“2021 passed out candidates are not eligible ” HDFC Job circular, Official responded

By | August 5, 2021

HDFC had written in a job advertisement that “Passed out candidates of 2021 batch are not eligible for this post“. Later, when this post went viral on social media, the HDFC officials called it a typo error.

An advertisement was published by the HDFC Bank with its logo and slogan on top, in a newspaper calling graduates below the age of 28 for a walk-in-interview for working at various locations including Ramanathapuram, Sivaganga, Madurai, and others. The job circular has aired by the HDFC Bank aimed to hire a sales officer for the branch in Tamil Nadu.

The advertisement went viral due to the statement which said that the candidates who have graduated in the year 2021 are not eligible for the interview. Due to these eligibility criteria mentioned by the HDFC Bank vendor in the advertisement, the sector landed in an unpleasant situation and had to take immediate steps to clarify the matter.

The advertisement by the HDFC Bank has become a hot topic among the social media users where some called it absurd while others mocked and made fun of the batch which has graduated during the adverse conditions due to the pandemic. It has also spread worries to the graduates who have passed out in the year 2021 and has raised concerns on their eligibility as well as questioning their learning.

2021 passed out candidates are not eligible
2021 passed out candidates are not eligible

Social media users have shared the post and made memes on the same. This post has mainly targeted the people who have graduated in the year 2021 or the so-called “Corona years” as they have become the main target of the netizens. Some reacted to the post saying that HDFC does not actually understand their world reacting to their slogan “Understand our world” while others targeted the 2021 graduates bidding them a ‘farewell’.

Due to the concerns and confusions caused by the advertisement, the spokesperson of the HDFC Bank took a step to clarify the matter and hence, replied to a Twitter post which included a picture of the advertisement where it is mentioned that ‘This is atrocious’. The authorities have stated that the statement was a typo error on their behalf and they highly apologize for the concerns raised due to the advertisement.

The authorities have also clarified that anybody can attend the walk-in interview regardless of their year of graduation in order to further resolve the matter. Only the age criteria should be followed by the candidates to apply for the interview. Authorities have also declared that the correct advertisement has been published.

Memes are being shared on Twitter by telling it to be a side effect of the covid batch.

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