Drink and Drive Fine In India-Check Rules Against Drunk Driving Cases

Drink and Drive Fine In India, Check Here Rules Against Drunk Driving Cases, Check Chalan List for Drinking & Driving, Procedure for those who are caught drunk driving, Required Documents Drink and Drive Cases

Driving safely is a very big responsibility for anyone as many lives depend on it. Driving after drinking alcohol is a quite risky thing as it might lead to accidents. It might also lead to a large amount of fine imposed on the people who drink and drive. Also, the person might be imprisoned. We will provide various details related to the fine imposed for drinking and driving via this article today. Thus, as a responsible citizen you must read this article till the end.

Driving after Drinking Alcohol:

According to Section 185 of Motor Vehicles Act of 2019, it is not legal to drive after drinking alcohol. It is considered as criminal offence. From 2018 and 2020, around 38 thousand road accidents took place according to the reports of NCRB. Around 2 per cent of these accidents took place in India. About 3 thousand people died and 6675 people were injured seriously in these accidents in 2019 alone.

Drink and Drive Fine In India

Fine for drunk driving:

If one is caught to be driving while being drunk, he or she will be either charged with 10 thousand rupees for 1st offence and/ or will have to stay in imprisonment for 6 months. However, the fine was 2 thousand rupees till 2019 for 1st offence. For the 2nd offence he or she might have to pay a fine of 15 thousand rupees and/ or they might be imprisoned for around 2 years. The fine was 3 thousand rupees till the year 2019. Repeated offenders might have to make payment of penalties as per their driving license.

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Fine for the drivers of all type of vehicles:

The fine imposed for drinking and driving is same for all types of vehicles, whether it is a 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler, private or commercial vehicle.

Avoiding drinking and driving:

Being responsible citizens, we must try to avoid drinking and driving. For doing so, the following things can be done-

  • One must not drink alcohol if he or she needs to drive further.
  • While going out with a group, one should assign a driver who do not drink alcohol.
  • One must book a cab for reaching the destination, if he or she is drunk.
  • One should not take the car with him or her if one has planned drinking in a party or function. So that, the question of drinking and driving does not come.
  • If cab is unavailable at late night, one must request neighbor or friend to let him or her stay with them for that night.
  • One must not let anyone drive who is drunk and trying to drive.

Procedure for those who are caught drunk driving:

If the traffic police suspects someone of being drunk while driving, he checks that whether the person is actually drunk or not via BAC Test. In this test, the person is asked to blow in breathalyzer. If alcohol value is more than 30mg/100ml of blood, that person exceed permitted limits. That person will be held guilty for drinking and driving.

In case, someone rejects to give the test, the consequences might be serious. The person’s license can be suspended and the person can even be arrested at that moment. Traffic police can also take the suspected person to nearest hospital for test. 

If alcohol value is more 30mg/100ml of blood, a challan for fine payment will be made for that person.

Even, the vehicle can also be detained.

Process of Online Payment of fine-

  1. The applicants must visit State Transport Website.
  2. Then, they should click on tab indicating “traffic violation payment” or “payment of e-challan”.
  3. After that, they must provide challan number & vehicle number.
  4. Next, they should fill captcha code.
  5. Then, they must pay the challan using e-wallet, UPI, credit card or debit card.
  6. Finally, they will receive a confirmation message for payment along with receipt on registered mobile number. 

Process of Offline Payment of fine-

  1. The person must visit nearest traffic police station.
  2. Then, they should show their challan & know about payable amount.
  3. The payment amount is decided on basis of violation’s severity.
  4. Finally, they will receive a receipt after clearing all dues.

Documents that must be carried while driving:

The following documents must be carried while driving-

  • Driving License
  • Vehicle Insurance Details
  • Registration Certificate of the Vehicle

Thus, we can conclude that drinking of a person must be in their control. Excessive drinking might lead to serious health problems. Further, it can lead to even serious accidents. So, one must avoid drinking and driving as much as possible otherwise it might prove hazardous for many people at a time.

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We have provided various information regarding fine imposed for drinking and driving. For any further details, please feel free to contact us via comments. We will definitely try to provide you the required details as soon as possible.

FAQs for Drink and Drive Fine In India :

Is the fine same for the drivers of vehicles of all types?

Yes, the fine is the same for the drivers of vehicles of all types.

What is legal age for driving?

The legal age for driving transport or commercial vehicles is around 20 years in some of the states. Also, an endorsement in DL is required.

How is it validated by the traffic police that driver is under alcohol’s influence?

The traffic police validates that driver is under alcohol’s influence via Blood Alcohol Concentration Test which is used to measure the level of alcohol in blood.

How is a DL received in India?

For receiving DL, application is required to be made by the applicant and then various processes are required to be followed including some tests (written or verbal) and driving test, etc.

Can the fine be paid by both online and offline mode?

Yes, the fine can be paid by both online and offline mode.

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