Krafton Updates its help page thread on BGMI iOS version release date

By | July 17, 2021

Krafton, the maker of the BGMI game, has updated the release date for its iOS version on its help page. On this page, the company will update the release date of the BGMI iOS version.

The android version of BGMI has already been released 11 days ago and now the players using iOS devices such as, the professional Esports players are waiting for the release of an iOS version of BGMI. These players use iOS devices as it offers the lag-free experience of gaming.

In the support section of KRAFTON update regarding the release of an iOS version of BGMI has been provided. During the Launch Party Event, another tournament having a prize pool of 1,00,00,000 and which open-to-all has also been announced. 

Details regarding the release of BGMI iOS Version:

KRAFTON company has been uptight about the release of an iOS version of BGMI. However, the reasons for it are still unknown.

KRAFTON has replied to the query about its planning for releasing the iOS version of BGMI present on the support section by saying that the fans will be informed regularly about the further developments & on the social networks and the official website the new updates will soon be released.

BGMI iOS Version release date
BGMI iOS Version release date

It was said by KRAFTON that the iOS version of BGMI will soon be released before the android version was released. However, still, there’s no news about the release date.

The iOS version requires no pre-registration thus the players turned for some assurance to content creators. Ghatak, who is a Popular Esports Personalities earlier stated that the day on which the Android version of the game will be released its iOS Version will also be released on the same day. However, the iOS version has still not been released.

Kronten on the release of BGMI iOS Version:

A huge part has been played by an owner & a player for the Team GodLike Esports, Kronten, in the speculations which were buzzing during the BGMI’s pre-release state.

It was shared by him on Livestream that the information about the android version’s release was known to him just a few hours before its launch. The gaming influencer posted on the official channel of YouTube in a community update now that the players will have to wait for a few days as it will still take some more time. 

For now, it can just be hoped that these few days do not turn into a very long time thus prolonging the iOS users’ sufferings. 

The official website of BGMI must be followed by the players for getting any official information regarding the iOS version of BGMI.

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