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By | July 21, 2019

Puneesh Sharma (Bigg Boss 11 Fame)- Check out Puneesh Sharma Biography, Affair, girlfriend Name (Bandgi Kalra), Height & Age, Puneesh Sharma Wallpapers

Puneesh Sharma is one of the commoner contestants of the show Bigg Boss season 11. Bigg Boss is one of the most loved and longest running reality TV shows of Indian television. Show’s host Salman Khan and his presence are constant since season 4. People await Bigg Boss for almost a year and every year a new concept is being shown in the house.

Last year the concept of commoners entering along with celebrities was initiated. Again this year, a set of commoners have entered the celebrity house for the first time. Amongst them, one of the contestants is Puneesh Sharma who hails from Delhi.

Puneesh Sharma Biography | Bigg Boss Puneesh Sharma Role, Love

A little more about Puneesh Sharma-

  • Born in the year 1990 he is 27 years old and is an Indian Civil contractor and investor as per his profession.
  • He keeps on moving between  Delhi and Gurugram and spends time making his business grow.
  • Puneesh Sharma did his schooling at Modern School Barakhamba Road.
  • He completed his MSc in international business from Sheffield Hallam University.
Puneesh Sharma Biography

Puneesh Sharma Biography

  • Puneesh Sharma has also worked in Playboy Club Delhi and currently is also a bar nightclub investor.
  • His height is 5 feet 9 inches.
  • Singing and traveling are his hobbies.
  • In ‘Sarkar Ki Duniya’ reality TV show he had survived on a deserted Island along with his co-contestants.

Puneesh Sharma TV & Family Background

Puneesh is a typical delicate in nature. Before Bigg Boss, he has also participated in a reality show called ‘Sarkar Ki Duniya’ where he won the cash prize of Rupees 1 crore. Puneesh Sharma was the last contestant to enter the house on the premiere night and in fact, he left quite an impression on all when while introducing himself he said that- I have a Lifestyle of which even the celebrities are jealous.

Puneesh Sharma with her wife

Puneesh Sharma with her wife

His close connects in the house are Akash Dadlani and Bandagi. These three are always seen together and are planning and grouping their way forward. In fact, they create the fun quotient of the house and are always a target for Hina Khan and her group.

Puneesh Sharma & Bandgi Kalra Love Affair in Bigg Boss 11 Pic 1

Puneesh Sharma & Bandgi Kalra Love Affair in Bigg Boss 11 Pic 1

They do not stand the monopoly of celebrities or the controlling nature that the celebrities portray and they react by putting a strong foot down. They have a very clear opinion especially Puneesh. In fact, he is the brain behind the trio and gives the best strategies to keep them all protected. He runs the main plan. It can be said that he is the driving force of their group and he keeps his friends safe.

Puneesh Sharma in Bigg Boss 11 – Role, Fight, Affair, Girlfriend Name

It’s not just that but also a fact that he is very loyal to his friends. With Bandagi, he had initially planned to create a romantic connection between them and since then their friendship has blossomed. They are always seen together hand in hand and right now it seems that they have forgotten that it was only a plan but what we see on screen seems quite real. He has been nominated two times and was declared safe based on the audience votes.

Puneesh Sharma & Bandgi Kalra Love Affair in Bigg Boss 11 Pic 2

Puneesh Sharma & Bandgi Kalra Love Affair in Bigg Boss 11 Pic 2

After a slightly negative impact on the premiere night, he has created a niche space for himself in the show and is always capturing eyeballs. Till now he has been one of the most interesting contestants of Bigg Boss 11 and is doing quite well for himself in the show. He is emerging as one of the most strong contenders for the title with every passing day.

On the personal front, he is undergoing a divorce outside the house and was also heard talking about it and clearing his stand in front of Bandagi. Initially, it seemed that he is a typical stereotype but he has been turning his image around with his fun quotient and genuine behavior.

Wallpapers of Puneesh Sharma – Bigg Boss Fame

Puneesh Sharma & Bandgi Kalra Love Affair in Bigg Boss 11 3

It is always very interesting to watch him and no episode goes without his tactics. We want to see how he does in the future and wish him all the luck. Keep on watching Bigg Boss Season 11!. Thank you for the visit. Please share this article on social media.

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