APBIE Intermediate Time Table 2023-1st and 2nd Year APBIE Intermediate Time Table 2023, Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education has uploaded 1st & 2nd Year Time Table 2023, Students Can Check BIE Intermediate March 2023 (Theory) Exam Schedule, APBIE Official Website Link-

The board of intermediate education of Andhra Pradesh has released the official time table for intermediate examinations on its official website. The duration of the exam will be 2 hours. We will provide details associated with the Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Exam Time Table 2023 through this article today.


About the board of intermediate education of Andhra Pradesh:

The board was established in the year 1969. Since then, it has been conducting the intermediate exams in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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Latest updates of APBIE 2023:

  • The Andhra Pradesh inter first year exam will be held from 15th March, 2023 till 3rd April, 2023.
  •  The Andhra Pradesh intermediate II exams will take place from 16th March, 2023 till 4th April, 2023.

Overview of BIE Exam 2023: 

The intermediate in Andhra Pradesh is just like 2-year college degree which the student undergoes after passing class 10 exams.

APBIE Intermediate Time Table 2023
Name of ExamIntermediate Public Exam
Conducting Body of ExamBIEAP
Mode of ExamOffline Mode
Medium of ExamTelugu and/or English
Official Website

Important Dates of APBIE Exam 2023:

Andhra Pradesh 1st Year Inter Exam Dates15th March to 3rd April, 2023
Andhra Pradesh 2nd Year Inter Exam Dates16th March to 4th April, 2023

About the APBIE time table 2023:

The time table is expected to be released in the month of January, 2023. Once it will be released it will be available on the official website for download.

APBIE Intermediate Time Table 2203:

Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Exam Time Table 2023 has been provided below-

  1. Time Table for Inter 1st Year Exam 2023:
Dates of ExamName of Subjects (from 09:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon)
15th March, 2023Second Language Paper I; General Foundation Course – 1002
17th March, 2023English Paper I – 1001
20th March, 2023Political Science Paper I; Vocational Courses – Principles of Crop Production (1103), Ruminant Live Stock Production and Management (1110), Taxonomy, Ecology and Biology of Fishes (1118), Mulberry Cultivation (1125), Business Organization (1163) A & T, Business Organization (1163) O.A, Banking and Insurance I (1471), Computer Fundamentals and MS Office (1227), Circuits Theory and Electronics Components (1233), Elements of Electrical Engineering (1239), DTP & Pre-Press 1 (1255), Workshop Technology I (1457), Building Materials & Building Construction (1464), Principles of Garment Making (1292), Fundamentals of Garment Construction (1299), Food Production I (1306), Introduction to Child Development (1313), Windows & MS Office (1364), Fundamentals of Tourism and Travel (1357), Bio-Chemistry I (1408), Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology (1422), Anatomy and Physiology (1429), Community Health Nursing (1450), Business Organization – I & M (1163), Business Organization – B.F.S (1163), Business Organization – R.M (1163). 
23rd March, 2023History Paper I; Vocational Courses- Soil and Water Management (1104), Non-Ruminant Live Stock Production and Management (1112), Principles of Fisheries and Aquaculture (1119), Silkworm rearing requirement and Management (1126), Accountancy & Computers (1164), Office Accountancy I (1186), Business Accountancy I (1472), Programming in “C” (1228), Electronic Devices & Circuits (1234), Electrical Engineering Materials & Wiring (1240), Press Work and Finishing 1 (1256), Basic Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (1458), Surveying Theory (1465), Textile Science (1293), Fundamentals of Textiles (1300), Food & Beverage Services I (1307), Organization and Management of Creches (1314), Programming in “C” (1228), Tourism Geography & Cultural Heritage (1358), Microbiology and Pathology (1409), Physical and Physiological aspects of spectacles (1423), Psychology & Abnormal Psychology (1430), Health Promotion (1451), Accountancy and Computers – I & M (1164), Accountancy and Computers – B.F.S (1164), Accountancy and Computers – R.M (1164).
25th March, 2023Economics Paper I; Vocational Courses- Farm Management & Agricultural Extension (1105), Feeds and Feeding of Live Stocks (1113), Seed Production Technology (1120), Silkworm Rearing Technology (1127), Taxation I (1165), Shorthand (1173), Retail Marketing (1473), Accountancy & Tally (1229), Digital Electronics & Computer Fundamentals (1235), Electrical Measuring Instruments & Electronic Devices (1241), Information Technology (1257), Auto Mobile Power Plant (1459), Engineering Mechanics (1466), Garment Construction (1294), Fashion and Apparel Designing (1301), Accommodation Operations I (1308), Health and Nutrition (1315), Fundamentals of Computer Graphics & Animation (1320), Tourism Products (1359), Human Anatomy and Physiology (1410), Community Opthalmology & Health Education (1424), Biomechanics and Exercise Therapy (1431), Primary Health Care Nursing (1452), Banking I (1176), Retail Marketing (1182), Principles and Practice of Life Insurance (1179).
28th March, 2023Chemistry Paper I & Commerce Paper I; Biological Sciences Paper I (1006) & Mathematics Paper I (1004). 
31st March, 2023Public Administration Paper I & Bridge Course Mathematics Paper I (for BI.P.C. Students); Physical Sciences Paper I (1005)
3rd April, 2023Modern Language Paper I & Geography Paper I
  1. Time Table for Inter 2nd Year Exam 2023:
Dates of ExamName of Subjects (from 09:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon)
16th March, 2023Second Language Paper II; General Foundation Course (2002)
18th March, 2023English Paper II (2001)
21st March, 2023Political Science Paper II; Vocational Courses- Management of Field and Commercial Crops (2103), Livestock Health Management (2110), Pond Management (2118), Seri-Biotechnology and Farm Management (2125), Auditing (2163), Shorthand (2175), Banking & Insurance II (2471), OOPS & JAVA (2227), Communication Engineering (2234), Electrical machines and Power systems (2241), DTP and Pre-Press II (2262), Workshop Technology II (2457), Water Supply Engineering (2464), Apparel Manufacture (2292), Advanced Dress Designing (2299), Food Production II (2306), Early Childhood Care and Education (2313), Graphic Design (2350), Tourism Profile in Andhra Pradesh (2357), Bio-Chemistry II (2408), Spectacle Lens Grinding, dispensing of Spectacles (2422), Medical and Surgical Conditions (2429), Midwifery (2450), Financial Services (9180), Retail Marketing (9170), Retail Management (9188), Auto transmission and Electrical Systems (9213), Construction Practice (9220), Energy Sources & Power Plant (9248), Environmental Engineering (9255).
24th March, 2023History Paper II; Vocational Courses- Management of Horticulture Crops (2104), Dairy Economics, Extension and Milk Quality Control (2112), Aquaculture (2119), Silkworm Seed Technology (2126), Accountancy and Tally (2164), Office accountancy II (2193), Business accountancy II (2472), Relational data base management system (2228), T.V. and modern communication systems (2235), Domestic Appliances and Re winding (2242), Press Work and Finishing II (2263), Auto components and other systems (2458), Estimating and Costing (2465), Fabric Embellishment (2293), Traditional Textiles (2300), Food and Beverage Services II (2307), Organization and Management of Pre School (2314), 3D Animation (2351), Travel Agency & Tour Operations (2358), Microbiology (2409), Common Ocular Diseases and Primary Operation Theatre Procedure (2423), Orthopaedics & Neurology (2430), Child Health Nursing (2451), Accountancy and Tally (9164) B.F.S, Accountancy and Tally (9164) R.M, Accountancy and Tally (9164) I & M, Automobile Chassis and Body Engineering (9214), Estimating and Costing (9221), Light Motor Vehicles (9249), Building Materials and Maintenance (9256).
27th March, 2023Economics Paper II; Vocational Courses- Seed Production & Processing (2105), Milk processing and milk products (2113), Reservoir fisheries (2120), Post Cocoon Technology (2127), Taxation II (2165), Office Management (2176), Retail Management (2473), Data communication and Computer networks (2229), Measuring instruments, consumer and power electronics (2236), Electrical Estimation and Utilization (2243), Basic engineering (Theory) (2264), Automobile servicing and maintenance (2459), Highways and Construction Management (2466), Apparel and Fashion Designing (2294), Fashion Garment Designing (2301), Accommodation Operations II (2308), Parent education, nutrition and health (2315), Internet technologies (2352), Application of computers for tourism & travel (2359), Pathology (2410), Refractive errors, maintenance of investigative instruments and equipments (2424), Electro Therapy (2431), Health Care Management (2452), Banking II (9181), Principles of General Insurance (9185), Elements of Salesmanship (9189), Automobile servicing and maintenance (9215), Highways and Construction Management (9222), Air Conditioning and Auto reconditioning machines (9250), Estimating & Costing (9250).
29th March, 2023Chemistry Paper II & Commerce Paper II; Biological Sciences Paper II (2006) & Mathematics Paper II (2004). 
1st April, 2023Public Administration Paper II & Bridge Course Mathematics Paper II (for BI.P.C. Students); Physical Sciences Paper II (2005)
4th April, 2023Modern Language Paper II & Geography Paper II

Process for downloading the timetable:

The candidates will be able to download the Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Exam Time Table 2023 by following the steps mentioned below-

  1.  The candidates should visit the official website
  2.  Then, they must visit link for downloading the time table.
  3.  Next, the time table will appear in the PDF format.
  4.  Finally, they must download it and print it for their exam purpose.

Updated guidelines of APBIE Exam 2023:

The updated guidelines for exam day are mentioned below-

  1.  The students must reach their exam hall at least one hour before the exam time.
  2. They must not carry any electronic gadgetss or mobile phones in the exam hall.
  3.  They must try to answer all the questions properly. They will get extra 15 minutes for reading the question paper properly.
  4.  All the students must bring all their required materials with them and not share any material with others.

Details present in the timetable:

The following details will be present in the Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Exam Time Table 2023

  1. The exam date will be mentioned in the timetable.
  2. The day of the exam will be presented in the timetable.
  3. The duration of the exam will be there in the timetable.
  4. The list of subjects for which the exam will be held will also be mentioned in the timetable.
  5. Other important exam-related instructions will also be present in the timetable.

We hope that this article about Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Exam Time Table 2023 will be helpful for you. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us through comments. We will definitely try to solve your query at the earliest.

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FAQs for APBIE Intermediate Time Table 2023

Can the timetable be available only in PDF format?

Yes, the timetable can be availed only in PDF format.

From which website can the timetable be downloaded?

The time table can be downloaded from the official website of the board of intermediate education of Andhra Pradesh.

Will the timetable for all the streams release on the same day?

Yes, the timetable for all the streams will release on the same day.

When will the practical exam take place?

The practical exams are expected to get started on February 3rd, 2023.

When will the timetable for the supplementary examination be released?

The time table for supplementary examination is expected to be released in the month of July 2023.

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