Jaipur Youths should join these virtual internships (Cyber Security, News, AI)

By | March 15, 2021

Jaipur :-A rigorous internship will mold a student better than even a thousand classes in classroom. COVID-19 is like a boon for many students who go out in search of a job of any kind of experience, which is also much-needed for them. 

According to career advisors the virtual internships will provide the students an opportunity once in a lifetime so that they can learn new types of skills from their home itself.

Summer Virtual Internship for Jaipur Youth

Priya Gurung who is a career advisor said that, Coronavirus made many companies location agnostics, the companies are looking for future where everyone will work from home itself and that too at seamless pace. 

Jaipur JDA Residential Plots

Various students in the city are making beeline for getting the summer virtual internships so that they can work at the remote locations. Anchal Singh, who is a Psychology Graduate, said she was selected recently by small firm which is Europe-based for doing research in Developmental Psychology.

Cybersecurity Internship

At present, each student of Engineering is trying to get this kind of coveted internship. The AICTE has done partnership with NASSCOM and Cisco to offer them about 20 thousand virtual internships on the cyber security.

This internship will give training at different kinds of tools which the students never learn in their college.

It was said by an Engineering student Vikas Choudhary that, it is a new and fast emerging market of job. CISCO is such an industry which is giant in such field and any type of experience will help to be a shot in arm.

AI Virtual Internship

Various companies that are Bangalore based have been inviting applications from the students so that they can work with them for the new exciting field. The students completing their internship successfully might also receive a chance for being employed according to their performance. 

Jaipur Summer Internship

Online Reporting Internship

The major toll of the coronavirus was on the media and newspaper industry. However, after being sailed through difficult choppy waters, the industry is transferring them from the survival mode to the thriving mode. They are inviting applications from various interns for working as sub-editor, reporter, and so on. The internships will comprise filing stories from laptop, working from home, editing the stories under strict deadline.

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