“I never thought One day I will become a Crorepati”- Asha Rani

By | March 31, 2021

if I say that your Life will take a better turn overnight will you believe it?  What if I say you’ll get Rs 1 Crore in just one day will you trust me? Well, you might be shocked after reading these questions and must be eager to know how? Then read the whole article to know how the life of ordinary women twisted.

Asha Rani from Punjab won Rs 1 Crore in Punjab State Dear 100 Monthly Lottery. Asha Rani never thought that her story will be written in fortunes. Rani is the wife of Baghapurana scrap dealer; she took the lottery ticket of Rs 100 and also submitted the documents asked by the State Lotteries Department in the hope to won.

Asha 61-year-old lucky lady said in a statement that “I am not ready to accept or thought that my life will change like this in one day and I will become a crorepati, it is like a dream come true for me and my family”.

Asha Rani 1 crore Punjab Dear 100 Lottery Winner
Asha Rani 1 crore Punjab Dear 100 Lottery Winner

She further stated that with the winning prize money firstly, they will get ready a new abode as the current house is overcrowded because of her huge family the remaining leftover money will be utilized for her family business. At last, she added, with the bumper prize money she will enhance the lifestyle of her family.

Asha Rani is from Punjab paid Rs 100 to buy a ticket no C-74263 but never expected a turnover like this. His husband Baghapurana is from Moga district in Punjab and both her sons work in the shop.

Talking about the prize official spokesperson said that Rani had already submitted the documents and the lottery department will release the winning prize soon in her account.

Lika Asha, a housewife from Amritsar also won 1st Prize Rs 1 Crore just by giving Rs 100.

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