Did Virat Kohli violate the ASCI influencer guidelines? Instagram paid partnerships post

By | July 30, 2021

According to the influencer guidelines of the Advertising Standards Council of India, Virat Kohli has violated the rules by not labeling paid partnerships on Instagram.

A post that was shared by Virat Kohli on Instagram mentioned that about 10% of Olympians of India are from LPU. However, any mention was not there regarding the post as a “Paid Partnership” with LPU, as noted by Social Media.

This mistake is being pointed out by many users of various Social Media sites such as Instagram, Linkedin & Twitter. This has also led to an accusation against Virat Kohli for breaching the ASCI Influencer Guidelines. This is because according to the ASCI Influencer Guidelines if anyone posts such kinds of posts, a disclosure label must be there in such posts.

Many questions were raised by various users. According to some users, it was obviously a paid promotion whether mentioned or not, while according to others, the post might have negative sentiment for both LPU as well as Virat Kohli.


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According to Nishant Singh Didawat, who is a LinkedIn User, the following things are incorrect in the way influencer marketing in India takes place-

1Fact TwistingAccording to the construct, it seems that in the training of the Athletes for the Olympics, an important role was played by the LPU. However, it was not so.
2Scale over RelatabilityIt seems that the brand is concerned only about the metric cost vs management. However, with the University’s various successful alumni or various Olympians, a micro-influencer campaign might be more suitable.
3Zero SubtletiesThe advertising seems more real when it is believed by the readers of the post that the celebrity is himself or herself a user of the product or brand. While this post has all overwritten that “I-got-paid-for-posting-this”.

As per the netizens, organic content is lacking in the Instagram Handle of Virat Kohli. This is because either there is a lot of advertising in his posts or “this is a sponsored post” is written in most of his posts. Also, his posts do not give any information related to him or his life, according to various comments.

"this is a sponsored post" Instagram Advertisement Label
“This is a sponsored post” Instagram Advertisement Label

As said by the Secretary-General of ASCI, Manisha Kapoor, the issues will be handled by ASCI and the advertiser as well. Apart from that, the celebrity will be written by her for clarifying the facts regarding the post.

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