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By | July 21, 2019

Akash Dadlani in Bigg Boss 11 – Check out Akash Dadlani Rapper Biography, Wikipedia, Girl Friend Name. We are also publishing role and behavior of Akash Dadlani in Bigg Boss 11

Akash is a popular rapper who has won millions of hearts with his singing skills and his unique style. He is also one of the contestants of Bigg Boss season 11. Akash is very young and talented and has established himself in the entertainment industry with a lot of hard work.

Close Photo -Akash Dadlani with LUCINDA NICHOLAS

Close Photo -Akash Dadlani with LUCINDA NICHOLAS

Akash is also a very popular Businessman, a sports person and has been featured on a show like Bindass super dude. He has spent quite a long time in the USA and now for Big Boss he’s in India.

Akash Dadlani Wikipedia – Akash Dadlani Personal Life, Girlfriend Name, Bigg Boss Role

A little more about Akash-

  • He did his schooling from Ronald Reagan High School in USA.
  • Akash was later also enrolled in Albemarle High School in North Carolina.
  • He hails from Texas.
  • He is a college dropout and made a career out of rapping.
  • Akash is also a very wonderful tennis player and has even won Tennis State Championship in the year 2009 when he was merely 16 years old.
  • At the age of 24 he decided to build a career in his favorite hobby that is music and that is when he inclined towards building a career in the music industry and started gigging professionally.

Akash Dadlani Bigg Boss 11 photo 1

  • He has also worked with the famous Bollywood brand of music -the brother duo- Meet Brothers!
  • His height is 5 feet 7 inches
  • His birthplace is Texas USA
  • He currently lives in Mumbai Maharashtra
  • His hobbies are singing and travelling
  • He is 25 years old.
  • He is unmarried.
  • and his father’s name is Anil Dadlani.

Akash Dadlani Biography &Backgroundd

Akash went on to become a very popular rapper and his main aim is to establish himself strongly in Bollywood and this is the reason he said yes when being offered Bigg Boss 11. His favourite pastime includes playing Sports and with sheer hard work he went on to win titles in that field of hobby also. He wishes to perform big concert for his fans and wants to make the entire world dance to his tunes.

Akash Dadlani Bigg Boss 11 photo 2

Akash Dadlani Bigg Boss 11 photo 2

Akash is very funny and adds a lot of zing in the show. He prefers being called ‘A Kash’ by friends and loved ones. He is a self-made man who has gone through a lot of struggle to reach where he is today. Even in real life he is a big entertainer, a very cool buddy and has a soft heart. He is doing too good on the show and has been voicing out his opinions very clearly. Akash has the close friendship with Puneesh and Arshi. He does not share a good bond with Hina and they are seen bickering on the show a lot many times.

Akash Dadlani Bigg Boss 11 Role, Vote Out

Akash never backs out of a fight and he puts a very clear stance as to where he belongs. He never gets scared even while being bullied but at the same time, he never loses his fun side and even while fighting he is very entertaining. People see him as a little kid in a man’s body and that is how he behaves but he is very quick to accept his mistakes when being pointed out like in one of the weekend episodes when Salman Khan pointed out his mistake he quickly accepted it.

He is very humble and very genuine and he remains grounded. Aakash does not let his popularity reach his head which is the best trait about his personality. He is very friendly towards other contestants and he’s doing very well. People are loving him a lot on the show.

We want to see more of him on the show and we wish him all the best. Hope he does well. He already seems like one of the top contestants of this year.

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