Maharashtra Police e-Pass Registration Form-How to apply Lockdown E-Pass

Maharashtra State Lockdown E-Pass registration Process, How to apply for Maharashtra Police E-Pass Registration Form, COVID-19 Lockdown in Maharashtra State,

After lockdown being imposed in Maharashtra, for essential services, wedding, industry of office work, or any other movement need the Covid-19 Maharashtra Police e-Pass Registration. According to DGP Sanjay Pandey, though full lockdown has not been imposed in Maharashtra but travelling of inter district and inter-state level have some restrictions. However, the people who are in industries of essential goods and para medical will be facilitated free movement. Any person who will have a valid reason to be out of his or her house will not be in the police radar. 

There is no facility for the citizens to travel to another district during lockdown with the help of the Maharashtra Police e-Pass. The individuals will also not be permitted to move in or out to and from other states like Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala for now.

Maharashtra State Police E-Pass Registration Process

Hence, it is useless to apply for Maharashtra Police e-Pass for inter-state or inter district travelling. Maharashtra Police has already mentioned the guidelines and restrictions of the Curfew. The citizens will be able to apply for the Maharashtra Police e-Pass online and will also be able to download the Maharashtra Police e-Pass for which they have already applied earlier. 

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    Maharashtra State Police E-Pass Process

    According to DGP of the State, whole day police will patrolling so that they can keep a check that people do not go out of their homes unnecessarily. The persons with any kind of emergency will be allowed to move freely to their destination. Thus, Maharashtra Police e-Pass is not needed to be issued any more in Maharashtra. However, for any emergency inter-state or inter district movement, the citizens will be required to have Maharashtra Police e-Pass. Also, in such cases, persons must have approval by the police.

    Maharashtra Government has started this initiative for breaking the chain of Covid-19 as there is an alarming spike in covid-19 positive cases in the state as well as all over the country. There will be janta curfew in Maharashtra up to 1st May, 2021. The movement of people with essential goods is kept in the category of “essential for essential is essential”.

    The delivery of any item or food will be allowed only from 08:00 a.m. till 07:00 p.m. The official of SEBI and RBI who work in bank sectors and deal in the stock exchange and commodities will be able to carry the operations. Also, people from agricultural industry or people who work in the transporting services will also be allowed to continue their work during the curfew.

    All people who belong to these categories must possess ID Card and Company Card. The medical staff will also have all permissions but after the Maharashtra Police e-Pass Registration. The people who are caught roaming here and there without any valid reason will be taken under police custody. DGP has also stated that there will be no lathi charge being imposed.

    For checking the status of Maharashtra Police e-Pass application, the candidates must log in to and then they should click on the tab “Check Status and Download Pass”. On the next page, they should enter the “Token ID” generated at the time of application form submission and then they should click on “Submit”. The Maharashtra Police e-Pass can be downloaded on that page itself if it has been approved. If it has been rejected due to any reason, the candidates must resubmit application form.

    Click here-Maharashtra State Police E-Paas website

    Moreover, the people working even in these situations are requested to wear masks, should get vaccinated and must maintain the social distancing. They should also get Maharashtra Police e-Pass as early as possible.

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