Microsoft PC Health Check App:- Windows 11 Compatibility PC Test to Upgrade to New Operating System

By | July 17, 2021

Microsoft PC Health Check App will check the system of a user and can tell whether the system is ready for running Windows 11 or not. It can be downloaded by visiting Microsoft’s official website, that is,

In a recent meeting of Microsoft, on 24th June 2021 Windows 11 was released. While trying to upgrade windows, many users have faced various problems and errors. These problems and errors can be identified in detail using the Microsoft PC Health Check App.

As we know, that before solving a problem it is necessary to know about the problem nicely, hence this app is very helpful for the users who are facing problems in upgrading their Windows version (PC OS W 1, 8, or 10) to Windows 11.


Minimum System Requirements for Windows 11:

The minimum system requirements which are necessary to be in the Laptop or PC so that it can become compatible with Windows 11 are as follows-

Processor 1 GHz or faster (64-bit processor)
Firmware SystemSecure Boot capable, UEFI
TPMTPM version 2.0
Space64 GB or more

The app’s earlier version was running a test on the system and pop-ups were generated informing about the misconfiguration and errors.

However, no explanation about the misconfiguration and errors was provided earlier. Version 2.3 of the app provides a proper explanation about the misconfiguration and errors through pop-ups.

Windows 11 Compatibility Checker:

The Laptop or PC must also have a TPM 2.0 version so that Windows 11 can be downloaded and installed. If TPM 2.0 is there in the system, Windows 11 can be downloaded and installed. Further, no compatibility test is needed if the new Windows 11 is properly working in the system (Laptop or PC). 

The compatibility check should be done once even if all the system requirements are present as after all the requirements are present still some errors might be there which can stop Windows 11 from working properly or even being downloaded. 

Checking Windows 10 upgradation to Windows 11:

By the below-given steps, the setup of the Microsoft PC Health Check App can be run for checking the Windows 11 upgrade-

Microsoft PC Health Check App
Microsoft PC Health Check App to check windows 11 compatibility
  1. The app must be downloaded at first and then all the terms and conditions must be agreed on.
  2. Next, it should be installed and the opened, must-read open health check, after that “Finish” must be tapped.
  3. Then, a pop up indicating “Your PC at glance” will appear on the windows’ top, and then “Check Now” should be clicked.
  4. Several pop-ups will appear on the screen for configuring it if the system is not compatible whereas a message will be received if it is compatible.
  5. A message indicating “This PC Can’t Run Windows 11” “Error?” will be seen if the machine is not compatible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the official website of Windows 11?

The official website is for the same.

Can configuration problems be faced by the users of Windows 10 too?

Yes, configuration problems can be faced by the users of Windows 10 too.

Is for all the PCs Windows 11 compatible?

Yes, for almost all the PCs Windows 11 is compatible except the products of Apple.

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