Matt Barnes playing against transgender women in WNBA : Check Here

Former NBA player Matt Barnes will encounter a lot of criticism for his opposition to trans women playing in the WNBA. See why Matt Barnes opposes transgender women participating in the WNBA.

Matt Barnes’s opinion on transgender women playing in WNBA

One of the hotly debated subjects out there, Matt Barnes recently stated his objection to trans athletes competing in professional sports.

In a recent interview given to Vlad TV, he was directly asked what he thought of trans women playing in the WNBA.

Across the country, there is a lot of discussion about this prospect, which may or may not come to pass. The only athletes who have opted to support this proposal are Megan Rapinoe and Matt Barnes. In answer to a question about it, Matt Barnes gave the example of Lia Thomas, the NCAA swimming champion who has faced harsh criticism for her accomplishments.

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In 2019, Thomas, a male who was born, began hormone therapy. Every competition she has ever competed in has been completely won by her. Women who identify as transgender may participate in the WNBA, according to Barnes: “I believe that you need to play in that area no matter how you were born. I disagree with that. If you were born a woman, you should take part in sports for women. If you were born a man, men’s sports should be your priority. I feel that the sports issue is a little unusual.

What did Matt Barnes exactly say in an interview?

Former Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes spoke on transports in an interview with VladTV when asked about “trans people maybe playing for the WNBA.”

In general, Barnes remarked, he abides by the maxim “to each their own,” but not when talking about sports. Barnes instantly responded, “I don’t like that. You wish to become everything you desire… I favor having a choice. You engage in this activity, but sports are different, right? Sports are an unusual species.

Matt Barnes

He went on to say that it will change the game’s entire dynamic. I think it’s to each or her own. But when it comes to athletics, I think that boundary shouldn’t be crossed.

When Gilbert Arenas was interviewed previously, he stated that even though his teenage daughters have competed against trans athletes, they were simply not on the same level as his children. DJ Vlad then brought up this interview.

They were terrible… The former Grizzlies star said that none of the trans athletes were even decent. Barnes, who argued that gender identity isn’t always a sign of athletic ability, appears to comprehend Arenas’ position.

You might not be bad at sports, period, Barnes said. It is what it is. 

Megan Rapinoe expressed a different opinion on this: 

The star of the US Women’s National Team, Megan Rapinoe, offered a different opinion back in June of this year.

In a TIME interview at the time, she said the following:

“I think it’s important for people to understand that sports are not the most important component of life. Life itself is the most important component of existence.

And a big piece of this discussion of trans inclusion has been seen through the absurdly constrained lens of professional sports. Like, we shouldn’t be asking this question in that manner.

We’re talking about kids. We are talking about people’s lives. In some states, a single child or a family of three could face the full fury of the state. They are committing suicide.

Rapinoe continued, “Show me the proof that trans women are claiming all of the scholarships, dominating in every sport, and bringing home every championship,” even though she didn’t specifically mention professional sports. I’m sorry, but it simply won’t happen.

Therefore, inclusivity must always come first. And if there are issues, I’m sure we can resolve them. We cannot, however, start from the opposite. This is cruel. And, to be honest, it’s revolting.

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