How to Motivate Yourself to Write a College Essay?

By | August 24, 2021

Motivation is among the primary driving forces that urge a human being to do something. It acts as fuel in achieving the things someone dreams for. Its absence may lead anyone to depression and anxiety because a person may feel itself a useless creation. It stimulates competitiveness and creates social links.

Physics would not have revolutionized modern sciences if Sir Einstein had not been motivated to rediscover and redefine the laws. The need for meaning, purpose, and a worthwhile living is part of the motivation. 

Writing a college essay can also be challenging for several reasons, one of which is motivation. Therefore, motivation is a crucial aspect of the process of writing an essay. Writing is the climax of several techniques, yet motivation is essential for all stages if the process is successful. Moving things around is one of the hardest things to accomplish, but it is vital to start writing essays.

College Essay Writing

Most probably, there are three primary reasons behind writing a college essay instead of getting help from an essay writing service like

  1. It personalizes application and distinguishes you from other students, such as test results and GPA, with similar academic credentials.
  2. It will let the reader know you, and maybe it provides your application with more information.
  3. Moreover, it indicates you can represent yourself in writing effectively and convincingly and reveals your writing style.

If you’re not enthusiastic about starting your essay or struggling to stay encouraged since your essay doesn’t appear to end, you must first stop worrying. You may not be the only one facing a similar problem. It comes from your vision and willingness to make it all.

Nobody is “born” motivated, unlike what many assume. You can improve your life and thinking while at the same point, your motivation might even start to wane if you are not tenacious enough. Following are the techniques that can help when you lack the motivation to write a college essay.

Motivate Yourself to Write a College Essay
Motivate Yourself to Write a College Essay

Write Goal

The first thing that can motivate you in writing a college essay is your goal, and it is best to write it down. Whether your essay will end in a certain period or go towards the grades you desire – it remains in your subconscious. It generates renewed enthusiasm to achieve that objective when you put down your targets, no matter how large or little.

Break Down Writing Process

Sometimes it becomes difficult to achieve the larger objectives, so breaking down the process into sub-objectives can help you better. Make sections of it instead and take it one step at a time. If you do, you will probably remain sound and motivated. Thus, set time for research, outline, write, edit and read. Don’t try to write altogether, even in the writing stage. 

Create Essay Outline

 Creating outlines is one of the most ignored elements of essay writing. “How outlining can motivate in writing a college essay,” you may wonder. It helps you understand that the next stage is merely to complete your essay because when you work on a suitable outline, you know that you don’t stray off course and follow a logical sequence. Moreover, creating an essay outline makes you feel closer to the outcome because you know you’ve made your research, notes, and contours.

Conquer Anxiety

Writing is difficult when you feel filled with stress and fear, especially when you need to meet a written task. It may have come about because of a poor previous experience you were asked to write about, and people’s perceptions can drag you back. So, guess what, your “motivation” is certainly not helping. First, stop comparing your work with other people and put your false expectations aside. Look no farther for a change, the larger image, and concentrate on the work at hand. Read instructions carefully, ask your teacher or colleagues to understand those instructions, and begin writing freely.

Practice Writing

It is helpful to establish an inspiring and comfortable atmosphere since you have a place for thinking and writing. You must ensure that you are seated in the proper position and that your tools and resources are easily accessed; it should be enough to write to them to keep a distraction-free area. Find hence the perfect location for writing, and your creativity will be boasted.

Reward or Punish Yourself

Rewards and punishment are essential aspects that can help any human being stay motivated to achieve goals consistently. Rewards motivate more people than those who don’t love to receive a prize! Therefore, enjoy that little success and reward yourself every time you finish a portion of your work. Rewards can be like watching a movie, playing a game, or doing anything you love the most. Similarly, punish yourself in positive manners if things don’t go according to the plans. Punishment could be like writing an essay ten times.

Take a Break

Don’t burden yourself and take regular breaks because it can make you an unhappy machine. So have some outings with friends and family, visit your favorite restaurant or go for a walk in the park. Do everything to get off your books so that you may return with a fresher mind to your essay.

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