Lewis Hamilton and UNHCR come together to provide the equal right for refugee children’s education

When it comes to the inclusive equality of education refugee children are getting fewer opportunities and rights to broaden their dreams. Racing driver Lewis Hamilton received a call from UN Refugee Agency last Tuesday. UN approached him to provide equal education rights to all refugee children and youth.  UNHCR reveals that they need urgent international support for refugee students.

According to the latest report, the UN draws an image of how refugee students and young minds are falling behind their non-refugee peers. In more than 40 countries refugees and many youths are going through a disparity in the equality of education. Compared to the non-refugee children, they are getting fewer educational opportunities. Thus UNHCR aims to provide them the equal right in education.

Enrolment drop at the secondary level

A survey is held on the education level of refugee students. According to the data, it is seen that in the 2022-2023 academic year only 68 percent of students got a primary education. It drops to 37 percent in higher secondary education. A lot of students want to move forward but they are not getting the opportunity for education. Historically they are struggling to access.

According to the UNHCR report, refugee enrolment is started decreasing at the higher secondary level. But as per last year, academic reports 5 percent of refugee enrolment have been increased at the tertiary level, for universities and colleges. UNHCR is optimistic that the percentage of tertiary enrolment may meet the largest level of 15 percent by the year 2030.

After publishing the annual education report, the world leaders are preparing to debate the future of learning at the Transforming education summit at the UN general assembly between 16th September and 19th September.

Systematic injustice

 Sir Lewis Hamilton is seven times Formula 1 world champion. He campaigns for greater equality, fairness, and diversity in the field of education for refugee students. At the same time, he aims to extend the boundary of equality in motorsport. He told the campaign for refugee students and youth in the national education system that he is proud to lend his voice.

Sir Lewis further added that education is not something that only widens people’s horizons but rather presents them with opportunities otherwise they become afraid of dreaming of getting or dreaming big. It will help to obviate the damages of systematic injustice.

It not only facilitates the path for creating better life changes for young minds but it will help them to find their purpose like what they want to be in the future. This will make a greater diversity in positions of leadership and influence in the field of work, sport, culture, and politics.

Instances worldwide

Every inclusive campaign tells a story of each refugee’s young mind such as Sudan, Ukraine, Kenya, and Myanmar. These are those countries that pursued their education despite having various kinds of disruptions. They were compelled to displacement and the overall challenges of adopting new circumstances.

In a report written by Filippo Grandi, UN Commissioner for Refugees, several countries of the universe made great progress towards refugee learning by following the national education system. They are also concerned about young minds and their talents.

Yawning Gap

Mr. Grandi said that talents are but opportunities are not. Through these words, he described the real situation of refugee children. He means that refugee children have talents that may be rare like non-refugee young minds. But the non-refugee young minds are getting a chance to develop their skills but refugee students are not given the changes to utilize their talents. According to him, talent is buried lack of opportunity. He said that what he needs is to come close to the yawning gap between talent and opportunity.

The UNHCR called for the inclusion of refugees in the national education system. The authority wants to start it with humanitarian emergencies, protracted displacement situations, and longer-term development planning.

A large number of supporters

When it comes to equal rights and opportunities it does not remain limited to learning only rather other things come together to form the entire system. Teacher training, salaries, new infrastructure, adequate and relevant learning materials (books), and safe transport from and to school, all of these are included in the system.

Mr. Grandi stated that the education system includes an investment in development, human rights, and peace. Now the time came to invest in the human future, their development, budding builders, creators, and peacemakers.

It is not only non-refugee young children who can develop and rebuild their country but refugee children are also capable of doing this. It is just about stepping forward for those who want to be educated, it is nothing but proving them an opportunity to dream big or not be afraid of getting. 

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