Lt. Terry Tackett Death on 19 Oct: Presto Firefighter Crash   

An accident led to the death of volunteer fireman Lt. Terry Tackett. On social media, Terry Tackett’s passing was announced to the general public. Let’s explore Terry’s reason for death and the circumstances of Lt. Terry Tackett’s cause of death.

Terry Tackett Death Reason :

Early on Wednesday morning, Terry Tackett was killed in a collision. The incident happened on the Parkway East heading east, close to the Squirrel Hill Tunnel. The Presto Volunteer Fire Department includes Terry Tackett. The department expressed sorrow and sadness on Terry’s passing.

“We offer Terry Tackett’s family our condolences during this difficult time,” the post that announces his passing reads. Lt. Terry Tackett, a firefighter from Presto, perished in a collision today on the Parkway East. His office was in too much distress to speak. The department’s flag is flying at half-staff outside.

Here is a statement from the Presto Fire Chief:

“It is with the sad news that a Presto Fireman, Terry Tackett passed away today. Mr. Tackett was in a car/tractor-trailer accident this morning on the parkway near Squirrel Hill tunnels. Please keep his family in your prayers.” 

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Lt. Terry Tackett
According to State Police: 

The collision occurred as traffic was winding down after a previous vehicle flip, according to state police. That slowing resulted in a tractor-trailer being involved in a three-vehicle crash. One of the three car drivers was taken to UPMC Mercy, where they were later pronounced dead, according to the police. 

The names of the accident’s participants hadn’t yet been made public. Lt. Terry Tackett was one of the victims, along with the other two. One of the three was a woman. Its forensic and crash reconstruction unit is assisting in the investigation. The state police cleared up the accident at about 10 a.m.

How did the accident happen?

In the car accident, Lt. Terry Tackett took a significant knock. He had a faint pulse, but blood was gushing from both of his ears, according to Terrance Ryan, a witness who watched the crash. It was a tragic circumstance.

Half a mile away, at a one-vehicle crash, Ryan jumped from his car to help a woman. He says she fell off a cliff. Ryan recounted, “And then the tow truck came with the arrow to tell cars to push over.”

We heard a bang before he had even been there for two minutes. Turning around, we saw the pickup truck and SUV being struck by the first two cars and then being hit from behind by the semi. Ryan alleges that the impact of the collision broke the driver’s seat.

Sincerity dictates that I immediately thought, “We have a fatality,” Terry Tackett said. I thought that before we even got close to the truck, watching the back hit the ground.

According to state police, a three-car collision happened on Interstate 376 East around 6:25 a.m. An event happened just before the Squirrel Hill Tunnel. The report states that one man died at the hospital and that a woman in another vehicle was taken there. Ryan, though, asserts that he didn’t think twice about endangering himself to help others.

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The cause of the crash is being investigated by the state police, forensic services unit, and collision reconstruction team.

Tributes to Lt. Terry Tackett

Rennerdale Volunteer Fire Department posted, 

Rennerdale VFD would like to extend our deepest condolences to our brothers and sisters of the Presto Volunteer Fire Department and the family of Lt. Terry Tackett during this difficult time.

Jennifer Borrasso tweeted,

Heartbreaking Presto Firefighter Lt. Terry Tackett died. Collier Twp.”It is w/ sad news that a PrestoFireman, Terry Tackett passed away todayTackett was in a car/tractor trailer axe this morning on the parkway near Squirrel Hill tunnelsPlease keep his family in your prayers.” @KDKA

Crafton Volunteer Fire Department posted,

The members of Crafton VFD extend our deepest condolences to the Presto VFD and the family of Lt. Terry Tackett. May he rest in peace.

Loren Anderson tweeted,

Presto Firefighter Lt. Terry Tackett died today in this accident. Sending prayers and sympathies to the Tackett family, and the Presto, PA Fire Department.

Oak Ridge VFD South Fayette posted,

Our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers are with our brothers and sisters of the Presto Volunteer Fire Department on the loss of Lt. Terry Tackett.



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