Data Science Course: Details and Scope

Detailed research about Data Science Course and its scope:-Increasing competition in the job sector and lack of highly skilled candidates is a major concern for multinational and information technology companies. As a result, the gap is increasing, creating a huge demand for result-driven and highly skilled professionals who can contribute significantly to the company’s growth. Data Science is one such domain that is in high demand.

This is because data science professionals are responsible for churning out decision-making results that will drive more growth and business. According to the reports, the market is set to grow 36% by 2031. So if you are also looking forward to making a career change or skill up by opting for a data science course, here are all the details and its scope in the global market for you to explore. 


Data science course details 

The interdisciplinary field studies various tools and techniques to drive information from huge data sets. The subject has emerged as the most in-demand career option after the increase of digitalization. The course includes the extensive study of programming languages such as SQL, Python, and R. There are various project works included in the program to help students implement their learning and gain practical exposure. The course is also available offline and online through different learning platforms. 

  • Course Eligibility

To pursue the Master of Science in data science, here are the basic eligibility requirements- 

  1. A graduate degree in engineering or science field with a minimum of 50% to 70%
  2. Knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and programming 
  3. Some colleges or universities require work experience as well 
  • Course duration 

Generally, the course is of 24 months, i.e., two years. If you plan to pursue the course online, some platforms allow the learners to study at their own pace and finish the degree early or a little later than the deadline. 

  • Course Syllabus 

Here are some of the subjects that a leaner will have to study in the data science course- 

  1. Computational mathematics
  2. Programming languages 
  3. Statistics
  4. Database management 
  5. Linear regression models 
  6. Project works 
  7. Analysis of experiments 
  8. Longitudinal data analytics
  9. Deep learning 
  10. Text mining 
  11. Bayesian statistical modelling
  12. Elective- health, image processing, nonlinear models, and time series analysis 
  13. SAS
  14. Research methodology 
  15. Applied data analytics 

Role of data science professionals 

The job role of a data science professional varies depending on the organization, but the crux remains the same. The 21st century is completely data-driven, and data scientists are equipped with tools and skills to break down this data and turn them into a formal report that will help the decision-makers to make better strategies. Though the job role differs because of several factors. Some of them are- 

  1. Job level 

There are three levels in each professional’s career- fresher, mid-level, and senior level. Entry-level professionals are responsible for maintaining basic tasks as instructed by their seniors. They are mainly responsible for collecting the data required and removing unrequired information. Then they will generate a basic report per the data set’s findings. 

Mid-level professionals use various data science techniques, such as statistical and predictive modeling, to generate an explorative information report. Then comes senior-level professionals who are solely responsible for preparing the technical framework for the organization and are often in a managerial role. 

  1. Type of company 

The job role of data science professionals also varies according to the type of company. For example- e-commerce companies require the most extensive work. The data reports will predict trends, profits, and other components necessary for attracting consumers to buy the items listed on the website. Data is also helpful in other sectors such as healthcare, digital marketing, banking and finance, manufacturing, and transportation. 

  1. Company size 

Another major factor overlooked when discussing the job roles of data science professionals is the company size. It can either be a startup with small teams or independent working with additional responsibilities. In a mid-sized company, the hierarchy exists, and the work is somewhat divided among people. In addition, people have fixed job roles, such as some professionals taking care of marketing, sales, research, and more. 

In large companies, there is a huge team of data science professionals, and more work is divided among the freshers, mid-level seniors, and managers, as mentioned above. 

Job scope upon completing the data science course

Data science is a bankable job option as the salary is high compared to the other jobs. It’s also why many professionals with years of experience are transitioning toward the data science field and building an immensely successful careers. If you have these skills, you will be highly appreciated and get job offers from around the globe with a ten figures salary with ease- 

  1. Stronghold of mathematical concepts, especially probability and statistics 
  2. Sound knowledge of programming languages 
  3. Understanding of how to handle the large volume of datasets 
  4. Data visualization skills 
  5. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence skills 
  6. Ability to prepare a crisp report to present to senior officials for decision making 


A fulfilling career in the data field can be easily achieved if you pursue a data science course with all the ingredients required. Online Manipal is an educational platform providing a Master of Science in Data Science course from the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). The course is taught by the experienced faculty from MAHE and includes all the latest trends and developments. The career-oriented course has mini-projects and a capstone project to help learners enhance their portfolio and become the desired candidate upon completion. So, get admission today and secure your future. 

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