IBPS PO Asked GK Questions 2020

By | September 15, 2020

IBPS PO Asked GK Questions 2020

30 November 2019

  • Bhavani dam which state- Tamil Nadu
  • Indravati national park which district- Dantewada, Chhattisgarh
  • One Question asked from Payment Bank
  • One Question asked from MIPS
  • BSDBA limit – Rs. 10000
  • One Question asked from Gross value added (GVA) Rate
  • Corporation Bank Headquarter- Mangalore
  • Bermuda triangle in which ocean- North Atlantic Ocean
  • NATO Summit 2017- Belgium (Brussels)
  • Kaliko Pul was CM of- Arunachal Pradesh
  • CRR need for? – CRR is a crucial monetary policy tool and is used for controlling money supply in an economy
  • One Question asked from Nobel prize in Economy 2016
  • Antwerp diamond situated in which country- Belgium
  • EFTPOS stands for- Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale
  • 22195 cr given for capitalization for- 13 ailing public sector banks

BOM PO Evening Shift GK Asked Questions-

  • How much denomination coin can be issued- Rs. 10
  • Prathama Bank Headquarter-  Moradabad, UP
  • Capital of Denmark-Copenhagen
  • One Question asked for the function of RBI
  • One question asked from PMJDY
  • The currency of South Africa- Rand
  • Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport  is an international airport serving the city of- Nagpur, Maharashtra
  • Great Victoria desert located in- Australia
  • Urjit Patel is which number governor of RBI-24th
  • What is U in UPI- Unified Payment Interface
  • Which bank has deployed this unique state-of-the-art robotic technology- ICICI Bank
  • The first bank to issue gold coins- Indian Overseas Bank

Coaching Institutes BOB PO Exam Analysis (2019, Morning Shift)

  1. In united kingdom “merchant banking” institutions are referred to as:
  2. Manas wildlife: Assam
  3. Lime App is launched by which bank: Axis Bank
  4. Kuchipudi dance is associated with which state: Andhra Pradesh
  5. Cuttack city in Odisha situated at the bank of which river: Mahanadi
  6. PayZapp App is launched by which bank: HDFC
  7. Phule Gopichand is associated with which sport: Badminton
  8. World Malaria Day: 25th April
  9. What does R stand for in the expansion of MUDRA: Re-finance
  10. Size of 2000 note: 66 × 166 mm
  11. Headquarter of Indian Overseas Bank: Chennai
  12. Konkani language is spoken in which state: Goa
  13. SLR determine by RBI to control the:
  14. What does D stand for in the expansion of RIDF: Development

Syndicate Bank PO Morning Shift GK Asked Questions-

  • How much has allocated for MGNREGA in Union budget 2017-18- Rs.48,000 crores
  • Women cricketer in SC governance body of BCCI?- Diana Edulji
  • Which bank has a tie-up with the IPPB- PNB
  • Name the cricket captain, who has reached 1000 runs fastest in ODI- Virat Kohli
  • 24th March is celebrated as- World Tuberculosis Day
  • Linkedin, Nokia is purchased by- Microsoft
  • Nobel prize in Economics 2016- Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom
  • Headquarters of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)- Rome, Italy
  • Sourabh Verma is associated with which game- Badminton
  • Jujutsu is martial of which country- Brazil
  • BRICS Summit 2017 venue- China
  • Money allocated to MUDRA under budget- Rs 2.44 lakh crore
  • Lakshya Sen is associated with which game- Badminton
  • URI power plant of J & K on which river- Jhelum River
  • Headquarter of syndicate bank- Manipal, Karnataka

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