PM Narendra Modi launched the BHIM-Aadhaar app: Here’s how it works.

The BHIM-Aadhaar app, a smartphone application that enables users to easily and rapidly execute transactions using their Aadhaar number, was introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) mobile app has been rebranded as Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM), according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who also stated that the Aadhaar platform-based biometric payment system will enable digital transactions. Check all the details of the App in the blog.

I urge the general population to apply the technique. Speaking on Friday at Digi DHAN MELA. According to Modi, using the platform only requires a thumbprint and doesn’t require a smartphone or internet connection. He claimed that whereas untrained people used to be referred to as “ANGUTHA chaps,” today’s technology allows fingerprints to serve as a person’s bank, manage their identity, and even run their enterprises like a rice field. Launch of the BHIM-Aadhaar Pay app by PM Narendra Modi.

What is the BHIM Aadhar app? 

The new Aadhar payment app is called BHIM Aadhar. a new Android mobile application that the Narendra Modi administration has released to make it easier to use digital payments. The fees that private card issuers like MasterCard and Visa now levy are also eliminated by the BHIM Aadhar Pay smartphone payment software. Since the prime minister launched his BHIM app in December 2016, it has been downloaded more than 20 million times, and more than 6 million people regularly use it to do business.


Statistics provided by India’s National Payments Corporation show that Since its monetization was proved in November, governments have pushed for the use of digital payments, but their value fluctuates from month to month. However, Aadhaar Payments are an initiative by the government to connect with those at the base of the economic pyramid who do not have access to cards, smartphones, or the internet. Payments can be made with this solution by simply pressing a button. 

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Modi launches BHIM-Aadhaar App 

Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, today unveiled a brand-new method of paying for products and services called the BHIM-Aadhaar Pay app. Using their Aadhaar number, which is connected to their bank account, consumers can make payments through the app. This is a significant improvement for the Indian economy since it makes it simpler for companies to connect with clients all around the country. The app is usable anywhere debit cards are accepted and is accessible on both Android and iOS devices. Businesses will have easier access to customers and a more streamlined payment process with the help of this new payment option. This app is a significant step in the right direction in a nation where more than a billion people lack a bank account.

The inauguration of the government’s newest digital payment service, BHIM Aadhaar, was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday. To confirm a person’s identity and enable bank account-based payments to be made directly to businesses without the use of cards or wallets, BHIM Aadhaar uses a unique identification number and biometric data. 27 significant banks have already taken advantage of BHIM Aadhaar’s Rs 3 lakh trader, according to a statement on the PMO website. Launch of the BHIM-Aadhaar Pay app by PM Narendra Modi. At the introduction of his BHIM Aadhaar in Nagpur, the Prime Minister declared that the BHIM app would be the centerpiece of the Indian economy. Banknote printing, management, and transportation all cost billions of rupees.

Who should install the Aadhar Pay app?

Only the Aadhar Pay app needs to be installed by businesses. This means that anyone who wants to use Aadhar Pay only needs to link their Aadhar number to their bank account. Only the store owner or showroom needs to install her Aadhar Pay app. Shopkeepers and merchants can use biometric scans to accept payments from customers using Aadhar-linked bank accounts by downloading Aadhar Pay.

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The new BHIM-Aadhaar app from the Indian government is a significant improvement in digital ease and security. Users of this app have access to a variety of account data, such as their account balance, transactions, and more. Additionally, it’s really simple to use. To get started, simply download the app from Google Play or the app store and enter your phone number and ID card number. Anyone wishing to view their account information now has a wonderful option with the app because it is now accessible on both Android and iOS devices.

How to download the BHIM Aadhar Pay app?

Simply installing the Aadhar Pay software and linking their smartphones to biometric scanning equipment would allow merchants to take payments from customers. Additionally, retailers must download the app, register, and connect their bank accounts. By typing “Aadhar Pay” into the Google Play Store search bar and selecting the download button, this application can be obtained.

How does it work?

The BHIM Aadhar Pay payment app must be downloaded by merchants onto an Android smartphone linked to a biometric reader. Only one Biometric Reader is available right now.

Rs 2000. Customers just enter their Aadhar number into the app, choose a bank to make the payment to, and use the biometric scan as the password for the transaction when they wish to make a payment. The consumer can select which bank to make payments to after inputting their Aadhar number, and the app will immediately retrieve the bank account linked to that Aadhar number.

How will it help? 

For retailers, the Aadhar Pay app reduces the inconvenience and wait time associated with purchasing a new POS (point of sale) device. Only 15 lakh POS machines are now in use by banks across the country. Over 3 lakh terminals have been placed by SBO alone, with HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank follows. There is a BHIM Aadhaar Pay App for merchant smartphones. The customer only needs to choose the bank and enter his unique Aadhaar number on the merchant’s phone to make a payment.

The customer’s fingerprint serves as a password for transaction authentication. Customers can complete cashless transactions without ever having to carry a mobile phone, use a debit or credit card, or even download a mobile application. The inconvenience of having to remember account numbers and passwords is eliminated by this solution.

Customer benefits

Customers can make payments without using an Android phone or any other type of technology. Service tax and other surcharges are not applied to payments made using the Aadhaar payment app. No need to keep a debit or credit card with you. No need to keep track of MPINs, passwords, or PINs. Through the Aadhaar bridge system, instant payment is. The Aadhaar-enabled payment system, or “AEPS,” is comparable to this. Affordable payment options for both customers and businesses.


PM Modi launches this app for easy payment. To make the transaction easy for everyone. With the BHIM app, you can transfer money from anywhere and everywhere. So download this app and make your life easy!

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