How to Online Register for GST? Step by Step GST Enrolment Process with Screenshots 

How to online Register for GST? – You can check out Step by Step India GST Enrolment (Registration) Process with Screenshots (examples) to get GSTIN number at the official website i.e.

भारत में GST लागु किया जा रहा है और GST से भारत की अप्रत्यक्ष टैक्स प्रणाली बदल जाएगी | अगर आप व्यापारी है और आपका सालाना टर्नओवर 20 लाख से ज्यादा है तो आपको GST में रजिस्टर करना होगा और आपको अपने व्यापार के लिए अपना अद्वितीय GSTIN नंबर लेना होगा | GST पर एनरोल करना के लिए आपको कोई शुल्क अदा नहीं है और GST के रजिस्ट्रेशन के प्रोसेस को निचे उदाहरण से फोटो के साथ समझाया गया है

GST is a tax reform being introduced by the Government for boosting and improving the National economy. From July 1 it will be mandatory to get enrolled for GST. Before registering online, please visit the designated GST offices of your area to collect a Provisional ID. You can also read  State Wise GST Product Slabs and News in Hindi.

Every Businessman (trader, manufacturer, supplier) who holds an annual turnover of above 20 lakhs needs to get himself registered for GST. After the implementation of GST, taxpayers will get 30 days time to get enrolled for the same. There is no extra cost for the enrollment process. It is online. And it is free of cost.

The steps are quite simple to get enrolled for GST:

  • Click on the below link to visit the official website of GST:
  • Once you are there on the website, the screen will be as below: 
GST Enrolment Process Website Screen
GST Enrolment Process Website Screen
  • Please click on the following: Click here for Enrolment Schedule for your state. After you click on the tab, the detailed list of beginning and ending dates will be visible on your screen like follows:
GST Enrolment Process 3
  • Now from here, you are to move to New user registration. For this click on below:


As shown in the below screenshot, the next step will look like below:

GST Enrolment Process 4

Agree to the conditions by clicking on the checkbox and select  Continue To move to the next step.

  • Once you continue, following will appear on screen
GST Enrolment Process 5

Here please add provisional ID which has been provided by the Tax Authority. Also, add all the required personal details.

Required Documents for New GST Registration

Various financial documents are necessary to be uploaded for successful registration, like-

  • -Proof of Business entity and its constitution
  • -Photograph of business holders and partners
  • -Proof of Appointment of Authorized Signatory
  • -Photograph of Authorized Signatory
  • -The opening page of Bank Passbook/ Statement containing Bank Account Number, Branch Address, Address of Account holder and few transaction details as samples.

*Primary Authorized Signatory will be the person who will be performing all the actions on behalf of the taxpayer at the GST Common Portal. The entire strata of information from the GST Common Portal will be sent to this person for taxpayer’s intimidation. If you have any difficulty to understand GST then go for complete GST information.

Successful GST Registration will lead to the issuance of a unique number from the tax authority. Registration is mandatory for taxpayers to be identified under the taxpaying umbrella of the Government. It is also needed to avail any Input Tax Credit. Without proper registration, the manufacturer cannot collect any tax from his customers.

अगर आपको फिर भी कोई GST के रजिस्ट्रेशन करने में कोई समस्या आ रही है तो निचे कमेंट जरूर करे | हमारी टीम आपके सवाल का उचित जबाब देगी | अगर आपको ये आर्टिकल अच्छा लगा तो सोशल मीडिया यानि फेसबुक, गूगल प्लस, और व्हाट्सप्प पर शेयर करे

GST Enrolment Verification  Process

  • Once you have successfully registered, your application is forwarded to an officer in charge. He will examine your details and documents. If everything is in order without any discrepancy then the applicant will receive a confirmation within three days of submitting the application.
  • If any of the details provided or documents furnished hold any discrepancy then the application is not successfully registered. This may be because of incomplete or mismatched details, missing information or wrong providing. In a case like this, the officer will issue a Notice in response to your application within three days of submission. You will have to revert back in 7 days to the same with proper details and requirements mentioned.
  • Your reply should have the proper modification of the fact unaccepted or missing detail if any. If any correction is needed, please do so at the receipt of the notice. Please note while modifying, few details cannot be changed- PAN Card number, State, Mobile Number and email id.
  • Resubmit with modifications.
  • The officer will then again go through your application and clarification. If everything is in order, you will receive a confirmation within seven working days.
  • If however, the officer is again not satisfied or if the applicant fails to resubmit the requisite details then he will again issue a notice.

After successful registration, an enrollment number would be issued. Post that, a few sales related documents will have to be uploaded as asked. Once that is done a provisional GST registration number will be generated which will be converted into GST-TIN.

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