IGNOU Updates:- “Online Certificate Course in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)” on SWAYAM Portal

By | February 16, 2021

Eligible and interested candidates may apply for an Online Certificate Course in “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)” at IGNOU SWAYAM Portal website i.e. https://swayam.gov.in/IGNOU

IGNOU has launched an online certificate course in Environmental Impact Assessment. The course will be available through the SWAYAM platform.

It is a course of 12 weeks that will involve various steps for the developmental activities in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

The candidates who are interested in doing the course can apply by visiting the website swayam.gov.in/IGNOU.

This course will provide an understanding of the EIA of the development of water resources. The course will also provide information about how the significant challenges to the sustainable environment systems can be assessed from the perspective of water resources development.

Online Certificate Course in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

The major environmental issues can also be identified by this course that is required to be considered in the planning and development of sustainable water resources.

The EIA course will cover various topics such as environmental appraisal, socio-economic impact analysis, environmental impact assessment, noise impact analysis, life cycle assessment, environmental siting, air quality impact analysis, water quality impact analysis, measurement of Environmental Impact Assessment, vegetation and wildlife impact analysis, energy impact analysis, comprehensive environmental impact studies, impact assessment methods, regulations in India.

Dr. Sushmita Baskar and Prof. B. Rupini, School of Trans-Disciplinary & Inter-Disciplinary Studies, will conduct this course. 

Presently, via the SWAYAM Portal, 105 courses are offered by IGNOU. Also, various online courses have been launched by the university recently.

A new certificate course in environmental, occupational hazards has also been launched by IGNOU recently via the open and distance learning mode. This program has a duration of 6 months. The students who have the qualification of class 12 pass are eligible to apply for the course.

Thus, the candidates should visit the website swayam.gov.in/IGNOU for applying for the online certificate course in EIA if they are interested in doing this course.    

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