Indian techie rewarded 65 crore rupees by Google for keeping Chrome & Android safe

The efforts of Aman Pandey, a Cybersecurity Researcher from India have been lauded for reporting & submitting android’s vulnerability. Hence, it resulted in the OS being safer.

From Bugsmirror, Aman Pandey was among the top researchers, as Google revealed in the blog post. He has submitted a total of 232 vulnerabilities in 2021 alone.

Aman Pandey is the CEO of Bugsmirror. He has completed his graduation from the NIT, Bhopal.

The finding of vulnerabilities in the year 2019 is being considered even though the company has started in the year 2021.

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The first report of Aman Pandey was reported in 2019. About 280 vulnerabilities have been reported by him as highlighted by Sarah Jacobus (From Vulnerability Rewards Team) of Google. However, for making the program successful, the Vulnerability Rewards Program also forms an important part. 

Google Bounty Reward

$8.7 million has also been rewarded by Google in the vulnerability rewards. Vulnerabilities have also been reported in Search, Play, Google Chrome & other products along with Android. 

Vulnerabilities that were spotted on the Android were offered a maximum reward as highlighted by Jacobus. With around $3 million in rewards, payout almost got doubled from 2020 to 2021. For an exploit chain that was discovered in Android, in 2021 highest payout has been awarded by Google in the VRP history. It received $157000 reward.

333 Chrome Security Bug Reports that are unique, were submitted in the year 2021 and about 115 Chrome VRP Researchers were rewarded for it. Thus, VRP rewards can be counted at $2.2 million. Chrome Browser Security Bugs was awarded $3.1 million & Chrome OS Bugs was awarded $250000, out of the total $3.3 million.

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