Link your Driving License with DigiLocker- Required Steps & Process

The soft copies of the identification documents including the Driving License of any Aadhar Card holder can be stored and shared by DigiLocker, which is a cloud-based platform. 1 GB storage is provided when one registers in DigiLocker so that all the documents of that person can be saved.

If you also want to know the process of Driving License link with DigiLocker, you must read this article till the end, as this article will contain necessary details regarding it.

Steps for linking Driving License with DigiLocker:

Anyone can be able to link his or her Driving License with DigiLocker using the following process-

  • Then, an unregistered candidate must select the option of “Sign Up” and a registered candidate must “Login” using login credentials.
DigiLocker Portal Login
DigiLocker Portal Login
  • After that, they should select the option of “Get More Issued Documents” from the section of “Issued Documents”.
  • Then, under the option of “Central Government”, they must select “Ministry of Road Transport & Highways”.
  • Next, they should click on the option of “Driving License”. 
  • After that, they must provide all the required details.
  • Next, they should select the option of “Get Document”.
  • Finally, their document will be automatically uploaded by the system and this document can be accessed anytime.
DigiLocker Portal Signup

Process for downloading Driving License from DigiLocker:

The DL can be downloaded from DigiLocker using the following procedure-

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    1. The candidates must Sign In and then at the top left corner they should select “Issue Documents”.
    2. Next, they must select the “PDF” option for downloading the DL.
    Driving License Linking with DigiLocker Portal 3

    Procedure for uploading DL Documents to the DigiLocker:

    Using Aadhar Card as ID, various documents can be uploaded to the DigiLocker by the following process-

    1. The candidates must log in first and then they should select the option of “Uploaded Documents”.
    2. Next, they must either choose the option of “My Certificates” or “Documents”.
    3. After that, they should click on the option of “Upload”.
    4. Then, they must select the required document for uploading.
    5. Finally, they should choose a format of document & save it.
    Central Government Services on DigiLocker Portal
    Central Government Services on DigiLocker Portal

    Top 5 Benefits of linking DL in DigiLocker:

    The top 5 Benefits of linking DL in DigiLocker are-

    1. Paperless Facility: It will not be required to carry the documents everywhere as just logging in to DigiLocker will help to show the ID Cards and verify the identification.
    1. QR Code Verification: The details of the license can be easily verified with the help of QR Code Verification.
    1. Easy Online Access: The details of DL can easily be accessed via online mode.
    1. Quick Processing of Services: All the services can be processed in a very quick manner using DigiLocker.
    1. Safe and Secure: The system automatically stops working when not in use. Thus, it is quite safe and secure. Aadhar Card linking is additional security.

    There are around 79.28 million users of this portal. Various documents like UAN Card can also be saved in DigiLocker.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    What can be done if the DL is not found in DigiLocker even after uploading it?

    In that case, the RTO or the respective department of the government must be contacted at the earliest.

    Can the user name be changed in DigiLocker?

    No, the user name cannot be changed in DigiLocker.

    What may be the reason if the Driving License cannot be uploaded on DigiLocker?

    The reason might be that the Driving License is unavailable on National Register.

    We have tried to provide various details regarding the Driving License link with DigiLocker. We hope that this article will prove helpful for you. Please share your views regarding this article via comments.

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