Download UPSC IAS Exam Handwritten Notes For Pre & Mains Exam-Only English Medium

Download UPSC IAS Exam Handwritten Notes For Pre & Mains Exam, Our Team has provided UPSC IAS Exam Syllabus Wise Handwritten Notes, Candidates Can Check IAS Topic Wise Handwritten Notes, UPSC IAS Pre and mains Exam Free Sample Notes Available on the official website

All those candidates who are preparing for UPSC IAS examination must be always looking for various handwritten notes. We will provide you various details related to how you can get the UPSC IAS Handwritten Notes (Sample Free). Thus, all the UPSC IAS aspirants must read this full article so that they can know that how they can avail the UPSC IAS Handwritten Notes (Sample Free).


About The UPSC IAS Exam:

UPSC IAS examination is one of the most important and well participated examinations that are held in our country. It provides us with eminent and intelligent IAS officers. It is also one of the toughest exams to crack. But, correct strategy and directed efforts can help in definite success of the candidates. For a good preparation, they must know about proper syllabus and should get good notes for preparation of the examination.

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About the handwritten notes:

The UPSC IAS examination notes can be availed from the website The candidates will be able to get the handwritten notes for the examination through this website very easily just in a few minutes. Various options are available on the website for different type of notes for different subjects.

The prices are mentioned below the notes’ options along with a button with an option “Add to Cart” through which the required notes can be added to cart after which it can bought if one wants to do so. Proper notes with directed and channelized efforts are the crucial points to bring success, so the candidates must put efforts to cover the touch points.

How to avail the handwritten notes:

The candidates need to navigate to the website After that, the candidates need to make an account and login into the account. After that, they can add their required notes that they want to buy, in the cart. Next, they will be redirected to a new page in which they will be required to fill up some details.

After doing so, they will get buying details. Finally, they should click on the button “Place Order” for placing their order. On doing so, their order for the required (chosen) notes will be placed and they will be able to avail the UPSC IAS Handwritten Notes (Sample Free) that they want to avail.

UPSC IAS Exam Handwritten Notes

We hope that we have become able to answer your questions regarding how one to get the notes of UPSC IAS examinations online. However, if you have any query, you can contact us through comments. We assure you as earliest help as possible.

Download Handwritten Notes Syllabus wise for UPSC IAS Exam (Sample Free)

Paper NumberSample Notes PDF Link
Paper-1Part – 1 Geography (India + World)
Paper-1Part – 2 Ancient and medieval history of India
Paper-1Part – 3 Modern History of India
Paper-1Part – 4 Art and culture
Paper-1Part – 5 Society, World History and Post-Independence India (1)
About the Notes (2)

Paper-2 IAS Exam Handwritten Notes

Paper NumberSample Notes PDF Link
Paper-2Part -1 Polity, Constitution and Governance
Paper-2Part – 2 International Relations
Paper-2Part – 3 Social Justice and Welfare Schemes

Paper-3 UPSC IAS Exam Sample Notes With PDF

Paper NumberSample Notes PDF Link
Paper-3Part – 1 Economics-I
Paper-3Part – 2 Economics-II
Paper-3Part – 3 Science and Technology
Paper-3Part – 4 Environment, Ecology and Biodiversity
Paper-3Part – 5 Disaster Management and Internal Security

Paper-4 UPSC IAS Handwritten Notes Sample

Paper NumberSample Notes PDF Link
Paper-4Part – 1 Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude + Case study
Paper-4Paper – 1 Essay Writing + Current Events & Govt. Schemes.pdf

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FAQs For UPSC IAS Handwritten Notes :

In which format can the notes be availed?

The notes can be availed in PDF format.

Is it necessary to download the notes for availing them?

Yes, one must download the notes for availing them.

Are the notes free of cost?

No, the notes are required to be bought.
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