If you have this 2 rupee coin then you can get 5 lakh rupees

The old coin of 2 rupees on which Indian Flag is on one side and was made in the year 1994, has a value of Rs.5 lakh on the Quikr Website. However, the coin of 1 rupee has a value of Rs. 2 lakh. 

There are various buyers on the website who is Bengaluru-based and are interested to give a large amount in return for old coins. Also, another coin of 1 rupee which was made in the year 1918 has a value of Rs.9 lakh.

Thus, anyone who has an old coin of 2 rupees or any other coin mentioned above can view the details of the advertisement on the Quikr Website. So, be fast and look around if you have any of the above-mentioned coins which are not in use anymore or have no place in circulation.

Old 2 rupee coin can get you Rs. 5 lakh now

As it can give you a large amount of money in return, because they are one of the rarest of their kind and many people are there who are ready to provide a handsome amount of money in their exchange. However, it is necessary that the seller must negotiate with the buyer properly.

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    A website named Coinbazzar is there which gives a platform to those who are interested in buying or selling old notes. With this platform’s help, an old 10 rupees note can be sold and the seller can get 25 thousand rupees in return for that old note.

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