plays Ranked again, 100 RP will keep deducting every day.
However, it will be deducted till the rank reaches Platinum I, that is, RP reaches 3000. If the player doesn’t play Ranked for 7 days or more the Diamond Rank cannot be maintained by them.
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