Best 4 tips to Cut Your Streaming Services Budget

Have you ever come across a person on this planet that says they don’t like to stream? Probably not. However, you will find lots of people that will say they don’t really like to pay for these services month over month. 

Aren’t we all looking for ways in which we can save money? Streaming services aren’t really that different. So let’s look at what’s the best way to save money with streaming services. 

Follow the next 4 tips to cut the OTT budget

1. Determine which services you can get rid of

Here’s a straightforward money-saving tip: You should cancel one of your streaming services. Just identify the one that gets the least amount of use and get rid of it. 

Take Apple TV Plus as an example. If you got this service last year and have already gone through all the nice shows on it, there is really no point in continuing to pay for it. 

Cut Your Streaming Services Budget
Cut Your Streaming Services Budget

It may only save you $5 a month, but it’s a start in the right direction. And don’t forget that you can always resubscribe when a new season of, say, Ted Lasso is released on Netflix. If you can’t access Netflix where you are, you can always download a VPN like VeePN to Netflix US Unblock and enjoy the content of your choice. Check out VeePN’s free trial and see if it complies with your needs. 

Having a VPN will allow you to access all the restricted media and unblocked movies and shows that you always wanted to watch. 

2. Make use of those free trials 

Free trials for streaming services are usually available for a week or two at a time. Sign-up services don’t really have any penalties so you can totally sign up for free, watch your favorite shows and then cancel before you are charged. Since we spend so much of our time binging on these shows and watching them in one go. It only makes sense to go with this option. 

 You can use this technique to jump from streaming service to streaming service, getting what you need to see free of charge, then canceling and waiting for a new season or more content to build up before repeating the process again and again.

This is definitely one of the best ways to save money on streaming services and their fees. The drawback of this technique is that it does not work if you are unable to binge watch, it is not a very friendly strategy for watching with loved ones, and it does not work if new episodes are released on a weekly schedule. However, if you don’t mind keeping track of your time, you may be able to watch everything you want without having to pay a dime!

3. Hunt down those student deals 

Did you know that there are student discounts available for a wide range of streaming services? Despite the fact that it’s not something you’d think to look for, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much money you can save if you do: Hulu, for example, provides streaming services to college students for just $2 per month. 

HBO has offered student discounts in the past, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for them if you’re a college student right now. Students can also take advantage of student discounts on services such as YouTube Premium and comparative ones.

4. Choose the most basic plans

We know you don’t like watching commercials but just a few seconds of those on your plan can actually save you some money. For example, Paramount Plus costs $10 per month for ad-free viewing, but only $5 per month if you’re willing to sit through commercials during the show. 

In addition, choosing Hulu’s ad-supported tier will save you $6 per month on your subscription. Take advantage of the commercial breaks the same way we did in olden times: take a snack, go to the bathroom, or fold your laundry.

Also, do you really need the best plan in the suite out there or can you make do with the cheaper version?  (It also allows for four simultaneous streams rather than just two, which is an improvement.) 

You’ll be paying an additional $4.50 per month above the standard plan for the privilege, and here’s a secret: 4K is completely pointless if you spend the majority of your time watching on your phone or tablet. Furthermore, even on a large television, standard-plan HD streaming appears to be of high quality.

We all love some really good streaming tips and tricks where we can actually save on some cost. But, while we are looking for the most effective way to save money, we should always be aware of our online security. We should pay attention to using secure connections and a good VPN when connecting to these streaming services or downloading their partner apps. 

We should ensure that we are browsing in a safe manner and our personal information cannot be hacked by any other user online.

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