Procedure to Link Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate with Passport Number

If you have got the Covid-19 vaccine, then you can add the Covid-19 vaccination certificate to your passport. Anyone who is planning to go abroad either due to any important work or due to any other purpose must have a certificate of Covid-19 Vaccination.

Also, the Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate must be linked to their passport. So, it can be considered that now not only the passport but also the Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate linked with a passport is a necessity for those who are going to attend international travels. 

The linking of certificates with a passport was restricted to students travelling for a job or education and those who were travelling for some official purpose. However, now it is available for India’s every citizen.

Link Vaccination Certificate with Passport Number
Link Vaccination Certificate with Passport Number

So, if someone has not linked their vaccination certificate with their passport and are planning for an international trip, he or she must follow the below-given steps to link the certificate with a passport-

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    • They must visit the vaccine official website
    • Then, they must log in by using the required information.
    • After that, they must select the option of “Raise an Issue”.
    • Next, they should select the option of “Add Passport Details”.
    • Then, they must select from the drop-down menu, the person.
    • Next, they should enter their password number.
    • Finally, they should click on the button of “Submit”.

    Those who are following the above mentioned process must have the same name in both their certificate and their passport. If by any mistake, the name in the certificate is not matching with the name in the passport, then they need to provide the required proofs so that the mismatch can be rectified.

    But, it should be ensured that the correct details are provided for the second time as the change can be done only once and after that, no other changes in the certificate’s information will be permitted.

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