Microsoft’s Blue Screen to change into Black with Windows 11, BSOD Updates

By | July 21, 2021

In the Windows 11 OS, the blue screen of the death (BSOD) of Microsoft will be changed into Black Screen of Death by the American tech giant. The Black Screen of Death is not enabled completely till now but earlier this week the software giant has started to test in the Windows 11 Preview this new design, according to The Verge. With the shutdown screens and new black logo, Windows 11’s this new switch is in place. 

Blue Screen of Death includes a dump of data usually that helps in the analysis of the system faults by the administrators which caused the blue screen. It is Windows’ bug to check own kernel error. 

After the addition of QR codes in 2016 and sad face in 2012 in windows 8, this change can be counted as the big one after those, which come after a long time. In Windows 3.0, it was first introduced by Microsoft.
Its introduction offered support personnel and IT professionals a way for diagnosing memory and hardware faults.

The screen will be identical to Windows 10’s screen though in Windows 11 Black Screen of Death will be introduced by Microsoft, however, the stop code, the crash dump, and the sad face will still remain the same as before. Since 2016, for Windows Insider Builds a green BSOD has been used by Microsoft. Windows 11’s current preview also includes the same thing.

BSOD -Blue to Black in Microsoft Windows 11
BSOD -Blue to Black in Microsoft Windows 11

The company has not commented yet regarding the change and also the reason behind changing the Blue Screen of Death to the Black Screen of Death is not clear till now. 

There are various theories according to The Verge. Windows 11’s many parts are being overhauled by Microsoft, the reason behind which is a fresh approach to OS. A visual overhaul for modernizing key areas of the OS which includes File Explorer, Start Menu, and also BSOD now has been included in the Windows 11 which might be the reason for it.

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