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By | October 21, 2021

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The citizens must pay the house tax, property tax and other taxes on due time as responsible citizens. Every year, different types of tax are necessary to be paid by the citizens. We will provide various details related to the Chennai Municipal Corporation House Tax Online Payment. The people who want to know about the details about the Chennai Municipal Corporation House Tax Online Payment must read the full article till the end. 

Municiple Corporation House Tax Payment details

Summary of the House Tax/ Property TaxChennai Corporation Content
Municipal Corporation’s NameChennai Municipal Corporation
Area (in sq. km.)426 sq. km.
Population70.9 lakhs
Contact Details[email protected]

Different Types of Tax:

  • Parking Tax,
  • House Tax,
  • Property Tax, etc.

Some of the different types of tax are as follows-

Details related to Tax Payment:

The Chennai Municipal Corporation has made the process for collection & assessment of tax has transparent. There is a limit in the increase/ decrease of tax amount and enabling the property tax’s self-assessment.

The facility of tax payment is available by both online modes as well as offline mode. The tax’s interest rate may vary from 5 percent up to 20 percent.

Municipal Corporation House Tax Online Payment Process link

The tax must be paid before the due date (last date), otherwise, the late fee will also be added to the amount.

The details of the late payment fee can be received by contacting concerned officials. The tax amount & its rate varies all over India. 

The Formula for calculation of the property tax:

Chennai Corporation Property Tax = built up area x age factor x base value x type of building x category of use x floor factor.

Factors on which the property tax depends:

The Chennai Municipal Corporation House Tax Online Payment depends on various factors which are as follows-

  • Land’s base value
  • Age of property/ Years of construction
  • Type of the construction
  • Whether the land is rented or it is self owned
  • Occupancy factors
  • Type of the property
  • Whether it is single floored or it is multi floored
  • Whether the land is commercial or residential

Payment of Water Bill Process:

The payment of Water Bill is also very important along with the payment of the Property Tax or House Tax. Thus, everyone must pay it on time, which will not only make them a responsible citizen but also save them from paying extra fee as late fee.

Process for making the Tax Payment:

The Chennai Municipal Corporation House Tax Online Payment can be done online by following the process which has been mentioned below-

  1. The tax payers must visit the website first.
  2. Then, they should find the link for payment of Property Tax. 
  3. Next, they must click on the link.
  4. After that, they should enter the details that will be needed.
  5. They must pay the tax by using any of the below given methods-
  • IMPS
  • Netbanking 
  • UPI
  • NEFT

We hope that this article will prove helpful and informative for you. For any further information, you can contact us through comments. We will try to provide you the required information at the earliest.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Chennai House Tax Payment Process

Will the taxpayers be able to pay the tax only by online mode?

No, the taxpayers will be able to pay the tax also by offline mode. However, it is quite easier to be paid via online mode.

How can tax be paid via online mode?

Tax can be paid via online mode by visiting the official website of Chennai Municipal Corporation, that is,

How can payment receipt of tax be received by the payers?

The payers will be able to avail payment receipt of tax from the website

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