How to Change / Reset JioFi Router Password – Explanation with Photos

By | December 21, 2019

How to change / Reset JioFi Router Password- Check out the detailed explanation of JioFi Wifi Modem or Router Password change procedure with photos (computer snapshots).

With people owning multiple gadgets these days, it is quite common for people to have JioFi wifi hotspot which is handier and easy to use on the go. It can help you avail internet service anywhere anytime, whether at the comfort of your home or during the chaos of a public place. Wifi hotspot makes life easy in today’s time when the internet has become a chosen necessity. We had recently published JioFi Router Specification & Price with current plans.

Step by Step JioFi Router Password Reset or Change Procedure

To help serve the same need, Reliance JIO has come up with a portable wifi router which can simply be called JioFi wifi router. Reliance came up with this option when it understood the need for a feasible portable option of internet. Internet usage through mobile data packs or wifi networks available in public is not so reliable or easy going. They do not provide a fast, seamless connection for your use. And hence people have been looking for a better option to solve all their internet worries. Internet dongle is always an available option, but it keeps your laptop port busy. Plus it can not be used with your cell phone.

Hence Reliance came up with a portable wi-fi internet router, called as Jio-Fi. It is a high-speed internet provider, which works non-stop. JioFi Wifi is portable and handy to carry. It can be used by all the digital gadgets for internet use. This can be seen as a second generation dongle. It is available in the market, and people have been giving great reviews for the same. This JioFi router can be connected by devices which can run on 4G and not alike. Thus this router of Reliance Jio provides a wide range of the customers for use.

This JioFi Router has four types- Jio Fi 1, Jio Fi 2, Jio Fi 3, JioFi dongle.

Once you get a Jio Fi router, you should know all about it, including how to change its password for security reason. This JioFi router will help you connect to the high-speed Reliance JIO 4G internet. You can even install MyJio app and place voice calls. But before any of this, you need to learn how to change JioFi password.

Read below the instructions on how to set up your device with SSID and password. We have placed instructional photographs for your reference. This will make the setup process easy for you. Please follow all instructions step by step to easily set up the Reliance Jiofi password without any problem. It can be done using Jio 4G Laptop or any other computer devices also.

How to connect to JioFi Hotspot?

There are 2 ways to connect to the JioFi device in 2 ways- one is by using the WPS push button, and the other is to use the default SSID and password. Before changing the password, you should connect the JioFi Hotspot first.

SSID & Password –This comes in default mode and its printed on the device itself within a label, i.e., the broadcast name of the router and password. You can easily spot the label by removing the back cover. After that remove the battery. When you spot the details note them down. Now reassemble the router and turn it on. Use the SSID and password to connect.

WPS –In few JioFi devices, WPS push button is available. On such devices, to connect to the internet, you simply need to press that button. Select the name of your JioFi device and press to connect. When asked for the password, push WPS. You don’t have to manually put in the password. This system can be applied to both Windows and Android.

Step by Step instructions to change the JioFi Router Password is as below:

  • Open JioFi device’s settings page. Type in the below URL in your device:
  • http://jiofi.local.html or
  • This web page will be stored in your JioFi dongle, and it will allow you to change the password.
  • Now Log in to your device. You will have to put in your username and password here. This can be retrieved via the two methods explained above- WSP Push button or SSID and password system.
  • After this navigate to the Jio-fi settings page. Select Networking in the wi-fi tab or settings section.
  • Switch on your JioFi hotspot device
JioFi Wifi Router Password Change Process

JioFi Wifi Router Password Change Process

Now, first of all, power on the device. This can be done by holding down the power button. Before this keep your username and password from the label on your device box secured.

Connect your device to the JioFi Device

Change Jiofi Wifi Router Password 4
Once you are connected to the internet, connect your Device-laptop, PC, Mobile to the JioFi. This can be done by going to the Wireless settings on your device as shown in the image above.
Access the Configuration interface as shown in the Web browser

Change Jiofi Wifi Router Password 3
Below URL will appear. Access it using a web browser. http://jiofi.local.html or  This step will take you to the page from where you can manage and access the JioFi’s settings.

Login to the interface

Change Jiofi Wifi Router Password 5

Once you are at this step, log in with your credentials, username as administrator and password as administrator. After this tap on the login button. Here you may come across a prompt to change the default administrator password. You can go ahead with this by clicking on OK.

Change the WiFi password

Change Jiofi Wifi Router Password 2

Here you change the WiFi password, as shown above.

Click on Network > Wi-Fi Configuration.

Choose a password and Save Settings

Change Jiofi Wifi Router Password 6

You can now Change the password as per your choice and once you have finalized one click on the Apply button.

This step will secure your device. You also have a choice to customize things further. This could be changing the name of your network. This can be a little complex model number or anything of your choice.

Changing the JioFi’s network name (SSID)

Change Jiofi Wifi Router Password 7

Once you are on this page Click on Network > Wi-Fi Configuration.

  • Here you can make changes to the Network Name (SSID) field.
  • Keep a name of your choice and click on Save.
  • You may be redirected to reconnect to the JioFi device after a while, in case it doesn’t connect

Changing the JioFi’s login ID and password

Change Jiofi Wifi Router Password 1

Furthermore, you can secure the device at this step, if you could not change the password earlier.

  • You can do this by clicking on User Management > Account Management.
  • Enter a new username and password, then confirm.
  • Save this setting once done.

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