How to Apply for Jio Giga Fiber Broadband?  Jio Giga Fiber Internet Speed Plan & Offers

Reliance JIO is coming with another sensational product, its very own broadband service! It is called gig fiber. GigaFiber is the finest broadband service to be launched by Reliance JIO. Here we are sharing the details of Reliance JIO Giga Fiber Broadband plans, pricing, and exclusive offerings. Keep on reading to know more.

Reliance JIO’s broadband service is based on optical fiber-based technology. This will be the fastest and most affordable high-speed internet option available in today’s times. It will undoubtedly become the fastest available internet option of the entire country as well. It will offer the speed of 1 Gbps that too at a very inexpensive charge. All plans offered by Reliance Jio Giga Fiber broadband would be very nominal. We will keep on updating the entire list here at our page for your reference.

Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Apply Online
Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Apply Online

The most important highlight about Reliance JIO Broadband service is that it has already begun its services in Mumbai in April 2023. And now in no time, it will begin in other cities as well. Reliance jio has already started the grounding activity of optical fibers in an integrated manner spread across all major cities and states.

How to Apply for Jio Giga Fiber Broadband 2023

Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Apply Online, Price & Plans 2023

Before we proceed any further, the customer should know what exactly this broadband service is based on. Reliance JIO Giga Fiber broadband service is based solely on Optical Fiber-based technology, and this will be the foundation of its high-speed processing of around 1 Gbps.

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    Since the news broke about the Reliance Jio Giga Fiber broadband, a lot of excitement has been seen amongst people. People want to avail the services as soon as possible. Mumbai is the first city where it has been launched, and soon other cities are to follow. Mumbai has been the testing ground for the Reliance JIO Broadband service and based on its quality and results the other cities will follow suit. Once the testing is positively completed for other cities and areas than the nation-wide launch of the broadband can go about.

    Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Speed Testing on Okala
    Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Speed Testing on Okala

    Once testing is done, the online and offline booking will begin. Along with the booking, the promotional spree would begin too. All new users would be given welcome offer once they register themselves for availing the service of Reliance JIO GigaFiber Broadband. This welcome offer would give them free internet for around 90 days. So a consumer can enjoy free high-speed internet service for 90 days at 1gbps speed without paying any extra charge.

    Speed based plans of Jio Giga Fiber Broadband :

    The service would soon be launched in all major cities after Mumbai including Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, etc. and then after the testing phase, it will begin its commercial service countrywide.

    Meanwhile please go through a sneak peek of what Reliance JIO Gigafiber broadband recharge plans would look like in below table. Please note that these plans would be divided into three categories: volume based, speed based and special plans.

    Broadband plan nameFUPPriceValidity
    50 Mbps Plan2000GBRs.150030 days
    100 Mbps Plan1000GBRs.200030 days
    200 Mbps Plan750 GBRs.350030 days
    400 Mbps Plan500GBRs.400030 days
    600 Mbps Plan300 GBRs.550030 days

    Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Volume based plans:

    Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Plan & Price
    Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Plan & Price
    Broadband plan nameSpeedPriceValidity
    5 GB DailyUnlimitedRs.100030 days
    10 GB DailyUnlimitedRs.200030 days
    20 GB DailyUnlimitedRs.300030 days
    40 GB DailyUnlimitedRs.400030 days
    60 GB DailyUnlimitedRs.500030 days

     Special Plans on Jio Giga Fiber Broadband connection:

    PriceData LimitSpeed LimitValidity
    Rs.500600 GB15Mbps30 days
    Rs.1000500 GB25 Mbps30days
    Rs.5003.5 GB dailyN/A30days
    Rs.500N/A60 Mbps30days
    Rs.800UnlimitedN/A30 days

    For registering online, you can visit below link to avail the booking. Click here to avail the Reliance JIO Giga Fiber Broadband service. You can keep our page bookmarked for regular updates and news about Giga fiber broadband.

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