Flying Car completes first inter-city flight (35 Minutes) between Slovakia’s Nitra and Bratislava Cities

By | July 21, 2021

BMW powered first flying car completed its first intercity flight between Nitra and Bratislava within 35 minutes. Watch the official video of Klein Vision flying car.

In a last few years, many companies have tried to manufacture flying car which is a fantasy for various people since many decades. A flying car has the ability to both run on roads and fly in sky. This concept is though interesting still very challenging.

Now, many companies have come up with some prototypes which are quite innovative. AirCar has made one such car and also it has completed its first inter-city test flight, which was also an inter-city flight for the first time which was completed by a flying car.

The car on 28th June 2021 flew between Slovakia’s Nitra & Bratislava which are international airports and to cover this distance 35 minutes were taken by it. 

It was also said in press release by AirCar that the aircraft in less than even 3 minutes changed into sports car just by a button’s click after it landed. The flying car has a BMW engine of 160 hp along with ballistic parachute & a fixed propeller in it.

BMW Powered Klein Vision Flying Car
BMW Powered Klein Vision Flying Car

Also, it has a capability of flying 1000 km at 8200 ft. altitude and at 170 kmph speed it can fly according to AirCar. Till now, it has done flying of 40 hours already and steep 45 degree turns and manoeuvrability and stability testing has been performed by it at the time of test flights.

Many mid-air manoeuvres can also be performed by it. It’s conversion from car to aircraft and take off as claimed by the company takes about 2 minutes 15 seconds. 

Flying car is being considered as inter-city transport & city commuting’s future medium keeping in view the increasing congestion on the roads and is in discussion from some time.

It has also been announced by Uber & other ride-hailing services that they are also working on flying car, which might in mobility industry bring a major change in near future. It will not only help in decreasing congestions on the roads but also help in reducing the time of travelling.

The work on this technology is also being carried out by various OEMs such as Hyundai which is an established automaker.

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