MP SET Economics Syllabus 2020 downloads MPPSC SLET Exam Pattern

By | March 12, 2020

MP SET Economics Syllabus 2020, Candidates can download the MP SET Economics Syllabus 2020 downloads MPPSC SLET Exam Pattern & Previous Year Question Paper with a solution from here.

MP SET Economics Syllabus 2020 downloads MPPSC SLET Exam Pattern: – The candidates who enrolled the MP PSC SLET Online Application Form 2020, they can download the MP SET Economics Syllabus 2020 downloads MPPSC SLET Exam Pattern from the given below link.

The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission has released the MPPSC SLET Vacancy Notification. The Official website of the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission is

Madhya Pradesh SLET Syllabus 2020 MP State Eligibility Test Economics Syllabus pdf

Keen Applicants you may get a print out of Madhya Pradesh SLET Syllabus Pdf, Madhya Pradesh SLET Previous Years Papers by visiting on the official web portal of Madhya Pradesh PSC or from given direct links.

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Computer Topic Wise Notes in Hindi 

We also provide the latest updates related to the Madhya Pradesh SLET Syllabus, Latest Exam Pattern 2020 & Old Question Papers with solutions.

MP SET Syllabus 2017
MP SET Syllabus 2017

Download MPPSC SLET Exam Economics Syllabus 2020 pdf

There are Three Papers for each of the subjects. Paper-I on Teaching and Research aptitude, Paper-II and Paper-III based on the syllabus of concerned subjects.

PaperTotal questionsTotal marksExam duration
160 out of 50 questions are to be an attempt10075 minutes
II50 questions all are to be an attempt10075 minutes
III75 questions are to be an attempt150135 minutes

There will be 60 questions, out of which the Contenders can attempt any 50. In the event of the candidate attempting more than 50 questions, the first 50 questions attempted by the candidate will only be evaluated.

MP SET Exam Syllabus 2020 download SLET Syllabus pdf

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  1. Micro-economic Analysis
  • Demand analysis – Marshallian, Hicksian and Revealed preference approaches
  • Theory of Production and Costs
  • Pricing and output under different forms of market structure Factor Pricing analysis
  • Elements of general equilibrium and new welfare economics
  1. Macroeconomic Analysis:- Determination of output and employment–Classical approach. The Keynesian approach, Consumption hypotheses Demand for Money–Fisher and Cambridge versions. Approaches of Keynesian, Friedman, Patinkin, Baumol and Tobin Supply of Money, Determinants of the money supply, High– powered money, the Money Multiplier
  2. Phillips curve analysis Business cycles–Models of Samuelson, Hicks and Kaldor Macroeconomic Equilibrium–Relative roles of monetary and fiscal policies.
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  1. Development and Planning Economic Growth. Economic Development and Sustainable Development–Importance of institutions– Government and markets–Perpetuation of underdevelopment–Vicious circle of poverty, circular causation, structural view of underdevelopment– Measurement of development conventional, HDI and
  2. Role of the Government in Economic activity–Allocation, distribution and stabilization function; Private, Public and Merit goods. The public Budgets–Kinds of Budgets, Zero-base budgeting, different concepts of budget deficits; Budgets of the Union Government of India\
  3. International Economics:- Theories of International Trade; Empirical verification and Relevance, International Trade under Imperfect competition Terms of Trade and Economic Growth – Secular Deterioration of Terms of Trade Hypothesis – a critical review
  1.  Indian Economy: – Basic Economic indicators – national income, the performance of different sectors, Trends in prices and money supply, Agriculture – Institutional and technological aspects, new agricultural policy, Industry – New industrial policy and liberalization Money and banking – Concepts of money supply, inflation, monetary policy and financial sector reforms, Public finance – Trends in revenue and expenditures of the Central and State Governments, Public debt; analysis of the Union Budget
  2.  Statistical Method: – Measures of Central tendency, dispersion, skewness and kurtosis, Elementary theory of probability – Binomial Poisson and Normal distributions, Simple correlation and regression analysis, Statistical inferences – Applications, sampling distributions (t, y2 and F tests), a sampling of attributes, testing of Hypothesis



Unit – I:- Theory of Demand – Axiomatic approach, Demand functions, Consumer behavior under conditions of uncertainty, Theory of production, Collusive and non-collusive oligopolies, Different models of objectives of the firm – Baumol, Morris and Williamson, Factor pricing, General Equilibrium, and Welfare Economics

Unit – II:- Keynesian and post Keynesian approaches to the theory of output and employment: concept of investment multiplier; consumption hypotheses, Theories of investment and accelerator, Theories of demand for money – Keynesian and post – Keynesian, Different approaches to money supply; money supply; components and determinants; money multiplier Output – price determination (aggregate supply and aggregate demand curve analysis), Fleming – Mundell open economy model

Unit – III Development and Growth – Role of institutions Theories of growth and development – Models of growth

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