How To Download E-Aadhaar Card PDF-Check Here Aadhaar Card Status

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Aadhaar  Card is an important identity proof for any Indian citizen. It is issued by UIDAI. Now, UIDAI has started issuing E Aadhaar  Card PDF. E Aadhaar card is the online form of Aadhaar  card which can be availed at anytime from even the mobile phone of a person. It has been launched in the year 2021. It can be saved and is a fully authorized document. It is also quite safe as it is password protected.

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Benefits of E-Aadhaar Card:

Aadhaar  card is quite beneficial as it can be accessed very easily and also it maintains privacy due to being password protected. Some other benefits of E Aadhaar  card are-

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How To Download E-Aadhaar Card PDF
  •  It helps to easily access Aadhaar  card via mobile at anytime and anywhere.
  •  It is signed digitally and has equal value as the normal Aadhaar  card.
  •  Only last four digits are available in the card.

Details required for downloading E Aadhaar  card:

The following details will be required for downloading Aadhaar  card–

  •  Mobile number
  •  Enrollment number

About the password:

The password will be first four letter of name and birth year.

Steps for downloading E Aadhaar  Card:

The E Aadhaar  Card PDF can be downloaded by the following process-

  • The candidates should visit the website at first.
  • Then, they must click on the button of Download Aadhaar  or Log in.
  • Next, they should enter the required details.
  • After that, their E Aadhaar  Card PDF will appear which must be downloaded for further use.

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Process for checking Aadhaar  card status:

The status of E Aadhaar  Card PDF can be checked by following process-

  1. The candidates should visit the official website
  2. Then, in the services menu they must choose the button of “status”.
  3. Finally, they should enter the required details for knowing about the status of their E Aadhaar  Card PDF.

Click here-E-Aadhaar Card Website Link

We have tried to provide various details regarding how one can avail E Aadhaar  Card PDF. In case of any query, you can contact us via comments. We will definitely try to solve your query as soon as possible.

FAQs for E-Aadhaar Card :

Can the E Aadhaar card be availed without a password?

No, the E Aadhaar card cannot be availed without a password.

From which website can E Aadhaar  Card be downloaded?

The E Aadhaar  Card can be downloaded from the website

Is E Aadhaar card a valid identity proof?

Yes, E Aadhaar card is a valid identity proof.

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