Difference between a CV and Resume – Why is a resume important for recruiters?

By | July 20, 2021

After completing the studies, the job search is a tough task to do. Many of the students remain curious about the tactics to get the job. The prime task in this regard is to make an attractive CV and resume

A resume is a mandatory requirement for a job vacancy. It provides a quick review of the person’s expertise and qualification, which helps the employer decide whether to hire the person. 

The more appealing the resume according to the job requirements, the more chances of securing a job. People belonging to any field can get the assistance of a resume builder to create a resume with ease.

Difference between a CV and Resume
What is the Difference between a CV and Resume?


Difference Between CV and Resume

Many people use the terms CV and resume interchangeably. However, in actuality, both of these differ from each other. Let us know more about your resume and CV to find out the actual difference between these. It will help in creating these quite sagaciously. 

CV (full form Curriculum Vitae)

The long academic diary, which explains and includes multiple educational background elements, is known as a CV. It is the acronym of Curriculum vitae. A CV is a document of multiple pages that states the professional skills, expertise, and academic history in detail. These multiple pages provide in-depth knowledge about the candidate’s experiences and background.


The single page that summarizes all the important information about the academic background is known as a resume. A resume is the most common document that every job requires. The applicants need to show their resume for the jobs, summarising the long CV in 1 to 2 pages. In resume, the academic and professional experience with details of organizations and dates. It provides the maximum and better insight of the job-relevant capabilities and knowledge in the least exposure. 

Significance of Resume

The resume is a short document containing the major information in summary form so the interviewer can access the information easily. For jobs, many applicants apply, and it is impossible to read the CV all the time. Thus a resume helps in this regard. The resume is a glimpse of experiences and qualifications, making it much quicker and easier for the HR department to screen and invite suitable candidates for the job position. 

Microsoft MS-101Sulekha Jobs Openings 2021

A splendid and professional resume is the source of impressing the interviewer quite quickly. The online resume maker is a highly accessible one. It is beneficial to design the resume as per the job position for which you are applying. A single resume is not suitable to use for all the job types. The resume must seem professional in appearance. The highly prestigious and trustworthy free resume builder is the ultimate solution for this purpose. Design the most splendid and impact-creating resume at the following https://smallseotools.com/resume-builder

Recruiters do not have much time to go through CV, and hence they like to ensure the best hiring in the least possible time. They keep the resume in their hand and interview the candidate. They avoid taking assistance from CV as it is much time-consuming. Hence, they avoid such tiresome approaches. 

Method to Use Resume Builder

SmallSEOTools offer a marvellous and fabulous resume builder for designing a fabulous resume. The method to use the resume builder is very convenient. The robust internet connection offers the green light to the people for opening up the online tool of resume making. Check the internet connection along with its speed. Now, open up the free online tool for resume building. The user will get multiple stunning options to choose from at the online resume builder. 

Avail the opportunity for designing the resume quite professionally for applying at the job. It does not mean to jot down the content on the paper. Indeed, the way of presentation matters a lot. Choose the templates as per the field you are applying for the job for, and then customize it if required. Add on all the details concisely. Keep on editing until you get a satisfactory resume. Hit the button to download to save the resume. The resume builder will quickly download the designed resume. 

The candidate can share the high-quality and optimized resolution resume with the company through email. Design multiple resumes and keep them safe in one place so that you can use the most suitable one for applying at the particular job. Different resumes for different niches! Make it look modern using impressive typography, font color, font size, selection of appealing words, perfect alignment, and template.

In a Nutshell

It is necessary to showcase the qualification, experience, and skills to the interviewer. Every job requires some specific qualifications and professional experience. Resume and CV reflect the academic and professional grounds of the person.

The considerable difference between a resume and a CV is the length as a resume is short and provides a quick review than the CV; thus is more useful. No matter how qualified, experienced and skilled you are. You cannot avail of the job until you fabulously present yourself.

The resume builder is a way of presenting yourself and conveying all about yourself in an organized manner. Resume online offers quality outcomes within the least possible time. 

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